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Hay there, just updating. ^^ I haven’t been active for a while because

1. I am busy with my first job. I'm gonna get used to the pain in my legs eventually, but for now I still come home in way to much pain.

2. I am writing a super big Spideypool story! That also has a little Super Husabands/ Super Family in it. (aka Tony/Iron Man and Steve/Captain America are marred and Peters parents) This actually a super important reason for it though that I will explain in the description when I post the story, plus two boys raising a kid is cute to me. ^^ I don't know if it's the biggest ever but I know it will be the larges I have done. I'm 25 pages in and I'm around 1/3 to 1/2 way through the story. Then I have to type it up, edit it, go through it with my editor, its a bog job. Hope you all enjoy it when it happens! ^^

3. I've also been working on a couple silly little YouTube vids.

Ether way, I'm working hard and feeling the pain but its worth it! Wish me luck!

Love you guys and galls, hope your life is going good to!

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Pop a Cap in your a** (Silly Little Avenger Joke) by AnimeLoveLover123
Pop a Cap in your a** (Silly Little Avenger Joke)
Captain America: "Your gonna what with me where?!"

This is a random little comic I guess you can call it. My mom actually thought this up after watched the first Captain America movie, surprised I haven't seen this joke before. Hope I made you at lest smile a little.

Hay there, just updating. ^^ I haven’t been active for a while because

1. I am busy with my first job. I'm gonna get used to the pain in my legs eventually, but for now I still come home in way to much pain.

2. I am writing a super big Spideypool story! That also has a little Super Husabands/ Super Family in it. (aka Tony/Iron Man and Steve/Captain America are marred and Peters parents) This actually a super important reason for it though that I will explain in the description when I post the story, plus two boys raising a kid is cute to me. ^^ I don't know if it's the biggest ever but I know it will be the larges I have done. I'm 25 pages in and I'm around 1/3 to 1/2 way through the story. Then I have to type it up, edit it, go through it with my editor, its a bog job. Hope you all enjoy it when it happens! ^^

3. I've also been working on a couple silly little YouTube vids.

Ether way, I'm working hard and feeling the pain but its worth it! Wish me luck!

Love you guys and galls, hope your life is going good to!

Dante has some important things to say to his lover, which is whoever you want. Yes, in this story, it can be ether original Dante or DMC Dante with anyone you want him to be with, which includes you. This can be a Dante x Reader story, a Dante x Vergil story, heck you could picture a Dante x DMC Dante if you want.

Anyway, enjoy!


Dante's POV

I stare into your eyes and can't help the smile that spreads across my face. You look back at me, obviously a little confused with the random staring contest, which only grows when I grab your hand and slide down onto one knee. I can tell your about to say something but I shush you, squeezing your hand a little for emphasis. I can tell you still want to speak but you hold your tongue as you wait for me. I take a long, slow breath before looking back up at your beautiful face and begin.

“I know your confused, and it might be a little annoying but I have something I need to say. Actually a have lot to say; this might take a while.” I say with a small chuckle. “This is hard for me so please, just listen to what I have to say.” I finally look back up at you to see you nod as you squeeze my hand for a moment. “Where to start... I guess I'll connect it to how I'm feeling right now.” I decide out loud, just hoping that once I start, the emotions will just keep rolling.

“For the first time in my life, I'm not absolutely confident. With others I would say what I want, if it didn't work out, I would brush it off and move on. And sure, I may have done the same to you at first, but once romantic feelings started to grow within me, I got nervous around you. I don't know if I showed it all that much but I was scared to say the wrong thing, make the wrong move, scared that you would run if I did the wrong thing.”

“I'm still terrified that one day I'll wake up to find you gone. One day you'll realize how useless I am and go find a better life for yourself. I know I may have told you to do just that a few times in the past because I wanted a better life for you, but I honestly don't know how I would go on without you. Please don't let that persuade you to stay with me if you want to leave though. I swear I wont do anything stupid, I just mean I'll slip back into my old habits. What's the point of working for a better life if there's no one there to enjoy it with me.”

“I hate it when we fight, that's when the fear of losing you is at its peak, and it's pretty much always my fault. I would do something stupid again and... I'm just so sorry for all those times. I know it annoys you when I try to push off a fight with jokes but it's because I'm scared you'll find out... find out how horrible I am. I'm cocky, arrogant, and up until you came along, I had no concern for myself or others. But for once in my life I'm kind of nervous during fights.”

“I lived my life carelessly because, who cares if I die. Sure over the years I have gained some friends that might miss me, but they’ll get over it. But you... you make me want to live. You give me purpose. Purpose to come home without scars, to come home with money to give you a better life.”

“I was so selfish before, only thinking of myself, what made me happy, what I needed to survive. But for once in my life, someone else is top priority. For the first time I truly wanted to improve someone else's life, not just save there life but to truly make them happy.”

“For once in my life I'm excited to come home. Growing up without family, I dreaded coming home to an empty house, to be all alone again, but now that I have you, I rush home. You may think its weird, but opening the door to have you say even a simple 'welcome home' means so much to me. It shows me that I'm not alone anymore, that someone cares for me enough to stick around and put up with my antics.”

“I don't know how you survive being with me, my stuped jokes, me trying to show off all the time.”

“I don't know how you did it but you got me to straighten my act out. I stopped going to clubs and bars. I stopped bringing random women home. I slowed down on my bad habits. I started to clean the house, and god only knows how you got me to have a regular diet.” I can't help but chuckle at the memories of my stubbornness at the continuous attempts at avoiding my favorite meal. After my laughter dies down, I pause to gather my thoughts before continuing.

“I am amazed at how much my life has changed since we met. I used to spend my days lounging around waiting for something to happen, but with you here, there's so much more. We can go out and do a bunch of stuff or sit and talk endlessly about nonsense. Even when we're not talking, just holding each other in silence or I'm just watching you go about your day, I'm entertained. I don't know if you know this but I have spent hours lying beside you while you slept just enjoying your presence. Though that sounds kind of creepy doesn’t it? Sorry.” I say with a chuckle as I begin to rub the back of your hand with my thumb.

“You are the first person I have been with that, when finally alone with after getting together, sex wasn't the first thing on my mind. Not that I don't enjoy our more private moments, but before, with others, it was just for the pleasure. It was only for the sensation of having two bodies together. Once the feeling passed, our attraction ended, there was no need for each other anymore. But with you, its more then that. I want to hold you, to feel you, to do things that only I can do. Every motion, every sound, means so much more because I know no one else has made you feel that way. Only I have seen those faces you make, only I have heard those noises you make, only me.” A slight tint of pink rises to your cheeks in embarrassment or memories, ether way, it was cute.

“Even the simplest of acts make me feel so much more happier when you're here with me. I know some people would look at my favorite moments with you and push then off as things that normal couples do, but with the life I've lead, something normal, grounded, safe, is something I've craved.”

“Nether of our lives have been perfect up until this point, and to you it still may not be, buy if you ask me, I''m already in heaven.”

“I know you have insecurities, and it pains me so much to watch you beat yourself up over the past or present. I wish I could take that pain way, wipe away the tears, erase your hard past, but I can't. All I can do is promise you a future with this idiot here that's been rambling on for too long.” I chuckle at myself, both out of humor and nervousness. “I know I'll never be perfect, I may not be able to give you the life you always dreamed about, but by god I will try.” I say as I slip my free hand into my jacket pocket. “I would drag down the moon for you if only I could. Fight through hell and back if you asked me to, so please, if you would do me the honer,” I say as I pull out the small black box I have been carrying around with me the past 3 weeks, nervously messing with it every day only to chicken out, but not today. I see you react as, most likely, your assumptions of what this whole speech was for are confirmed.

“Of...” I stutter as I begin to feel my hands shake a little. I take another deep breath.

“Will you marry me?”
Dante x (Anyone You Want) - For Once in My Life

What do you think the answer is?

If it's not to much trouble, I would love to hear who you pictured Dante talking to. I first picture Nero, then myself, love you Dante! Both of you.

This was surprisingly fun to make. I was originally thinking of things Dante would say at his wedding ceremony with Nero being his lover, but then I realized that a lot of what he said could connect to other people, so I made this.

Unfortunately, while trying to not be specific to any character, I had to leave some things out. I wanted to put in there how Dante thought it was cute when his love blushed because he did something like kiss them in public. Unfortunately that would only apply to some characters like Lady or Nero. Someone like Trish would be cool with it.

It was also hard not being specific on which Dante I was talking about, like the point where I said how Dante's lover helped him slow down on his 'bad habits'. I originally wanted to put in that they helped Date stop smoking but only DMC Dante smokes, so it wouldn't work.

It was helpful not being specific though as this could also be a Dante x Reader story.

I hope you don't mind Dante saying his lover had a beautiful face. It may be weird if you pictured Dante with a guy but hey, I don't think it's to bad.

Well, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed all the fluff!

I don't own Dante, ether of them. Nor whoever you pictured him purposing to.

Warning: Boy x Boy

Important Note that is important to understanding story!... IMPORTANT!!!
1. In this story both Aunt May and Deadpool know that Spider-man and Peter are one in the same.

2. {Words in these brackets are to show that the more peppy yellow box in Deadpools mind is talking.}
[And this kind of bracket is to show that the more posh white box is talking.]
[This} or {this] means that both voices are talking.


“Thank you again Spider-man for all the help. We'll make sure these ruffians are locked up tight.” The rather rotund police man said, glancing momentarily at said hooligans before turning back to the red and blue clad hero.

“Good to know officer. You keep them out of trouble okay? Have a good night.” Spider-man called as he uses his web shooters to swing back towards the half demolished building, deciding not to point out the real concern in this situation.

You see, our friendly neighborhood Spider-man had gotten a lead on some quickly expanding drug operation and decided to shut it down before it got out of hand. Apparently the news had been spread farther than he originally thought because a familiar mercenary by the name of Deadpool had received a job to take down the same group. Not wanting a massacre as the anti-hero was more of a kill first, ask questions never kind of guy, it became a race to take down the baddies. What Spidey did not expect was for these dealers to have high class weaponry. He doubted these villain wannabes actually made the weapons themselves being that they obviously where inexperienced with the artillery, but the gang was still able to do a number on him... and there base. Luckily not badly injured, Spider-man re-entered the surprisingly still standing building, if you could call what was left a building, in hopes of finding out who was selling to the sellers. Can't have that lethal a weaponry being handed out to anyone.


Just as the college student began mumbling something under his breath in annoyance at the lack of evidence being found, his foot collided with a sturdy chunk of metal. Peter looked down on it, ready to curse at his now sore toe, before noticing something close by. No doubt about it, it was one of Deadpool's many weapons, but why was it here?

Spider-man reached down and picked up the item as worry began to rise in him. The mercenary had a deep caring for his weapons and would never willingly leave one behind. Something must be wrong.

“Deadpool!?” The blue and red clad hero called as he scanned the room. “Deadpool!” He screamed, his hopes that the merc with a mouth would jump out from somewhere with some silly joke diminishing more and more by the second. “Deadpooooooooool!” He yelled again, cupping his hands around his mouth as he did so. Still no reply.

Peter's heart began to quicken as he turned his head in many directions quickly like a bird as he glanced down the several protruding halls. Just as his breaths started becoming more frantic, they hitched as he spotted a red leg sticking out from the end of one hallway.

“Deadpool!?” The college student shouted one last time as he dashed down the hall, navigating over the rubble easily.

Turning the corner, Spidey found his fellow fighter's still body. As the younger flopped down to his knees, he called to the taller with what he knew to be his real name.

“Wade?” Still nothing...

After taking a moment to calm himself, Spider-man leaned down so his ear hovered over Deadpool's mouth while his right hand rested on his chest. Soon Peter let out a large sigh of relief as he heard slow breathing and felt a not so rhythmic, but still working, heart beat.

“God, don't scare me like that.” He scolded as he sat up, tossing the safe end of the weapon at the unconscious body. There was a pause of silence as Peter collected himself before looking over the body. No wounds that he could see, the older's healing factor probably having taken care of that. Then what was wrong with him, why didn't he get up?

Trying to get a response, Spider-man grabbed Deadpools shoulders and began to shake him.

“Hey! Wade! Come on buddy, wake up.” The blue and red clad hero was surprised to still get no response, especially after he acknowledged that they where friends. “I don't wanna do this,” Peter said as he raised one hand. “but you knew it was coming.” In one swift movement, Spidey slapped his hand across the olders cheek, the crisp snap echoing through the empty building. Still nothing... though it did kind of feel cool. What now though?

The younger sat in thought, contemplating his next action. Can't leave him here, who knows who could find him and take advantage of his unconscious state, in any way. But he didn't know where the mercenary lived, and there was only one other place he could take the taller that he knew he would be safe.

“If I must.” Spidey excepted with I sigh. “Look’s like I'm taking you home for the night.” He didn't really want Wade knowing where he lived, making him an easier target for bugging, but he wasn't about to ditch someone in such a vulnerable state.

After some awkward shifting and lifting, Peter was able to get the mercenary up and onto his shoulder.

“Hope no one sees us.”


With a sigh of relief, Peter closed his window and curtains along with them, almost certain that no one saw Spider-man just enter the Parker home.

With one last heave, the college student dropped Deadpool onto his bed, and unintentionally went down with him.

“Hey!” He shot instinctively and received the same response he had been getting the past 20 minutes. At some point, unbeknownst to Spidey, the mercenary had grabbed onto his suit, now leaving them stuck in and awkward, one sided hug.

At first Peter struggled, eventually getting the two of them to lay side by side on his singe bed, making the arrangement even more tight, before giving up. The shorter was far to warn out to do this. After apprehending that gang and dragging Deadweight here home, which turned out to be harder then expected, he just didn't have the energy left. He probably could have made it easier on himself by not taking the longer back route home, and going through the back door rather then the window, but he didn't want to be seen in a compromising position, especially by his Aunt May. It wasn't her seeing the friendly neighborhood Spider-man walk into her home that would be the issue as she had now long since figured out what he spent most nights doing. No, the real concern was watching him bring in an unconscious, heavily armed, man to his room. Peter, let alone most people, did not like the idea of having there preferences questioned, especially by there guardian.

“Peter?” Well speak of the devil... well more like the angle.


“May I come in sweetie?”

“No!” Spidey shouted instinctively, startling the woman just outside the door. Shoot, he hadn't meant to yell at her. “Sorry, I'm just... changing right now.” He lied quickly, giving himself a mental pat on the back for sounding convincing.

“Oh, I see. I'm sorry then.”

“It's alright. But I'm really tried tonight so I think I'll just go to bed okay?” He asked, half truthfully. Just as he said that however, Deadpool began to stir, making various grunts and similar noises. Quickly, the shorter covered the mercenary's mouth with both hands, muffling the sound. Unfortunately it wasn't quite quick enough.

“What was that?” May asked, though thankfully didn't open the door. “Peter is there someone in there with you?” She asked, instantly picking up that the voice was different from her nephew.

“No, of course not. It was just me Auntie, having trouble with my suit. Spandex, am I right?” He answered with a light chuckle as he pressed his hands deeper into Wade's mouth in an attempt to silence the persistent sounds. There was a decently long pause which left Spidey praying that his guardian would just leave, before the women replied.

“Alright then. When your finished changing, please give it to me so I can clean it. It's not good for you to run around in a dirty, sweaty, suit every night.” Shoot.

“Ya, sure. I'll um... leave it in the hall.” He said with a sigh. Originally he wasn't planing on removing his close, at least not until he could pry Wade off, but there wasn't much choice without causing suspicion.

“Alright. Good night then, I love you.” May said to the relief of Spider-man.

“Love you too, sweet dreams.” He called back as he listened to her fading footsteps. Finally he relaxed his body, letting his hands slip from the now quiet Deadpool. After a moment of peace, Peter looked up at the masked face, then gave him a decent punch in the chest. “Damn you. Even managing to mess with me while your knocked out.” He whispered to the man.

It was another few moments before Spidey decided he needed to remove the suit, and who knows, maybe he could get Deadpool to release him in the process. So, after much shifting and maneuvering around the other male, the college student was able to remove everything aside from his underwear, and the merc with a mouth. Wall discarding his top, witch was what Wade had clung to, the older had slid his hands, remarkable fast, to Peters waist and now hugged him like some fort of large teddy bear.

Half tempted to fight, but still lacking in the energy to fight back, he excepted the embrace. Using his web shooters to open his bedroom door, flinging the costume out into the hall, and closed it again before tossing his invention to the side.

With a heavy sigh, Spidey closed his eye's, shifted in the others arms so he at lest faced way from the older, and relaxed. Soon after doing so, Wade tightened his grip, pulling the shorter to his chest, and bent his knees slightly so the two cuddled in the spoon position. Peter felt Deadpool rub his masked face into his hair before finally settling down.

It didn't take long for a light blush to rise to the shorter cheeks. He hadn't slept beside someone in quite some time, let alone a man, of course it was a bit unusual. The most embarrassing part however was the Peter actually, kind of, enjoyed it. The warm, larger body wrapped around him like a blanket. The steady heart beat of the other and the sensation of gentle breathing on the back of his head, it was so oddly soothing. Peter felt so... safe, which was a rare thing for Spider-man, but it felt so nice, though it was a surprise seeing how the mercenary was so kill happy. Maybe it came from the knowledge, or at least the trust, that Wade would not harm him. Ether way...

“I could get used to this.” Peter muttered as he began to slide into unconsciousness, not noticing the grin that spread across the taller's lips.

{Did you hear that? He totally wants us.}

[I'm surprised he hasn't figured us out yet.]

{We're just to good.}

[So when are we going to tell him we've been awake since then second time he called us?]

“I vote never, I'm loving this to much.” Deadpool though to himself.

[I agree; we're probably never going to get this chance again, especially if he finds out we tricked him.]

{Not before he gives us one hell of a beating for this.}

“Probably, that slap he gave us was quite strong. Who knew Spidey had some muscle on him?”

{Yep, but we like it a little rough don't we?}

[No, we would rather be treated gently.]

“Ether way, it was totally worth it.”



Peter's eyes slowly opened as his mind woke up, quickly informing him that the warmth on his back was now gone and that he missed it.

“Wade?” He questioned as he sat up and lazily scanned the room to find that the mercenary was indeed gone, though a piece of paper lay atop his desk that wasn’t there the night prior. After a few stretches, the college student got up and began to read the note.

Dear Spidey

It was a lovely surprise finding you had sneaked into bed and cuddled with me all night. And thanks for letting me crash with you, it's nice to know you care. I'll have to pay you back one night. *wink *

Love, your cuddle buddy
aka: me

It said with a little Deadpool face drawn at the bottom.

P.S. I'm free to do this again any time.

Peter couldn't help but scoff humorously as he rolled his eyes, the corners of his lips twisting up into a smile.

Hiding the papers among his books for now, the student got dressed and head downstairs for some breakfast, not surprised to find his guardian there.

“Good morning Aunt May.” He greeted as he passed by her to make himself some simple cereal.

“Morning dear.” She greeted quietly. The moment then went quiet, which worried the young man. Even after siting and beginning to eat, May was still silent, watching him over her mug like she had something to say.

“It something wrong?” He finally asked before taking another bite of his probably not so nutritious breakfast.

“Welll... I went into your room last night-” The food caught in the younger's throat momentarily before he forced it down.

“You what!?”

“I'm sorry, I was just trying to return your costume.” She informed, obviously knowing that he hadn't particularly wanted her peeking in his bedroom. “I should have know from the noises-”

“It's not what you think.” Spidey interrupted, though he supposed he could see how she got the idea. “Where just friends. He'd been injured last night, I was only trying to help.” He assure.

“It that so...? That's not what he said to me.” She said, looking away from her nephew as she took a sip of her drink.

“You talked to him?”

“Yes, he left not to long ago. We had a very... interesting chat.” She explained.

“Oh god.” The younger thought. “What did he tell her?”

“Look Peter,” She started, putting down her cup so she could rest a hand atop his. “I want you to know that no mater what, I'll always love you.”

“It's not like that.” Spidey ground. He knew she was just trying to be supportive but, my gosh. The situation grew worse as a blush rose to his cheeks as he recalled his enjoyment of last night. Can't be...

“Alright hunny, just use protection oka-”

“Aunt May!”
Spideypool - Won't Wake Up

Hey! So this is my first story of Spideypool (Spiderman/Perter Parker x Deadpool/Wade Wilson) hope you all like it. ^^

I know the big explanation of the gang seems kind of pointless but I had to have a realistic reason to why Deadpool could be knocked out. A simple whack to the head wouldn't be enough for that.

'though it did kind of feel cool.' This line was not to imply that Peter was into hurting people for any reason, but have you ever slapped someone. And I mean slapped em properly. I feels so good.

'Can't leave him here, who knows who could find him and take advantage of his unconscious state, in any way.' Just so you know, I put in that last part purposely so people didn't assume I meat taking advantage of him in a sexual way. Though it could happen, I was more thinking of taking Deadpools weapons or kidnapping him.

[So when are we going to tell him we've been awake since then second time he called us?] I know some people might be confused here, thinking, 'How do they know it was Peter's second call if they where unconscious for the first one?' A legitimate question reader. But from what I have seen, Deadpools voices are aware even when Deadpool is asleep, so I suspect him being unconscious works the same. Plus Deadpool and his voices break the forth wall all the time, so that may also be part of it.

The after part was a cute little thing I thought up mainly so I could have May confront Peter about is supposed interest shifts.

'It said with a little Deadpool face drawn at the bottom.' In my first draft of the story that I put on paper, I actually drew a little Deadpool face. ^^

I hope you found the end funny, I did.

I don't own any characters mentioned in this story, all rights to Marvel and whoever else owns these people.


So first off, I had a hell of a time for 5 days trying to figure it out what is going on wit a job interview.
I found out my childhood best friend, my Aunts dog, was being put down the next day.
Said day when she was being put down, I had my 2 hour in work interview at 6:30 am.

I was offered a job.

I watched my friend died later that day.

Had a hell of a time again trying to find out when my first day was.

I last minute decided to go for 1 day to Tsukinocon 2015 because I didn't have the money to go the whole weekend.

I decide to ask, whale stuck in line, when they started taking volunteers for next year. The guy at the door said a general time but also said that they sometimes needed people last minute.

I offered to volunteer after I got my day pass and they said they where good.

I went to the dealers room, aka the place people sell stuff, and spent a LOT of money! My finds included, a metal Master Sword, Japaneses games, post cards, presents for sis, food, and lot's of manga.

And hour and a half latter I was bored and wandering about when I was pulled aside and asked to volunteer now.

I was given a volunteer pass, making my 20$ day pass useless and I started volunteering. I was doing concession and my feet where really hurting but... it's hard to explain but you know how you may be in some pain but your still excited and just so happy to do what your doing? It was like that. I was having so much fun talking with people and serving them I just wouldn't stop. The 'boss', I guess you could call her, had to come over and tell me to slow down, take a brake. I wish this was my job!

Any way, I spent several hours doing that.

Got asked out to diner.

And finally I left volunteering for the night to see the yaoi panel but I was so tired and the line spand the main room so I decided it wasn't worth it.

Then I went home in the cold in my freezing, little Lolita dress.

Today I am volunteering as well.

Tomorrow I have my first day at work.

My goodness. So much has been going on but I love it. It's the exact thing I need to keep my mind off bad things and drool over cool cosplay and amine/video game merchandise. ^^

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