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So today is my 19th b-day, and in Canada that means I'm a legal adult... but what do I get out of it? I don't drink, don't smoke, don't like latos or scratch and wins, voting is okay I guess but I always panic that I'm piking the wrong chose on things, it will proudly be worse hear. What can't 'I just stay 18?

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You stand there is silence, watching the large golden doors before you as if they would give you an answer to your question. You had been invited by Thor, prince of Asgard, for a tour of the royal palace. You two where supposed to meet back on earth at your regular spot and he would pick you up, but being as nervous, yet excited as you where you had shown up a fare bit early. Before you could decide whether to wander till the time came or simply sit and wait, Heimdall had apparently recognized you from the times you had seen the royal off to his home dimension and decided it was a good idea to scoop you up and bring you to Asgard unannounced. After some confusion, some questions, and directions given, you where sent off to the castle ahead of schedule.

Now you stood there in front of the doors, considering if it was rude to arrive at his door a little under an hour early. You could wait but people where already staring at you, the odd girl standing at the castle gates in cloths they don't recognized. You could wander about I suppose but was it safe to wander a city of gods, by yourself. What if you got lost, what if you where approached, what if someone figured out you where there to see there prince and tried to get something out of you?

Again, without letting you decide on your next course of action, the doors slowly open, reveling a large open hall lined with what you presumed where guards by there strait, stiff possessions, armor and weapons covering them from head to tow. You hesitantly enter and are immediately approached by a man dressed much more lightly, no fighting material to speak of, a door man maybe, butler?

"Here to see the prince I presume miss." The man says with a small bow. You answer in agreement. "If you could follow me then.” He stated sharply as he turns on his heals and starts down one protruding hallway, taking long strides. “Though I must say, tardiness is not very lady like. Lucky for you the prince has been rather difficult today so you have not missed anything." Late? Where you late? Your eagerness for today made sure you had arrived on time, early in fact! You checked the time and just as you thought, it said you where far ahead of the time you and Thor had agreed on. And what did this man mean about Thor being difficult, did he not want to see you? He seemed rather excited when you agreed to his offer of showing you his home.

Before you could question the man however, you had followed him into a room full of ladies and are promptly left there. Not sure what to do next, you simply look around the room at the array of beautiful women of varying cultures, appearances and even races. They all whore flattering gowns and, well in short, they had all spent many hours preparing, but for what?

Your self confidence seemed to shrink as you gazed at the stunning females, causing you to back up into a secluded corner and wish you could melt through the walls like Kitty Pryde. When Thor had invited you to his home, you where hoping to possibly spend some alone time with the god, but it seemed you would be sharing his attention. Should you have dressed up more? From what Thor said it sounded as if it would be a causal visit, but these girls where dressed as if they where attending the be all end all of balls. Then again, was there anything in your closet that looked as high class as these gowns?

Before you could beat yourself up to much, a voice pulled you from your thoughts.

"Hey there." Came a gentle voice. You look up to find a woman with long, golden flowing hair reaching to the top of her thighs. Her dress, a simple form fitting, but not overtly sexy gown that just barley brushed the floor. Her face had soft features which matched her gentle smile that resembled a mother attempting to comfort her child. "Are you alright?" She asked. "Nervous?"

You agree, as it held some truth, but your main concern was your confusion on what Thor had planned for your visit.

"It's alright, we all are a little." She assured, though you find it a tad hard to believe with how confidently some of these women held there heads. "But do remember to not hold to much on this day. He can only choose one, don’t feel ashamed if it is not you."

"Choose me for what?" You ask suddenly, inadvertently interrupting whatever the woman had intended to say next. You hadn’t meant to be rude but you had just been informed that you had entered some apparent contest. The woman watched you curiously for a moment, obviously assuming you had known what this gathering was for, before answering.

"Why, to be the bride of Prince Thor of course."

"Bride!" Wait, is that what he had invited you here for, to be measured against these woman to see who would be the best wife? Shouldn’t he have asked you out first? Or at least warned you that your in the running to be the new queen of Asgard. What if you weren’t interested... oh you shouldn’t even lie to yourself, of course you where interested in Thor, who wouldn’t be? But to jump right into marriage?

Before you could question the situation any further, the doors opened and a man steps in, informing all the women that the prince was ready to see them. The room then went quiet as the women slowly moved as a large group into the hall. Not sure what to do, you follow along quietly. Eventually you, along with all the other women, enter a large room of gold. Various pillars towered over you, all leading to a humungous throne where an older gentlemen sat. If you where to make a guess, you suppose that was King Odin. Beside him stood the only familiar face in the room, Thor. Though he wore an expression that showed he was not interested in the situation and felt little to no shame in showing it. He shifted on his feet impatiently as he barely shared a glance to the array of women that began to line up single file.

"Alright, let us finish this with haste." Thor said almost coldly as you where pulled into a random spot in line. Part of you wanted to call out to the god, ask some well deserved questions, but you had no chance as each woman stepped forward one by one. They would make some of gesture, such as curtsying, and say their full name, their home land, and a quick statement on what attribute they would bring if they where to become the next queen of Asgard.

What where you to say though, what do you do? You couldn't brake this smoothly running machine by asking questions, let alone look stupid as you stand in front of these dignified people and ask what was going on. So I suppose you play along, but how should you go about this. Curtsy? Say your home town? Wait, these people wouldn’t know what your talking about. Earth maybe, wait no, what did Thor call earth... Midgard wasn’t it? And what about your offering to be queen?

As a flurry questions rush through your brain, you mindlessly step forward when the space appeared, Thor uninterestedly nodded each woman off, attempting a decent smile to each, all until you stepped up to plate. His eyes widened at the site of you, which causes you to panic a little. Maybe you should have dressed better, but in your defense you hadn't been warned you where in a beauty contest of the highest regard. You begin to curtsy and ready your improvised introduction, but Thor calls your name first. You raised your bowed head to watch as the prince abandoned his post beside the throne and jogged down to you, whispers quickly filling the room at his strange behavior.

"What are you doing here so early, did we not agree to meet later?" You pause for a moment to think before explaining what had happened with Heimdall. Thor let out a frustrated sigh as his eyes wondered about the room at the array of people watching you both with curious, and some angered, gazes. "I'm sorry father, but I must end this short." The god of thunder apologized as he grabbed hold of your hand. "Excuse us lady’s." He then said, bowing quickly to the women, some of who began to verbalize their displeasure with the turn of events.

"Thor!" Odin called as he stood, but the younger didn’t reply. Not sure of what was actually happening, you follow Thor quietly, deciding to close you hand around his like he was doing to you as you both left the room. Nether of you spoke as Thor lead you through the utterly beautiful halls of his home, the god in deep though and you in confusion. Several guards stood and watched you judgingly as you passed which worried you slightly. Had you done something wrong by arriving early. You decided to focus on his had around yours instead, the warmth, his firm yet gentle grip, how large his was compared to yours.

Eventfully you where led into a room which you could only assume to be a bedroom based on the ginormous bed that sat in the middle of it. You turn to face your friend as you hear the click of the door closing behind you both. Thor let out a sigh of relief at finally being out of sight before you couldn’t help but ask what was going on.

"My apologies, I promise, the fault lies not with you." He assured, having caught the slight guilt in your expression. "It is my father's doing. He had arranged this all without my consent or knowledge. At first I tried to persuade him to cancel but it was to late so instead I had hoped finish it before you arrived, I didn’t want you to see. I'm sorry you where dragged into this, you mush have been confused." He said as he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder.

"I was, I am. Your getting married?" You couldn't help but ask. The idea was a bit disheartening, loosing before you even had a chance.

"I hope not to, at least for some time. It's my father that wishes me to get a wife, mostly so I can secure an heir for the throne once he passes, but I wish to marry the one I love, not for Asgard's gain." He informs, letting you sigh a breath you didn’t know you where holding. Before another word could be said however, the door was flung open to reveal an obviously furious man who roared, causing you to jump a little.

"Thor, what is the meaning of this!" He demanded as Thor turned to face the intruder, pulling you behind him. It's not that he though his father would attack you, but the god of thunder couldn’t help but be protective of you. "You have a room full of exceptional women waiting for you back in the great hall and you run off with this one before she has even spoken her name. I don’t even recall inviting her." Oden said, glancing at you with a questioning glare, though it was hard when Thor stepped between your gazes.

"I invited her." Thor informed, not wanting his father to think that you where a threat.

"You did?!” He asked, face lighting up. “Well my son, if you had told me you already had a bride in mind we could have avoided this whole mess." B-bride!? Is that why he invited you. You feel your heart flutter at the idea as you grab onto the blonds cape almost like a shy child would hold their parents leg.

"That's not why I invited her." The butterflies are instantly crushed, leaving you with a sinking feeling in your gut and chest. Then again where you ready to get married? Maybe it was just the idea that he had feelings for you. "She is the 'prior arrangement' I was telling you about when you suddenly announced that you had invited suitor." Thor reminded before glancing at you with a slight worried expression then returned his gaze to his father. "Can we speak of this outside?"

"If that is what you wish." Oden accepted and promptly left the room after throwing a quick glance your way. Once out of the room, Thor turned to you, placing both hands on ether of your upper arms.

"I need to explain a few things to my father, I will be back shortly, please stay here, and if you are in need of anything, call me immediately." He instructs. You don’t have time to even verbally agree as Oden's voice calls from the other side of the door, asking what was keeping his son. "I wont be long, I swear." He says as he pulls you into an embrace. All to soon he pulled away, but not before placing, with the lightest of touches, a kiss to your temple. Before you could question the action however, he follows his fathers calls, leaving you alone. Why did things keep happening before good questions could be asked?

At first you stood there, trying to wrap your brain around what had just occurred. After giving up on the grounds that a) info was being held from you, and b) it was hurting your head, you took a gander at your surroundings.

What now? It felt rude to snoop around so you just sit and wait. Thankfully you didn't have time to wonder if sitting on someones bed was alright as the door swung open to reveal a rather chipper Thor.

“Oh, that was fast." You commented. "Did everything go well with your dad?" His expression wavered slightly for but a moment before returning to a grin.

"Yes, everything went fine, now how about that tour?" He said, making a gesture to the door. Well that was quite a switch. You proceed hesitantly and exit the room, taking a swift left as indicated by Thor. It was an awkward silence at first as you tried to keep up with his long strides. Why is he so quite? Why is he keeping his distance? Why wont he look at you? This was all so out of character.

Despite the confusion you follow him through an archway and come out onto what seemed to be a rather large veranda of sorts with large cushioned chairs and couches that sat in the shade of the balcony above and overlooking a large, open, but gated off garden. The area was lush with many plants and trees though most where lining that thick yet intricate fencing. They grew taller then the second floor and were obviously made with protection in mind but the plants had decided to latch themselves onto it and climb, making the wall of defense more welcoming. Right in the middle of the garden was a ring of water, about as deep looking as a kiddy pool, though you would have to get closer to be sure.

"Beautiful, is it not?" Thor asked, pulling your thoughts from the scenery in front of you. You express your agreement as you stay facing forward as did he. "I can't wait to play with our children in this garden." He says, causing your head to snap up to look at him.

"What?" Well that came out of nowhere.

"When we have kids, they will play here as I did when young." He says matter of factly as he turns to look down at you with a calm smile. "You will watch from up here in comfort while I entertain them, teach them so they grow to be strong, kind people.
They will learn the ways of the Asgard and Midgard, making them wiser then any previous leader before us." He explained this all with an almost amused smile, like he was inwardly laughing at some joke, or he simply found your recreation amusing.
"And when night falls we will-"

Then Thor was interrupted by a familiar voice calling out your name in a panic, causing your company to flinch, that grin finally falling from his face. You turn in the direction of the call as it asked for you again. Thor began to slowly step away from you without a word as another Thor rounded the corner, your name on his lips... wait.

The just arriving Thor notices you immediately, a relieved smile coming to his lips, then he noticed the other Thor. They watched each other, the one you had been with holding a slightly worried yet apologetic smile while the other looked confused for only a moment before realization hit him.


"Hello brother." The one who had escorted you greeted, voice drastically changing from the one you where familiar with. Thor had mentioned his brother but never did he say it was a twin. Then again, he did mentioned his brother was well versed in magical trickery and illusions, was this something along those lines?

"What do you think your doing?" Asked the real Thor as he approached you, his tone showing that he was upset but not enraged. "Are you alright?" He asks you before his double can give an answer. You respond, informing him that you were fine before Thor's brother jumps in, cutting off whatever else you where going to say.

"I saw you were busy with father so I decided to entertain your friend." Then a truly mischievous smile spread across his face, one that you had never seen Thor wear before, it was a tad off putting. "And do not fret my dear shy brother, I told her what you spoke to me about." Thor looked puzzled for a moment, then he paled, his brothers grin widening.

"You what!?" Thor almost yelled as his brother burst into a sudden fit of laughter. "Why would you do this?"

"I was only trying to help." Loki said as his laughter faded, though that grin made it hard to believe helping was his only intention, or if it even was one. "You've been loosing your mind lately over this woman." He said, making a hand gesture towards you, though he does not look your way. "Your head's been in clouds most of the day thanks to her, distracting you from your lessons. So I figured, for the benefit of all of Asgard, that I'd clear the water for you two to work your feelings out.”

"Did you ever consider that I wanted to take my time on something like this?" Thor asked as a light blush rose to his cheeks. He glanced at you momentarily before turning away in embarrassment. This wasn't how he pictured this moment going.

"Clearly father is impatient to see you wed as evident with him calling all those suitors? I know you wish to court her in the Midgardian way but there really is no time to waste. And with that, I believe it is time to take my leave. I wish you lovers the best of luck." He said with a bow and all to amused grin before he dissolved away. Then an awkward silence fell over you and Thor, his eyes darting away any time yours met his.

"My apologies for all this fuss, I was hoping this could be a relaxing visit." He finally said, eyes still avoiding yours. You remind him that most if not all of this wasn't his fault to which he replied with a light smile. "May I ask what exactly my brother told you?" You went on to generally repeat what Loki had said to which Thor groaned, turning away in both embarrassment and in attempt to hide his blush, though the latter was a lost cause. "I see..." He practically whispered then paused for thought as he carefully considered what to say next.

After much consideration the god let out a sigh.

"I suppose I must emit that what he said are my own words, although it was more stated as a hope for the future rather then fact." Finally his eyes met yours, his expression full of honest intent and determination which in a way contrasted with the blush aligning his cheeks. "Please understand that I'm not holding you to anything, this is all your own choice. But I would be very happy... elated actually if you.. you'd consider..."
Thor x Reader - Clueless

Cliffhanger! Cuz I'm a douche like that. :p (P.S. This is a One-Shot!)

My third Reader x fic, hope you liked. ^^

I originally typed this up on my phone and it was hell, but at least I had it close at hand for whenever I wanted to work on it.

When I started this story I had the first part all planned out but when I got to when Thor left you in the bedroom I was stuck. I didn't know what to do next so my editor and I bounced ideas off each other and eventually I latched onto something.

I didn't get to put it in but originally I wanted to put in hear that Thor has liked you for a while. In Asgard he could have just asked you to a ball in a couple days of knowing you if not sooner but because you are from earth he thought he had to treat you with more consideration and take things a lot slower.

I like to picture Thor daydreaming about you when he should be learning kingly stuff. ^^

Hope you enjoyed and I own no one mentioned in this story.


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Warning! This has boy x boy in it and an attempt at writing a little smut (aka sex) by a virgin.

Steve pulled his fingers from Tony after the billionaire had assured him he was ready for the main course through a series of noises and hip movements. The younger whimpered slightly at the loss but knew what was to come as the blond lifted his legs up onto Steve's shoulders.

Now this was a story to tell, having a one night stand with good old fashioned Captain America. It kind of came out of nowhere, nothing more that shy glances here and there leading up to tonight when Tony moved a little to suggestively. When their eye's met for a little to long. When Steve suddenly grabbed him and pulled him a little to close to not do something about.

But Tony kind of expected this in a weird sort of way. Steve was in his late 20s, mid 90s if you want to be technical, and was undoubtedly a man. So many years of hearing and having urges to have another body against his could only be restrained for so long. The inventor should count himself lucky that Steve picked him to lose control over, and if he pictures it in the right way Tony could imagine that maybe some feelings where behind this. But in the end he knew this was all simply sex driven, but god was it amazing.

Steve placed his rock hard cock at Tony's entrance, already protected and lubed, and held the black haired's hips for stability, then stopped.

“Tony.” Steve called, looking up at the billionaires face.

“What?” Tony questioned in slight annoyance at the hold up, though he didn't look up at his current partner. His eyes where screwed shut in preparation for the inevitable pain, hands griping the sheets desperately. His heart was pounding, from slight fear, from the foreplay, from the man above him. It was like he had been desperately waiting for this night, but he also wanted to get it done and over with it before his heart jumped from his chest.

“Before we do this-”

“Before? We're half way through the race cap, your a little late.”

“I mean before we go all the way.” He re-states, his words coming out in heavy breaths because despite Tony being the one getting more of the attention, Steve was having his first time tonight and it was a lot to take in. It was more awkward then he had expected and he fumbled more then he would like to have emitted. Despite this however Tony would smile, chuckle a little, then lead him, just like Steve pictured he would. “I need you to know that this isn't some one night fling.” Tony finally opened his eyes at this.

Now didn't this sound like the good old 1920's gentleman Captain America was known for. Next hell be assuring Tony that if he gets pregnant he'll marry him.

Despite the humorous thought in Tony's head, he did look up at the blond who showed an all to serious expression, though the seriousness was off put a bit with his face between the youngers legs and a crimson blush across his cheeks. Then again, Tony couldn't say it wasn’t a turn on.

“I don't want to be woken up by J.A.R.V.I.S. and Pepper telling me it's time to leave.” Tony watches the older with a slightly tired, confused, and a bit hungry expression before letting out a small laugh.

“Sure, whatever.”

“I'm serious.” Steve says with more certainty then Tony is used to, let alone expecting. The blond slides one off the billionaires legs off his shoulder so he can reach out and cup Tony's face, which the younger nether pulled away from nor push into. “I want you for more then tonight.” The black haireds heart and brain began to quicken yet get scrambled, like a twister passing through them, at the words, but he forced the feelings down.

“If your asking for a fuck buddy I have to admit it's not really my style.” There shouldn't be to many emotions, no attachments, Tony was never good with them. His relationships always seemed to end with both people being hurt, and out of all the people he's slept with, Steve is the last person Tony wanted to hurt.

The super solder’s expression was sad as he leaned forward, inadvertently causing the head of his penis to press against the younger's awaiting entrance, causing Tony to squirm slightly, mostly to give an obvious hint that he wanted to stop talking and move on with the show. Despite the silent pleas, Steve leaned down to place a kiss on the corner of his partners lips.

“It's not about that at all, and I think you know it.” The blond said as he lifted back up again to look at the billionaires expression which was almost a disbelieving grin to cover that fact that Steve was partly right. You see if you asked Tony's brain, which the black haired usually sided with, it would deny any emotions happening, it was all just the usual casual sex and that it's bad to go any further. His heart on the other hand was reaching for something a little more.

In response to his inner confusion, Tony wrapped his arms around the older's neck and pulled there lips together before anything comes out of them that either might regret. Steve let Tony have his way for that moment as the billionaire rolled his hips upward.

“Come on Cap, I know you're new to this but it doesn’t usually take this long.” Tony said as he continued his lower motion, refusing to look up into the older's eyes.

“You will be here when I wake up.” Steve pretty much ordered in a gentle yet firm voice. Finally he sank the head of his penis into the younger, immediately stopping Tony's motions. The billionaire gasped slightly at the penetration, then screwed is eyes shut as Steve slowly slid in. “I want to have breakfast with you and take you on a proper date.” The solder said over Tony's hissing, though his breath was a little more raged at this point as the younger's inner walls clamped down around him.

One of the billionaires hands griped the larger's shoulder while the other was buried in the sheets, gripping with such force that his knuckles where turning white. Once fully sheathed, Steve waited for the younger to relax, along with his own erratic heart beat. Tony's grip did loosen on the sheets and his chest began to rise and fall again instead of when he held his breath.

“I want to be with you Tony.” The inventor didn't respond, both from his physical disposition and his mental one. The things Steve was saying, they sounded so nice, Tony wondered how long it wound last. Knowing himself, he figured it would be short term, but was a few weeks worth it? What would happen to their friendship, the team, their hearts?

+Time Skip+

Steve's eye's slowly flutter open as consciousness came to him. As soon as his brain was running at a decent capacity he reached out to the other side of the bed. Cold.

“Good morning Mr. Rogers.” Came the familiar voice of J.A.R.V.I.S..

“He didn't...” The blond though to himself.

“You'll find your cloths pressed and cleaned on the chair beside you.”

“No! God damn it!” Steve shot back as he sat up. Tony ran away, just like the soldier feared. “He promised he wouldn’t do this.” The blond ranted to himself as he flung the blanket off and proceeded to stand. He approached the chair and indeed there they where clean, neatly folded, like nothing happened, like both men hadn't been clawing to get them off last night, like they weren't abandoned on the floor for most of the evening.

“Where is he?” Steve asked as he began to slip the clothing on hastily.

“Who do you mean sir?'

“You know exactly who I mean.” Steve said as he glared up at the ceiling, as if glaring at the AI itself.

“Where is Tony?” He answered anyway, just to try and avoid needless dawdling.

“I promise you that Mr. Stark is quite alright.”

“I'm sure he is.” Steve snarked back, his anger beginning to get the better of him. It wasn't J.A.R.V.I.S.'s fault that his creator is an untrusting, self doubting, lair.

“Now if you could please proceed to basement level 1 you will find your motorbike-”

“I'm not leaving.” Steve cut off as he fastened the last few buttons on his shirt. “Not until I have a few words with Tony.” And with that, Steve turned and left the bedroom.

“Mr. Rogers, I don't advice you to seek out Mr. Stark.

“He's in his lab isn’t he?” The blond asked as he took the appropriate turn to the laboratory, not bothering to wait for a response, though the pause of silence from the butler was reassuring.

The lab, that was where you could almost always find Tony, Steve having found and dragged him out a few times himself.

“Sir, I believe it's best if you simply take your leave for today.” J.A.R.V.I.S. attempted. Even as an AI, the concern in the lack of the control of the situation was evident, all be it subtle. The butler asked only once more to get the solider to stop, and when he was ignored yet again, he switched his attention to his creator.

“Sir,” The AI called in a tone that almost sounded like human worry. The billionaire looked up from the project he had long since lost concentration on. “Mr. Rogers is-”

“Tony!” Steve inadvertently interrupted as he closed in on the room. The black haired man jumped from his seat as his mind went into flight mode. Why'd he have to be so damn persistent?

“Close and lock the doors.” Tony barked then looked around the room for a way to escape. There where other ways out of the lab but what use would they be? Even if he hopped into a car, Captain America could out run him.

“May I suggest sir that you just speak to him.” J.A.R.V.I.S. offered, though he did begin to close the appropriate door.

“Don't be crazy.” Tony said, absentmindedly looking up at the speakers where his butlers voice was coming from, but then he spotted the sun roof. “J.A.R.V.I.S., my suit.”

“Please tell me your not considering fighting him off.”

“Of course not.” Tony rejected as he stepped onto the appropriate spot to be equipped. “The only place he can't follow me is up.” He said, though it was more of a mumble of reassurance to himself. Just as the door locked itself and the Iron Man suit began to form, Steve finally reached the lab. He instantly glared at the panicked inventor through the transparent walls.

“Tony!” The blond shouted again. The billionaire glanced momentarily at the man before turning back to his equipment and demanding it hurry up. Steve grabbed the door handle and wasn’t surprised to find it locked. “Tony, open up!” Steve demanded but was obviously ignored.

“Open the sky light.” Tony ordered hastily as he attempted to speed up the process any way he could.

“Tony please.” The super soldier tried one last time and though he was able to make the younger hesitate, it wasn’t enough to stop him in his escape plan. Steve didn't really want to do this, but he knew that if Tony got away now, there's a chance Captain America would never catch him.

As Tony began to slip on his helmet, the blond took a few steps back, readied his shoulder, then slammed into the walls, instantly shattering it. Tony looked back at the sudden noise and flipped his face plate down.

“J.A.R.V.I.S. go!” Tony demanded as Steve composed himself. Iron Man's jet boots fired up and prepared to take off.

“Oh no you don't.” The billionaire began to lift from the ground, only to have two strong arms grab onto his waist and pull him to the taller's chest.

“Hey!” Tony shouted as he began to struggle, trying to pull out of the same arms he felt lucky to be held in last night.

“Your not running away from this!” Steve declared as his arms began to feel a bit strained from holding Iron Man down but he battled through it, even when Tony's struggles became more desperate and almost violent.

“I'm not running.” Tony lied for purely prides sake.

“Yes you are. Your running away from me, my feelings... your feelings.”

“Let me go.” Tony shot back as his struggles lessened from physical strain, strain on the suit, and from realizing that he wouldn't be getting away without seriously hurting Steve.

“What are you so afraid of?” The older asked as he loosened his grip a little when the younger stopped his flailing. “Tony?” He questioned in almost a whisper as the inventor shut off the jets, knowing that if he tried to fly away, Steve would probably hold on and come with him. There was a long pause of silence while Steve held Tony more like an embrace now then restraints as he rested his forehead on Iron Mans helmet. “What are you scared of?” The captain asked in a deep breath as he had been tired out by the fight. The silence then continued, long and a bit uncomfortable as they stood there, Steve holding onto the Iron Man suit that concealed Tony.

“Why are you so determined?” Tony finally asked. “Why can't you just leave like everyone else?”

“Because I'm not like everyone else.” Steve answered, a smile spreading across his lips. “I care about you more then anyone else.” Tony mentally curled further into his suit as a blush rose to his cheeks, though the Iron Man stood frozen, as if unfazed.

“Don't get carried away now Cap.” Tony said in an attempted humorous voice but it came out as more nervous induced chuckle. “Your thinking way to deep into this.”

“I don't know. I may be new to this sex thing but not to love. We've been friends for years Tony. You don't think I've noticed how you look at me, the way we are together, the things you make me feel.” Steve wanted to see the younger so bad, he was probably blushing profusely as he always does in a sentimental moment. Blushes, avoids eye contact, and trying to wipe a smile of his face to no avail, that's what Tony did. That’s how Steve wanted to make him feel every day if possible. A little embarrassed but undoubtedly happy, loved. “Haven't you felt it too?”

Again silence. For a long moment both men stood stationary, Steve holding on to the cold metal suit, quietly waiting. Then there was a sound. The soldier could hear Tony's breathing getting heavy, then a sniff.

“Tony?” Steve said softly as he stepped around Iron Man who hung his head. “Tony... let me in, please! He asked both literally and metaphorically.

It took a moment but eventfully the visor flipped open to reveal the billionaires face in a state that no other had seen since his childhood. His expression looked both hurt and confused as tears streamed down his blushing cheeks. Instinctively Steve panicked at the water works, thinking he had hurt his friend in some way.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-” Tony's gloved hands grabbed the blonds face and pulled it down into a kiss.
Steve x Tony - Not Like Other Nights
I did a thing!  

If you have read my other story's you may have noticed that I exposition the hell out of the last 1/8 of the story. I'm trying to get out of that so I did not do it on this one and it feels weird but hopefully its okay.

Please ignore the sexy scene at the beginning. It needed to be written but I don't know how, virgin here ^^; I was a lot more comfortable with the second half, I can work with feels better then sexy time.

Hope you enjoyed and as always, I own no one mentioned in this story.

Warning: This has Boy x Boy in it, if you don't like don't look or deal with it. :p

Wade walked causally down the path to Empire State University, hands is his shorts pockets, flip flops making obnoxious noises with each step. His tank top had some silly joke plastered on the front which passers by sometimes chuckled at. The mercenary responded to the various greetings he received, whether it be verbal or physical. Walk by high fives or a 'Hey Wade, whats up?' he responded to them all brightly.

With a grin and almost skip in his step the mercenary arrived at the school and walked right in like he owned the place. He may not be a student but close to everyone knew him and why he was there, including the staff who greeted him with reminders to behave himself. He always assured them he would, truthfulness to these promises varying as he followed the path he knew by heart to one specific classroom.

He peered through the door window and gazed at all the students, most with their heads down, hard at work, until he spotted his baby boy who had all his attention on the lesson being taught like the good boy he was.

Wade was about to start waving to get his attention but a young woman beat him to it. She noticed the mercenary and was quick to reach back and tap Peter's desk who was sitting behind her. The unexpected tapping sound pulled the brunette from his concentration as he looked down at the woman. Without a word she pointed to the door, causing Peter to finally spot his boyfriend.

Wade's grin brightened as their eyes met and he was quick to blow a kiss his lovers way. A tint of pink appeared on the younger's cheeks as he couldn't stop his lips from curling up into a smile. Though without the hand gesture, Peter returned the air kiss, much to the mercenaries glee, before his expression fell as he noticed something Wade couldn't.

Before either could react, the door was suddenly flung open to reveal an annoyed yet accepting man.

“Mr. Wilson.” The man greeted, ignoring the few chuckles that could he heard from the students.

“Hyia teach.” Wade greeted brightly, as if he hadn’t just been caught interrupting a probably expensive class. The merc with a mouth could see Peter out of the corner of his eye, sighing and covering his face in embarrassment and guilt, how cute.

“If your just going to distract my students then you might as well come in.” The professor said as he stepped aside to let the taller enter, which he did ever so casually. “You know the rules, stay seated, silent, and behave yourself.” The man reminded as he closed the door.

“Yes sir.” Wade said almost mockingly, knowing the teacher wouldn’t take it offensively, as his eyes found Peter again. The mercenary beckoned his boyfriend with a single finger who gathered his things and with many sorry's and excuse me's, changed seats to the back of the class where he and Wade could sit together. As soon as the lovers took there seats, the older making sure to sit on the younger's left so Peter could still write his notes, the class started back up.

As instructed Wade behaved himself rather well, mostly because this was the only class Deadpool could still crash and wouldn’t be immediately kicked out. He really liked this teacher if only for putting up with his antics and interruptions. So as a thank you for letting Wade cuddle up to his boyfriend during lessons, the merc kept his famous mouth shut during class, aside from a few whispered jokes here and there. He couldn't help it okay, puns where in his blood.

Eventually though the class was dismissed, Wade jumping from his seat and practically dragging the brunette out to where he could plant one on those perfect lips.

“I told you not to interrupt the class anymore, we're going to get in trouble.” Peter scolded once he was finally ably to pry his lips from the older's eager ones. The mercenary was about to retort but a swift pat on his back pulled his attention away.

“My god Wade, your crazy.” A boy greeted with a wide grin.

“Ya, I'm surprised the professor hasn’t gotten you banned from school property.” Said a woman close to the boys side.

“Well I believe that teach is smart enough to realize that if he doesn’t let me in, I'll still find I way to be there, just ten times more annoying.” This got a chuckle from the others which Wade couldn't help but revel in.

“Ya, I can see you doing something like that.”

“Hey Peter, don't let your boyfriend get you expelled now.” The woman said, turning to the brunette.

“I'm trying but he never took instructions well.”

“He is quite the loose cannon isn’t he.”

“Anyway, we should head off but hey, you two are still coming to my party this weekend right?”

“Of course! I'll bring the chimichangas.” Wade promised as the two friends started following the herd of student leaving the school.

“I'm looking forward to it, see you guys there!”

“See you then.” Peter said with a small wave.

“See you then Nickster, and you too Jennibean.” Wade said with a big wave of his whole arm before his attention turned back to his lover.

“How is it that you're so popular? You don’t even go to this school.”

“What can I say, people can't resist these charms now can they?” Wade flaunted dramatically, which he was rewarded for with the chuckle of his boyfriend that he loved so much. “And besides, your the one who wanted me to be more open.”

“Yes.” Peter agreed as he reached out and slid his hands up his lovers bare arms, his expression softening into a light smile as he looked over the older's attire. “I did.” He said as he rested his hands flat on Wade's chest before he finally looked up into the mercenary's eyes. “Thank you, so much for doing this for me.”

“Of course baby boy, anything for you.” Wade said without hesitation as he leaned down to capture his boyfriends lips once again.

People still whispered, were still slightly horrified by Deadpool's appearance but things where getting better. The number of friends that had gotten to know the merc with a mouth where starting to overshadow the harsh voices, which Peter was so thankful for. This was what he wanted to show hurt, scared Deadpool. That yes, there may be jerks out there but there where just as many, if not more, good people in the world that could look past his appearance. Though, even when Wade was happy for all the friends he was gaining, he still appreciated Peter most of all for coxing, no, more like dragging him out of his shell. He may have whined and pouted all the way out, but once in the open, he realized how bright it was compared to his lonely little shell. He was still a ways from being totally comfortable out in the world without his suit but he'd get there, as long as Peter was with him the whole way.
Spideypool - What Do I Care

I don't like how I just exposition at the end but I hope everything before it was okay. ^^

This is kind of the third part in a series. They were all part of different things but I think they all came together well.
First - animelovelover123.deviantart.c…
Second- animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

I like the progression of Wade. He started in as much clothing as he could stick on himself to pants, t-shirt, runners and finally in flip flops, shorts and tank top, walking around like he's a cool kid in high school.

The part about Wade making sure to sit on Peter's right side was based off of these two kids in my high school. They had been dating for over a year and when they where in class together, even though they where both right handed, the boy sat on the girls left side so he could hold her hand.

Hope you liked and I don't own Peter/Spider-man or Wade/Deadpool.


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Warning: This has Boy x Boy in it, if you don't like don't look or deal with it. :p

Wade leaned against the wall that surrounded Empire State University in the familiar situation of waiting for his boyfriend. He tried to focus on the path leading out of the school to spot Peter but his eye's would inevitable wander, and when they did he always spotted people looking, like they always did. Shock, confusion, disgust, and sometimes laughter at his poor state. His instinct would be to tug his cap as low over his face as possible as a silent show that he didn’t want to be looked at but he wasn’t waring anything atop his head, and looking down at his jean covered legs would be far to obvious.

He never liked having people see him, he felt so exposed without his suit, but he’d live. The snide comments and questions weren’t helping though. People thought they where being discrete when they turned to there friends with slightly lowered voices.

“Oh my god, do you see that guy over there?”

“Ya, whats wrong with him.”

“What a freak.”

“Someone call Area 51.” It stung like it always did but it was simply a fact of Deadpool's life. What really struck a nerve was when Peter's name popped up. It wasn’t to often but a few students recolonized Wade from the few other times he had picked the brunette up. The mercenary slouched on the wall, scooting down slightly as if curling inward in an attempt to hold his tongue and body. They could pick on him all they wanted, but god help them if they start bad mouthing his baby boy.

And speaking of the lord, here comes someone that may need Jesus's help in a few minuets.

“Hey!” Came a gruff, slightly amused voice, causing Wade to turn and look up at the biggest cliché bully he ever did see. Tall, blond, muscly with a letterman jacket that usually football players wore. Probably the quarterback because if your going to go with cookie cut, might as well go all the way. “Your puny Parker's man right?” He asked, the nickname causing the olders non-existent eyebrow to twitch slightly. “I've been meaning to get a good look at you and you know what, I'm not surprised your all that pathetic geek could get.” He would have said more if it wasn’t for the fact that Wade decided to stand up straight then, revealing his full high to be a few good inches above the blonds. The jerk took a nervous step back at the mercenary's almost violent glare that practically screamed 'go ahead, keep talking, see what happens'.

Wade wanted to grab the jerk by the collar and show him what for, but then the voice popped into his head reminding him that his baby boy wouldn’t approve of the violence. So the two men stood at a stalemate, eye's watching the others until a cat call was heard in the distance, causing both to look up.

Wade instantly spotted his lover in the crowd walking over with a bright smile, apparently having not noticed the fight that almost broke out, arms open wide. The mercenary's mood immediately lifted as he raced over to Peter and scooped the younger up into his arms. The brunette let out a slightly scared, but undoubtedly glee filled laughter as he was unexpectedly lifted and spun around, his hand quickly wrapping around his boyfriend neck for stability. Soon enough he was placed back on the ground, though they kept the embrace.

“Hey there handsome.” Peter practically whispered before looking his boyfriend up and down. “I like your outfit.” Peter complimented, though they both knew it was really a thank you for waring something so simple.

“Your the only one that does.” Wade scoffed in both humor and hurt as the voices where heard around them.

“Oh god, are they dating?”

“Doesn’t that kid go to our school?”

“I think so, I've seen him around.”

“Poor guy, stuck with a guy like that.”

“Don't listen to them.” Peter said as he covered his boyfriends ears with his hands. “There just jealous.” He said with a cheeky grin, trying to joke around to get Wade's mind off the comments.

“You know what?!” Came a sudden shout, causing both men to turn back to the blond that Wade almost started a fight with, apparently finding courage now that the mercenary wasn’t towering beside him. “Your both messed up! Somethings messed up with your body!” He shouted, pointing at Wade. “And Parker, your messed up in the brain for not realizing what a freak he is!” This was when people started to stop and watch as they assumed a fight would unfold.

Peter grabbed hold of Wade's t-shirt as soon as he felt the older begin to move with no doubt of his intent to harm. The brunette was never a violent type and he wasn’t going to let his boyfriend pummel Flash, even if he kind of deserved it. Instead he decided to flaunt his oh so 'messed up' relationship, just to spit him.

With some help from his Spider-man strength, Peter pulled his boyfriend down into his lips, screwing his eyes shut out of embarrassment at his own action. He could hear the crowd gasp, whisper, and was that the sound of a camera phone? God, this was embarrassing, but it was kind of all worth it to hear Flash start to have a bit of a frustrated panic attack at the fact that his threats weren’t doing what the usually do.

“Oh god, that’s disgusting, stop it. Hey, didn't you hear me, get a room you freaks. Stop ignoring me!” The blond screamed as Wade started to push back into the kisses, slipping a bit of tongue in here and there. All too soon for the mercenary's liking however, Peter pulled away. The brunette then grabbed his boyfriends hand in his, pulled Wade's arms against his chest and held it there as he began to walk. With his head held high and eyes kept forward, Peter led them off school property, the sound of others whispers drifting off, being replaced by his boyfriends cheerful giggling.

He was expecting to be approached the next day at school, to be questioned, mocked, which did happen. What he hadn’t predicted was for some people to come up and congratulate him for standing up to Flash, especially for not starting a physical fight.

“You do what you do, and say hi to your boyfriend for me. He should come by more often, scare the crap out of Flash a little more, plus I'd love to hear his story.” That's along the lines of what they'd say. Of course Peter never promised them Wade's attendance but when he saw his boyfriend next and told him what others said, he agreed to come again soon, a light grin spreading across his lips.
Spideypool - What They Say

Well would you look at that, a kind of squeal to my one shot. I say kind of because this story can stand on its own as it's own thing, but it kind of connects to my other story What Would They Say.

I also have another story that kind of fit this but also stand on its own called What Do I Care, I like that one better then this one. This ones kind of my least fav out of the three, but I like them all. ^^


Another story where I didn't know how to end it so I just started writing.

Hope you enjoyed and I don't own anyone.

So today is my 19th b-day, and in Canada that means I'm a legal adult... but what do I get out of it? I don't drink, don't smoke, don't like latos or scratch and wins, voting is okay I guess but I always panic that I'm piking the wrong chose on things, it will proudly be worse hear. What can't 'I just stay 18?

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