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Or would that be considered a dating sim? Well it's a fanfiction, not a visual novel... Anyway... Ever sins I wrote my first Reader x story (DMC Dante x Reader: Meet at the Beach) I have been thinking of a story where you get to choose your own adventurer. Now I honestly don't have the brain capacity to wright something really complicated but I did think up a little simple something about Tony Stark. (aka Iron Man) As I'm typing this, the silly little ruff draft I have consisting of bullet points and has 18ish endings.

I don't know if I'll ever finish but I hope to. I was just curios if anyone would ether bother going through the work of reading it sins I'll be linking you to this and that for the story.

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(Contains: sexual themes)
This is, for the time being, a tool to help me minimize the work on the story and also to keep you guys updated. Here I'll be posting the progress of each part. I most likely won't upload any part until there all done but if your curious you can know how it's going.

Things to know:

0. At the beginning of the story there will be a list in [ ] ← these telling you what steps you took to get here, pleas use these to make sure your in the right place.

1. There are options that lead to sex but the act will NOT be written out in detail.

2. Some options lead to similar things but they're never exactly the same.

3. When a part ends in THE END you have completed your adventure. Feel free to play again or just read the different endings if you wish.

Have fun, enjoy! ^^

Hear we go:

Start -> Done

No Dance -> Written & typed up, need to edit.

No Drink, No Dance -> Written

Slap Him -> Written
Tony Stark x Reader-Choose Your Own Adventure List
Lets see how for I get in this before I give up cuz it's to much work. ^^;
Or would that be considered a dating sim? Well it's a fanfiction, not a visual novel... Anyway... Ever sins I wrote my first Reader x story (DMC Dante x Reader: Meet at the Beach) I have been thinking of a story where you get to choose your own adventurer. Now I honestly don't have the brain capacity to wright something really complicated but I did think up a little simple something about Tony Stark. (aka Iron Man) As I'm typing this, the silly little ruff draft I have consisting of bullet points and has 18ish endings.

I don't know if I'll ever finish but I hope to. I was just curios if anyone would ether bother going through the work of reading it sins I'll be linking you to this and that for the story.

Warning: This has boy x boy.

The day had been quite hectic for Spider-man. Little crimes seemed to have been popping up on every street all at once, like it was some sort of organized event, which was a possibility. Despite how determined he was, there's only so much one spider can do at a time. It had taken literally hours to track, trap, and incarcerate all the hooligans.

Now Sp- no, Peter Parker finally found a quiet moment in one of the most unlikely places he could think of, his boyfriend Wade Wilson's company. That's right, as much of a shock as it would come to most who knew him, the merc with a mouth lay with him, fully conscious, in silence.

This rare occurrence was brought on by Deadpool's knowledge that Spider-man had had a rough day and needed to relax. Wade also knew that the best way for his boyfriend to relax was simply to be left be. To stew in silence, to let every thought be annualized, every emotion dealt with.

Now usually the younger would go to his home where he knew he could get some peace and quiet, but after the emotional beating he had received, not just the usual thugs and that one track mind J. Jonah Jameson, but also from the people he was trying to help. Even after dealing with the situation, many people scolded him for not arriving soon enough, for not being able to stop some injuries, for not being there exactly when they needed him. It was all chipping away at him. He wanted to be there, to stop the pain from ever happening, he tried so hard.

Before he could beat himself up to much more then the public had, Spidey made his way to one of two places where he knew he would always be loved, Wade's place. Sure he could go to aunt May, but she would wonder why he was so upset and he couldn’t tell her. Besides, at the moment he craved a more physical comfort, and he got just that. He was greeted with praise for a job well done, though he didn’t feel he deserved it, kisses, an embrace, and now cuddles.

The shorter of the two now lay stomach down pretty much on top of Wade in quote un-quote, 'normal clothes'. It had taken some persuading to get the mercenary to wear anything besides his spandex costume, but eventually Peter was able to convince his boyfriend that he didn’t care what he looked like, even thought Deadpool still questioned that statement at times. Though Wade felt uncomfortable in normal clothes, he couldn't deny that they
made them both feel more human, like they didn't have to go out there and fight for there lives everyday.

This is what Peter wanted, to just be with someone he loved, to have them hold him close, telling him he was doing a good job, not pressure him to be better.

Peter's grip on the olders hand began to loosen as he drifted into some well needed sleep. Taking the opportunity, Wade took his now free hand and began to run his fingers thought his boyfriends still messy hair, lulling him deeper into slumber.  Peter could hear Wade's rhythmic heart beating, feel his body below him as his own muscles began to finally relax after all the strain he had put it thought today. It was all so perfect... until the younger's phone rang.

Peter's eyes shot open in surprise at the familiar tune, Wade's body jerking as well. Quick to grown in annoyance, the college student grabbed his cellphone from the side table and sat up, turning his body so it faced away from Wade who didn’t hesitate in following. The mercenary crossed his legs to form a chair of sorts for the younger as he wrapped his arms around Peter while he answered the phone.

“Hello?” Peter answered in an unintentionally harsh tone that made it obvious that he was not pleased.

“”Peter, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?” Came a voice the younger knew well.

“Steve, hey.” Parker greeted. “No, it's fine, what do you need?” He somewhat lied. Sure he'd rather sleep in his surprisingly cooperative boyfriends arms, but how was the Captain to know?

“I just wanted to check in, I heard you had your hands full this afternoon. Sorry we couldn’t help, there was something a little more pressing for the Avengers to do. Not that your work isn’t impotent too-”

“It's aright, I know what you mean.” Peter assured, preferring to go back to sleep as soon as possible. “And I'm fine, thanks.”

“You sure? No serious injures? You know, you don't have to be strong 24/7, if you need help, I, and pretty much all of S.H.I.E.L.D. are here to support you if we can.” Peter couldn’t help but smile a little. After Rogers had found out the vigilante Spider-man was, as he put it, just a kid trying to protect the city himself, Captain America had started reaching out to Peter, to help as much as he could. It wasn’t that ether man had any strong feelings for the other, it was Steve trying to be a good person to a boy that he saw a bit of himself in and it was nice for Peter to have another name on his list of people that care for his well being.

Peter felt the grip around his torso tighten, causing him to look up at Wade who was pouting back at him. Whether it be from being on the phone to long or the fact that Wade could hear the phone call and his possessiveness was making him perceive it as Captain America trying to hit on his man, Peter didn’t know. Ether way, he flashed a light smile up at the older and said,

“Thanks, that’s good to know. And no, nothing serious. The only thing notable was a slice to the leg, but Wade dressed it up for me, It'll be gone in a couple days.” The college student informed as he watched his boyfriends expression brighten before the mercenary leaned down to give a playful kiss, Peter making sure to twist the bottom of the phone away from there lips so the blond wouldn't hear.

“Wade... as in Deadpool?” Steve questioned, unaware of what was happening on the other end of the call.

“Ya, that's him.” Spidey said in an almost stupidly in love sort of way as he pulled away from the kiss, ignoring his boyfriends quiet wine.

“Are you two still...” Cap started, not sure how to go about saying what was on his mind.

“Yes.” The younger said with an annoyed sigh, quickly realizing where this was going. Wade on the other hand began to place little kisses along his boyfriends shoulder and neck, not noticing Peter's mood growing a tad bit foul. “And I don't want to talk about it.”

“But Peter, hes dangerous-”

“Steve!” Wade jumped back a little at this, though calmed a tad when he realized the scream wasn’t directed at him.

“Look, I'm sorry but I really don't think you should be seeing him.” Steve retorted, voice trying to stay calm.

“It's none of your business who I'm dating so just leave us alone.” Peter insisted as his hand clenched into a fist. Wade attempted to sooth the younger, slipping his hands atop Peter's curled one which did help a bit.

“I can't just stand by and watch a train wreck happen Peter. That man is a ticking time bomb and I don't want you getting hurt when be blows.  Besides, for all you know, he could be using you. Maybe he got a job to get info for someone and he's using you to get it, or maybe to get you to lower your guard so-”

“He would never take missions like that.”

“He's a mercenary, he does any dirty job for a paycheck. Who's to say he wont stab you in the back, metaphorically or literally.”

“He wouldn’t!” The younger screams, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. He had been having a hard day as it is, another lecture about how to run his life better wasn’t needed.

“How to you know?”

“Because I trust him, that's what you do when you love someone.”


“No! All of you just look at what you’ve seen on the news, none of you have actually tried to get to know him. Your all making assumptions, and-” Finally Deadpool decided to step in, taking the phone from his now crying boyfriend. “Hey!”

“Yelowww.” The mercenary greeted into the device as he pushed away Peter's grabbing hands.

“Wade!?” Steve answered, not actually realizing Peter was still in Deadpools company.

“Hey there Cap. Look my baby's had a real rough day so I'm gonna have to let you go now before he throws a hissy fit.” The merc with a mouth said with his usually cocky, amused tone.

“Give it back!” Peter demanded but was ignored.

“Wade I...” Steve started, guilt bubbling up at the thought that Deadpool had listened to him trying to convinces the brunette to brake up with him. He still stood by his suggestion but it felt rude to have both of then hear it.

“I know buddy, I've heard your speech before. Anyway, gotta go, Petey needs some love and attention.” Wade says with a provocative eyebrow wiggle before hanging up.

“What did you do that for?” The college student asked as he got up off the bed, finally abandoning his attempts at the phone.

“You where getting upset baby, I hate to see you cry.”

“I'm not crying!” The younger lied, wiping at the still falling water drops. “Its just so frustrating.” He finally spat. “I knew it would happen, I knew people wouldn’t like it, but I figured they'd get over it so I just shrugged it off. I figured after a few weeks everyone would give up and just except it but its been months. It's so hard to hear people bad mouth you all the time. Your not going to hurt me.”

“Of coarse not! Your one of like, 4 people that realize how awesome I am, I'm gonna milk this as long as possible.” Deadpool joked with a grin, attempting to lighten the mood.

“Wade” Peter halfheartedly scolded as he wiped the last of his tears from his cheeks. He didn’t need his boyfriend piking in himself too.

“Is it bad to say you look adorable when your crying?”

“Wade.” This time the younger's lips curled up into a smile.

“Come here hunny.” Wade invited, holding out his arms and uncrossing his legs, looking up at his boyfriend with a more gentle smile. With a huff, Peter sat with the older, letting his head rest on Wade's chest as the mercenary wriggled his arms around him. It was so comforting, why couldn’t everyone one else see Deadpool the way he did.

“Why cant people just let me, us, be happy?
Spideypool - Let Me Be Happy

I wrote this a while back, before the big One or the Other story, I just never felt like typing it up. Now I have, hope it's worth it.

I don't know why this is uncharacteristicly sad, I don't like sad.

Please don't think Steve is a totally dick and think of it from his standing. Imagine you knew someone that was kinda like a 14 year old you, and they started dating a well known drug dealer/mugger. Could you just stand back and let that happen? I know some people can but I can't see Steve letting a poor innocent kid get into trouble like he thinks Peter is getting into.

Thanks for reading and as always, I own nut'in.

“Everyone ready?” Asked the announcer as Master Hand had again taken an inopportune leave. “The match will begin shortly so please make your final preparations and step onto the transportation pads.” All participants where ready to make there various entrances or so was thought until something soft and ticklish brushed against one of the fighters arm. Ike turned at the unexpected touch, then his mouth fell open. Before he could say a word though, the shorter jumped in.

“Mind sittin this one out?” Falco said with a grin. It took a moment for the mercenary's thoughts to kick in and when it did, he couldn't help but chuckle.

“How ironic.” The swordsman received a confused expression but didn't bother clarifying at the moment as he stepped off the warp pad. “Go crazy.” The mercenary said with a hand gesture. Falco quickly jumped on and prepared himself. Ike began to walk away then stopped and turned back to the pilot. “I should warn you-”

“No need, I've got this.” Falco said with a confident grin.

“You sure, this might be a little much for you.” Ike said with a raised brow.

“You don't think I can handle this? You just watch and see.” He said with a scoff and a roll of his eyes.

“Alright, good luck.” Ike said over the ringing that began to announce the start of the battle.

“Won't need it, but thanks anyway.” Falco said just before being sent off to the fight. He was the first to appear on stage and isntantly noticed that Battlefield seemed different, but that was swiftly pushed aside when the other fighters appeared. His partner Fox, as planned, then Diddy, Ness... Jigglypuff? Some yellow circle, wait a minute! Falco mentally stumbled at all the fighters but before he could say a word, the match began.

“Falco?!” Came Fox, immediately recognizing his ace pilot. “What are you doing here?” He asked as he dodge a peanut shot his way.

“Come on Fox, you sound like you don't want me here.” The feathered one said jokingly while giving a swift kick to the pink ball, his pride making him hold his questions and concerns.

“Don't go putting words into my mouth.” Fox defended as he blocked a smoke bomb that had flown his way. “But don't you think it's a little reckless to jump into an 8 man battle.”

“I can take care of myself just fine, why don't you focus on yourself?” Falco advised as he shot his blaster at an approaching enemy, causing them to jerk at the shock.

“Don't get a big head now.”

“Do you even know me?” Fox couldn't help the humord scoff that escaped his lips.

“Right, my bad.” Then the tide of battle allowed them a moment to stand back to back. “You ready for a good fight buddy?” Fox asked though he knew the answer.

“I'm ready to win.”
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Welcome: Falco Lombardi

Haaaaaaay... '///' Sorry guys and gals about being so late on this. I got into writing for another fandom. Then I got a comment pointing out that Roy had returned and I was like; “OH S**T!” So I went to start writing but then I realized I didn't know who to write about. At first I just thought to wright for Mewtwo but then I realized I hadn’t written for the secret characters. I knew I wanted to write a chapter for each of the secret characters as you unlock them one at a time but I've already written about Lucina and what not so I had to re-read all the previous chapters which took a while. Now I have my big o'l list and am playing catch up.

I would like to point out that the secret characters will have very short chapters because there was no big revel for them. (If there where I have already written a chapter for them.) So the chapters are low key because 1. each person finds out about each character on there own and 2. most of these characters are not a really big shock.

I've never played a Star Fox game so I hope I did okay. ^///^

Hope you enjoyed and more chapters will be up soon.

Previous: animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

Next: Soon

I don't own any characters mentioned in this story.

Warning: This has boy x boy relationship in it.

“Excuse me?” Tony questioned, raising a curious brow at Captain America who sat not far away ringing his hands nervously. The billionaire thought it was odd when Steve had asked if he could ride privately with Iron Man back to New York after the last mission, but this hit it out of the park.

“I'm sorry, is it to weird?” The blond asked, having known this was a risk but he had lost  this chance once before, he wasn’t about to pass it up again just because it was a little strange.

“Not really, I mean, it is coming from you, but that's just because of what era you come from. I wouldn’t have expected something like this from a man who grew up in a time where it was fopaux”. Tony said as he leaned on one of the plane walls, eye's glued to the blond who couldn't seem to keep his eyes on anything for to long.

“Ya,” Steve started with a chuckle. “That's one of the things I love about this time, people are more excepting.”

“Or tolerant.” Another somewhat uncomfortable chuckle was shared, then came a long pause of silence, the captains nervousness growing more and more with each passing second.

Tony's mind was currently racing, as it always did, questioning whether he was okay with what Steve wanted to do. He never considered anything like this up until recently, but the idea didn't really scare him, at least not when he pictured the blond there with him. But what would the team say, though it's not really their business but it will obviously have some repercussions on the others.

The jolt of the plane landing pulled both men from their thoughts. The two justice seekers made momentary eye contact before the doors opened and Steve quickly stood. He moved stiffly but with focus as he exited the air craft and was greeted by his fellow Avengers, leaving Tony confused for only a moment.

“Ah, he's concerned about letting the others know.” Tony thought to himself as he grabbed his helmet, which was the only part of his suit he had removed, and followed the blond.

Just as the taller, Iron Man was greeted by his friends as they where all preparing to head their separate ways. The billionaire looked up at Steve who kept his eye's on anyone’s but his.

“Well I'll be off then.” Tony announced after a quick chat with the others before turning to Captain America. “Oh and Cap.”

“Yes Stark?” Steve replied, deciding to finally turn to his friend. He didn't have the chance however as Tony placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned up to place a quick kiss on the blonds cheek.

“You can pick me up Tuesday night, 7 okay?” The billionaire said with a cheeky grin at the captains reddening face. “See you then stud.” He said with a chuckle and a wink before he slipped on his helmet. He then flew off, leaving a blushing, embarrassed Steve Rogers with their now extremely curious friends.
Steve x Tony - A New Kind of Team Work

Yay randomness. Don't really have much to say, hope you enjoyed. ^^

Don't own anyone in this story.


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