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So I posted the first Part of the big ol Spideypool fan fic I was talking about and am in the last stages of finishing it.

I have other work on the way to, I'm writing a Vergil x Reader version of meat at the beach, I'm waiting for the new Avengers movie to come out, and I might be stuck working at 4 am every day. But life is trucking along.

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Warning: This story has Boy x Boy in it and profanity.

Important Note that is important to understanding story!... IMPORTANT!!!
{Words in these brackets are to show that the more peppy yellow box in Deadpools mind is talking.}
[And this kind of bracket is to show that the more posh white box is talking.]
[This} or {this] means that both voices are talking.
Finally “{things like this}” or “[this]” mean Wade and that voice are speaking.

And things in 'this' are texts.

-Story Begins Here-

It had been another roughly two weeks since the incident at the club, which Wade hadn’t told Peter about. Tony still didn’t call or try to get in contact, but his mind did drift to what the mercenary had said now and again. The college student was becoming more and more hurt as the days went by without his father. He may not have said it, but both Wade and Steve could tell from the way he reached out more and more to the blond, asking how him and Tony where, and the general sense of loneliness that covered the younger when he was working on his newest invention, but he wouldn’t give in.

Living with his boyfriend was going fairly well. He was learning how to cook now that J.A.R.V.I.S. wasn’t doing most of the food prep. He was getting more and more acquainted with cleaning as there where no longer maids to do it for him. He was learning budgeting as Wade wasn’t so good with numbers. It was a lot to adjust to, especially having grown up not being taught these things, but with help from friends and determination, he was becoming independent. Though he hadn’t realized how much work it really was to keep, even an apartment of two, going smoothly and keep up with school work and being Spider-man but Wade was there to help to the best of his abilities and MJ was also willing to pop in now and again to lend a hand. It was hard, but Peter could live like this, he’d get better with time, and now he had the rest of his life to do it.

+Time Skip+

It all continued like that until one night, when Spider-man had insisted on helping Deadpool with his newest mission. Some baddies were holed up in some evil base, planing some evil thing while mining for some evil rocks, Wade hadn’t really been paying attention. Excited to be on a team with Spidey, the merc with a mouth agreed to have him tag along. Now the two spandex clad men crept into the underground mining base, all the while Peter's spidey senses where doing something odd. They where not ringing like usual, it was as if there was a general haze over them. Either way, the two snuck as far in as possible before they where discovered and a battle insued thanks to the merc with a mouth. Nothing the pair couldn’t handle, only getting a few bruises and scrapes here and there. It wasn’t until the assault on the two stopped that worry really started to set in.


“Hm? Ya baby boy?”

“Your still cut up.” The younger informed, causing the mercenary to look himself over to find that it was true.

“Well would you look at that, I am, weird. I hadn’t even noticed with my pain tolerance. Don't worry though.” He waved it off. “Give it a minute, sometimes my heeling factor has to catch up with me.” Deadpool then turned to continue into the base where more baddies probably waited for their impending ass kicking, but Spider-man reached out and grabbed the older's hand and pulled him back.

“Let's wait for your healing to kick in. Don't want to end up with Deadweight as a partner now do I?” Wade chuckled, stepped closer to his boyfriend and grabbed his free hand. With both hands in the others, Deadpool began to swing them too and fro in peaceful glee, both men smiling under there masks as they waited... and waited... and waited.

The mercenary was becoming confused now as he let go of Peter's hands to poke and prod himself.

“Come on now.”

[We should have heeled by now, especially with these minor things.]

{Oh my god, where broken!} As Wade's mind drifted from the college student, Peter walked over to one of many carts that held ore and inspected it, picking a few pieces up and trying to identify them.

“Carbonadium.” The brunette announced aloud, pulling the merc with a mouths attention to him.

“Hm?” Deadpool questioned as he walked over to Peter, who was facing away at the moment, and took the opportunity to wrap his arms around his boyfriends waist, resting his head on the youngers shoulder. “What's that sweety?”

“Carbonadium, or something close to it.” Peter deducted, not protesting when he's pulled to the older's chest.

“You think the baddies made their weapons out of it?”

“No, I think there just mining it for someone else. But I wouldn’t be surprised if particles of it and the radioactive energy from the metal was floating around the air.”

“Oh, well that sucks. You think we'll be okay?”

“Ya, once we get out into fresh air, we'll be fine. But we should be more ca-” Spider-man then cut himself off, or more specifically, his senses did as they burst into action. The brunette dropped the ore and looked around the empty room, pulling himself from the older's grip, readying himself to defend against whatever was coming, and it was big.

“What is it?” Wade asked as he grabbed his twin katanas. Peter was quiet however, focusing on figuring out what had his senses raging. Then it happened, a series of explosions where heard as the earth began to rumble with extreme force. Both men stumbled as they were jerked off balance, but didn't fall. The surrounding cave walls shook, cracked, and began to crumble apart.

“Wade!” The college student yelled over the noise as he reached out to the mercenary, wanting to stay together, but a random volleyball sized boulder decided this wouldn’t happen as it dropped between them, smashing into the younger's arm on the way down. Even over the still firing explosions and defining sounds, the *crack* of the brunettes bone could be heard. Then all hell broke loose. Dirt and who knows what else flew around the room, blocking the vision of both. They couldn’t speak over the noise and the dust that flew into there mouths if they tried to open them. It all happened to fast for ether to fully register, then Wade blacked out.

When consciousness came back to him it had only a few minutes, but in that short time a lot had changed. The mercenary awoke to the sound of sirens, fire, and his boyfriend screaming.

“Wade! Wade wake up! Please!” He called in a scratchy voice that was quickly becoming horse. Finally Deadpool lifted his head to look at his boyfriends bleeding, bruised, and crying face, the tears from both the severe pain and concern for his lover.

“Peter?” The older questioned as he processed what he was seeing. The brunette lay on his back diaganally from Deadpool's position, maskless, with various bits of debris crushing his right arm and everything from his abs down, essentially pining the college student to the ground. The only things movable that weren’t covered where his head, which watched the mercenary intently, and his left arm, which Deadpool instantly reconsigned as the one previously broken.

“Peter!” Wade shouted as he attempted to reach for his boyfriend but soon realized he wasn’t going anywhere ether. One of the caves support beams had fallen atop his legs, braking both and pining him stomach down and Wade new this. He's broken enough limbs to know what this pain meant, but he wasn’t going to tell Peter about it, the kid had enough to worry about.

At least his upper body was free to move and he was close enough to run his fingers over the younger's dirty cheeks, smudging the mixture of dust, blood and tears slightly. The college student leaned into the touch to gain what little comfort he could.

The usually chatty men where silent for once as they wracked there brains, attempting to grab a thread of any idea. Deadpool soon noticed the only opening a few feet above, where the night sky was visible, informing him that they where close to the surface. With their body’s smashed and broken as they where, even if they could get out from under the ruble, they wouldn’t make it up there, especially without healing factors. But what if they didn't have to climb?

Though it took some painful shifting, Wade was able to sneak his hands under his torso and reach his belt. Peter's eye's lit up a little, thankful that there was some kind of plan now in action, but his expression soon fell in confusion when the older removed his belt. Deadpool checked it over and was thankful that it hadn’t broken in the chaos.

“Wade?” Peter questioned, wanting to be let in on this plan.

“Sorry baby, this might hurt a bit.” The mercenary warned as he reached out to the brunette and lifted the younger's torso as gently as he could. Despite his attempts however, the college student hissed as he was lifted, but tried to assist his boyfriend in whatever he was up to.

“Whats the plan?” Spidey asked just before Deadpool began to snake his belt around the younger like some sort of sash, tongue out in concentration.

“See the hole up there?”


“I'm gonna send you up there.”

“And then what?”

“Your gonna get as far away from this place as your poor little body can get you.” Deadool informed as he was finally successful in buckling the younger up, not bothering to look at the brunettes confused and worried expression.

“What about you? What are you going to do?”

“Pray that you get outta this alright.” Peter felt like even more weight had been dropped on him as realization hit.

“Wade, wait, you cant, your healing.” Peter started as he tried to will his broken arm to lift up and stop his boyfriend, but it was no use.

“Love you, Peter.” Then the surroundings changed. The brunette felt a sizzle all across his body, then he was rolling. Tumbling, end over end, down the mountain uncontrollably, leaving a trail of blood in his wake, unable to get his bearings fast enough to attempt to stop. It wasn’t until his back collided with a tree stump did he finally stop, causing the college student to groan as the wind was knocked out of him. He sat there gasping as he desperately attempted to force air into his lungs and get his bearings again.

After what felt like several minutes but was actually only a couple, Peter felt like he could breath again. Despite his body screaming that he stay seated, preferably even lie down and sleep, the brunette attempted to stand, using the stump as leverage. Sadly the pain won and he tumbled back to the ground as his head spun. Peter sat there, trying hard not to cry, vomit, or pass out while thinking of what to do next.

He was battered, bruised, and broken. Even if he could get back to Deadpool, what could he do? The mercenaries belt had snapped almost completely apart at some point in the younger's trip down the hill, a stray wire was the only thing holding it together at all, it wouldn't help.

“God damn it Wade!” Peter ground sadly. He hated feeling like this, useless, left to sit back and watch the people he loved die, not strong enough to protect them. The worst part was that Wade could have made it out if it wasn’t for him.

Wait, this isn’t the time for self hate, he needed to help his boyfriend. Well he couldn’t, but someone else could.

After a little painful shifting, Peter was happy to find that his cell phone was still in one piece, Stark Industries products for you, and was even more thankful that it was still able to make a call. It was probably the only thing in this situation that had held together.

Using his hurt, but not broken, arm, the brunette hit the number one speed dial, lifted it to his ear and prayed that they’d pick up.

*Ring ring* Please *Ring ring* Please *Ring ring* Please!


“Dad!” Peter screamed, louder then intended, in excitement, relief, and more worry.

“Peter, what happened, are you okay?” Steve asked as he listened to is sons broken breaths, standing from his seat on the couch where he and Tony where listening to the call on speaker.

“Dad, please help, something went wrong on a mission.”

“We'll be there soon.” Steve cut in, having heard all he needed to jump into action. Tony stood as well.

“J.A.R.V.I.S., my suit, and locate Peter.” Tony ordered, startling Spidey ever so slightly, having not expected a) both his fathers to be on the line and b) for Tony, who he hadn’t spoken to in a month, to jump to his rescue immediately, it made Peter smile a little.

J.A.R.V.I.S. listed the younger's coordinates easily thanks to some GPS tracker Peter wasn’t surprised his father had slipped into his phone, he was just that kind of guy.

“Okay. Send that to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the closest hospital, police station, and my helicopter. Steve, you'll ride that over, get there as soon as possible.” Tony ordered, suit half on already, as his husband was handed his Captain America suit and shield via mechanical arms that lowered from the ceiling. “Where on our way Peter, stay safe till then.”

“No, its not me in danger.” This made both men hesitate, though the various robotic arms continued to place the suit on their creator. “I mean I am. I'm bleeding and broken on top of a burning mountain but I'll live, it's Wade.” Peter could hear Tony take in a thoughtful and somewhat annoyed breath at the information, which worried him. “I know you don't like him but please! He can't heal right now and he gave up his only chance to get out to make sure I did. Please, please, please!” Peter begged as his breaths began to become more shallow from the strain of his body, but received silence.

“Tony.” Steve called to his silent husband who had just finished suiting up. “Give the boy a chance.”
Spideypool - One or the Other (Part 10)
Next Chapter is the last one guys and galls, hope your ready!

Previous: animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

Next: Soon

Hope you enjoyed! And I own no one mentioned in this story.

Warning: This has Boy x Boy in it, if you don't like don't look or deal with it. :p

Wade stood atop the steps leading to the doors of Empire State University waiting for his boyfriend to finish for the day. Despite his wishes, the mercenary wore jeans, a hoody, and a baseball cap instead of his usually suit. The younger had said that it would have been a big issue if Deadpool showed up looking for Peter Parker so it had to be like this, but that didn’t stop Wade from dodging glances and keeping his head down. Now usually the merc with a mouth didn't duck away from any and all curious eye's, he may not enjoy being looked at without his full body costume, but he took the horrified stares and rude comments the best he could and moved on. Today however, he was at Peter's school, where most of the guy's social life takes place, even if it was as tiny as the brunette says it is. What kind of reputation could Deadpool give his boyfriend by letting the school know he was dating the hideous, diseased Wade Wilson. He knew Peter has been bullied for years, and more so when people found out the nerd was bisexual. How many jokes and rude comments would be spread about poor puny Peter, they’d most likely be along the lines of,'gays spread aids', jokes thanks to Deadpools condition. And of course heart of gold Peter Parker wouldn't let Deadpool show the jerks what for so it was best to avoid the risk and stand, hunched over, by the door looking like some sort of creeper. Not the best alternative but what can you do?

After a long and boring wait, finally Peter emerged from the building.

“Peter!” Wade couldn't help but cheer gleefully at the only familiar face in the area, pulling the youngers attention to him immediately. The brunettes expression shifted from a bright smile, to confusion, and finally an almost annoyed pout as he looked over his boyfriends attire.

“Really?” The college student questioned as he approached the older.

“Good to see you to baby.” Wade half joked as he mentally took note of a few people glancing their way which he responded to with the appropriate head tilt to avoid eye contact.

“Why are you wearing all that?” Peter questioned as he tugged on the mercenary's sleeve, hoping to pull his hand from his pocket but it wouldn't budge as Wade hadn’t put on gloves.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, for Wade to come pick you up?” The mercenary asked, tempted to hold Peter's hand but couldn't with so many people still around, some might see his hand.

“I wanted my boyfriend to pick me up, but all I see is an oversized turtle in his shell.” Peter said as he tapped the bill of the older's hat.

“At lest It's a different shell this time.” Wade joked back, which did make his boyfriend grin a little.

“Please Wade?” The brunette asked, looking up at the older with those eye's he knew made the mercenary melt.

“What would others think?” Wade pointed out, glancing at the passing people. Peter didn’t even verbally respond, just raised his brow in an almost mocking way, that 'really?' look. They had been through this, Peter didn't give shit about what people thought.

Eventually the mercenary fell victim to those beautiful eye's just as Peter knew he would and nervously took one more look at their surroundings before letting out a sigh of defeat. With some hesitation, the merc with a mouth pulled his hands from his pockets and used them to slide his hood and cap off.

I was almost instantaneous how others attention where pulled to the deformed man, shock, disgust, the usual, which made Wade nervous. What did they think, of him, of Peter?

Soon Wade's attention was pulled from the crowd to look at the brunette as Peter cupped his turned away cheek and pulled the mercenary's face till there gazes met. Parker had apparently not noticed his fellow students reactions, or more specificity, didn't care, as he was to busy watching Wade with a gentle smile.

“There he is.” Peter said as he wrapped both arms around the taller's neck before pulling him into a postponed hello kiss. And for those few seconds there lips were together, Wade didn't concern himself with the other students either, he couldn’t when Peter stole his attention like he always did.

There where questions the next day at school of course. People bombarded the brunette with curiosity on what had happened to his boyfriend, which he didn't answer really, not sure if Wade was okay with sharing his story. But never once did he hesitate to label Wade as his boyfriend, he wasn’t ashamed, never.
Spideypool - What Would They Say

Yay, random cuteness!

I like to think, in my perfect little world, that Peter cares very little about the fact that Wade is scarred. The only time he really cares is when he thinks that it might be hurting Wade and that concerns him. But when people say that he's dating someone ugly he ether ignores them of stands up for Deadpool.

I also like to picture that Wade starts to show up at Peter's school so much that people stop caring about his look’s. They just see a deformed scarred man and they're like, 'oh look, it's Peter's boyfriend, should we tell Parker Wade's here?'.

The only annoying thing about typing this up is while I was doing it I got an idea for another story and now have my attention focused on figuring that out. My brain likes to run these ideas when I'm still trying to work on the first one.

In the course of editing I now have 3 story ideas, darn brain.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! And I don't own anyone mentioned in this story.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Warning: This has boy x boy and hints at sexy stuff.

I groan as my brain finally decides to wake up and prepare myself for the voice of my A.I. butler, but it never comes. Usually as soon as I show any signs of consciousness, J.A.R.V.I.S. would slowly raise the lights and greet me. Then the time, the weather, my impending schedule, what I've missed because I slept in, but not this morning. The room was rather quiet, natural city noises in the distance and the sound of kitchen utensils could be heard, but compared to my usual mornings it was practically silent.

Eventually I will my eyes open and take in my surroundings. I was atop an average bed in a somewhat old fashioned bedroom completely naked, a blanket being the only thing covering my body. The curtains to the windows where shut, blocking most of the sun from entering and blinding my morning eyes.

Just as my mind was beginning to connect the dots, the door opens slowly, pulling my attention to the man entering. His smile was bright but gentle as he noticed me watching him. He carried a plate of still steaming food and a mug of most likely coffee if he knows me as well as I think he does.

“Morning sunshine.” He greets in a soft voice, probably a sarcastic jab at my not so stylish morning appearance as he approaches the bed.

“Good morning.” I respond as I slowly rise to a sitting position, not bothering to cover myself as the blanket slips to my waist, though I do shiver slightly at the cold air, at least it was cold compared to under the blanket that not to long ago held the warmth of two people. I do a little stretching as he sits on the edge on the bed. After I rub some of the sleep from my eye's, I'm presented with the plate of food, which I hesitate at.

“What, never had breakfast in bed before?” Steve asks jokingly.

“I have, but it's usually by hired help or a robot I created, not...” I drown out to find the word I need as I take the plate, the cup being placed on the side table.


“No, more like anyone who actually cares about my health, though by a boyfriend is a first as well.” Steve chuckles softly.

“Well I'm sorry but that’s going to change.” He says before slipping a hand behind my neck and pulls me closer to place a kiss on my forehead. I can't help but smile a little brighter at the apology as there is no need for one, but it's a sweet gesture none the less. I'd much rather Steve greet me in the morning then my A.I. listing my appointments and what work needs to be done.

He pulls back to let me eat but keeps his hand on my neck and watches me in that way. I know it well, he's shown it after a battle as well. He watches me, studies, trying to find any hint of discomfort or pain that my pride is making me hide. Then there are moments where he stares into my eyes, silently asking me to tell him what I'm hiding if there's anything. When I look up to meet his eyes I usually turn away soon after and sometimes chuckle, which he joins in on.

“How do you feel?” He finally asks as I start to pick at the remnants of my food, my stomach deciding it had had enough, I had never been one to eat a lot. “Does it sting anywhere?” I look up at his concerned expression, though he does try to keep a smile. I chuckle again, not sure whether it's only because I find Steve's mother hening funny and cute, or if its because I also find it sweet that he cares but I'm trying to hide it.

“My god Steve, what do you take me for, some virgin high school girl?” I ask as I move the plate to the side table next to the empty mug that was finished a while back.

“No, of course not. I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt you to bad.” He says, abandoning his attempts to keep a light hearted smile in exchange for a worried, guilty expression.

“I hate to tell you this but unlike you, last night wasn’t my first.” I remind with a raised brow, even if I know neither of us like to bring up my... free spirited past we'll call it.

“Maybe, but it was your first night with a man.” He counters as he shifts closer. He slides the hand on my neck down to my lower back and begins rubbing gently. “And sometimes I can't control my own strength. I'm just worried that I might have gotten a little lost in the excitement and been to rough-”

“I'm fine.” I cut in as I cup his jaw in both my hands. “I promise.” I assure as I stare into his dusky blue eye's until a smile spreads across his lips, even if it did still hold some remnants of concern. I pull him in for our first proper kiss of the day, certainly not our last, before swinging my legs over the side of the bed to sit beside Steve. “I missed you this morning.” I say deciding to change the subject so not to listen to Steve's good hearted badgering about my well being. “Where'd you head off to?”

“Went out for my morning jog,” He says, glancing momentarily down at my lap, still covered by the blanket, before looking back up at my eye's the slightest tint of pink rising to his cheeks, how cute. “then came home to make you breakfast. I know you like to sleep in so I figured it would be alright to go about my morning till you got up.”

“Hmm.” I hum back as I decided to tease him some. Steve's a gentleman, whether it be from his time or how he naturally is, he's not the kind to easily show his sexual interest, but they're there. He's a man with needs and even if he's not raring to go at it now, the primal part of his brain still likes to see, even if Steve himself would deny such a thing. But it's only our first time, I'll wear him down to be more open about it, might as well take advantage of it while we're young, but not now. No, I'll admit that I'm not all that interested in starting anything serious, just a little teasing for now.

I stand from the bed, letting the blanket slip away to revel my full body. At first I stand with my back to him, hands on my hips in a proud stance. “Have you showered yet?”

“Huh, what?” He asks distractedly. I turn to face him with a casual expression, showing that unlike him, I don't mind showing off my body to the one who will respect it.

“Have you had a shower since you got back?” I ask again as I watch Steve's eyes desperately try to stay on mine, his mind probably telling him its impolite to stare, not that I would mind if he did. Heck if he decided to walk about the house naked I'd feel no shame in staring. I suppose that just shows how different we are though.

“No, not yet.” He answers.

“Well come on then.” I say, holding a hand out to him. “Let's jump in together, I could use someone to wash my back.”

+Time Skip+

At first I thought he'd reject the offer but here we where, a little cramped in his middle class shower, together, and surprisingly enough, I wasn’t getting a boner. Maybe it's because I'm still tuckered out from last night or maybe Steve's slow pace morning was affecting me, but ether way, I still wasn’t itching for sex.

I'm used to my one night stands where I would leave them before they got up and get someone else to send them home. The only times I stuck around was to have more sex, but not this time. Standing here with a butt naked Steve Rogers, I felt no rush to leave, to run away from any emotions that might have reared up. I'm comfortable with him near me, not just for sex but for company.

I wrap my arms around him from behind, causing him to jump only slightly before relaxing into the embrace. I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder as the hot water continues to pour down on us. He leans his head on mine and places his hands over mine that sat on his stomach as we begin to rock back and forth almost like a slow dance.

I wasn’t doing this for the chance to initiate shower sex, though it was on my bucket list, I did it just to be close. I didn't start touching him inappropriately, I didn't start making out with him, though I did place a kiss or two on his shoulder, I just wanted to be with him.

+Time Skip+

Eventually we got out of the shower, a fare bit more wrinkly then when we had gotten in, and proceeded to get dressed. I'll admit I fibbed a little by telling Steve my clothes where too dirty and asked to borrow some of his. By the look he gave me I'm guessing he knew it was an excuse to wear his clothing but he still let me. So now I stood in front of the hall that led out of his apartment in his cloths, baggy on me as they where but they where comfortable. I watched the door, knowing that as soon as I stepped through it, I would be back to my fast paced lifestyle. Work, appointments that I'd probably try to skip out of, more work, go go go till you decide your done or you drop, the latter being the one I end up with. I'll be leaving this quiet little sanctuary of peace and fiddling about until something came up, leave Steve, at lest for a few days.

“Hey Steve?” I say as I turn to face him as he had been standing beside me, waiting to see me out.


“You mind if I stay for a while, just to chill?” He gives me a puzzled expression for only a moment before it softened.

“If that’s alright, I would be glad. What would you like to do?” I don't really know, I hadn’t really been thinking on what we'd do exactly. We ended up cuddling on his couch in front of the T.V., watching show's and movies he had missed while he was hibernating. I stay a ways past noon before I start getting a bunch of calls and texts from Pepper and others on all the appointments I was skipping out on. I got a kiss goodbye from my boyfriend and we promise to meet up again soon before I return to my fast paced life. It's not that I come to dislike my life style by spending 24 hours with Steve in his apartment, but it was a nice change. Steve didn't nag me about work, though he brought it up once or twice, just held me, talked to me, loved me. It's so different from my usual life, my past relationships, but it was nice, and sometimes that's all I need.
Steve x Tony - Different, But Nice
Yay! That was fun.  

I don't know why but I really like this one, I thought I did well on Tony's inner dialogue.

When writing this it was originally just a random morning waking up at Steve's place, then it turned into there first time. And if you think about it, I didn’t really specify whether they where dating before that night or not, well I guess you can have fun with the idea.

Hope you enjoyed and I own no characters in this story.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Warning: This story has Boy x Boy in it and profanity. Also there is a mean guy in this chapter that insults gay people and I feel really bad for writing it but it had to be done and I'm sorry.

Important Note that is important to understanding story!... IMPORTANT!!!
{Words in these brackets are to show that the more peppy yellow box in Deadpools mind is talking.}
[And this kind of bracket is to show that the more posh white box is talking.]
[This} or {this] means that both voices are talking.
Finally “{things like this}” or “[this]” mean Wade and that voice are speaking.

And things in 'this' are texts.

-Story Begins Here-

It had been around two weeks now, and Tony and Peter haven’t said a word to each other. After some persistence and some coaxing from Wade, Steve had gotten in contact with his son a couple times, but the two inventors where in a stalemate, neither willing to talk until the other apologized. This eventually led to Tony drinking at a high class club out of stress, finding his home less relaxing with Steve nagging him to re-think the satiation, but he wouldn’t.

That freak, Deadpool, he was a danger and burden to everyone within a 100 ft radius, with his willingness to harm, to sell his morals to the highest bidder, to make the stupidest, inappropriate, and sometimes hurtful jokes. So why was Peter so into him, of all people, why him? That Mary Jane girl was sweet, why couldn’t he have stayed with her? And the Gwen girl, damn, if only Tony had helped Peter he could have had a future with her. Now he was left with Deadpool. And why was Steve starting to except it, he was supposed to be on his husbands side.

Tony chugging the last of hos drink before smacked his glass against the bar counter in frustration.

“Another one.” The billionaire called to the increasing concern of the bar tender.

“My my, is that you Tony?” Came a voice the inventor didn’t quite recolonize until he turned around to see a tall, rotund man, bald, with eyes that could be compared to rodents, classic skeez ball.

“Mr. Corie.” Tony said after a groan. He knew this man, one of his companies many competitors, and the person that started the gay rights uproar when Tony had first announced his relationship with Steve. Mr. Corie had used the fact that the famous Tony Stark was in a homosexual relationship as a reason to tarnish him and his companies reputations. It hadn’t destroyed Stark Industries but it did leave it and its image in one hell of a hole to climb out of.

“Your drinking, that's quite a surprise. I thought your man had dick wiped you into quitting.” Tony snarled at the comment before turning back to the bar. He did not want to deal with this homophobic jackass right now, even if his statement held some truth. “I've heard an interesting rumor,” The man continued when he received an insufficient response. “about that queer son of yours.” Tony's hands tightened into fists as he stood from his seat and turned to face Mr. Corie in what he hoped was an intimidating way.
The amount of alcohol he had consumed, however, caused him to waver as he stood, ruining the image and making the larger man grin.

“Oh did you now?” Tony questioned. He may not be on the best of terms with Peter but he wasn’t going to let his family be insulted.

“I did. There’s word going around that he has left home to be with some psychopath, not that I'm surprised really. You'd have to be off your rocker to enjoy sucking another mans cock.” Tony was trying to stay calm, truly he was, but this man was quickly pushing him to the edge. He didn’t speak, mostly because he was a little concerned about what would come from his drunken lips. “Couldn’t stand being around you any more could he, though no mater how far he runs he'll never escape the disease you've plagued him with. Like they say, apples don’t fall far from the tree.” The man blathered on, determined to get some sort of response out of the shorter that he could take to the press. “But hey now, I am, if nothing, an open man. I have a nice aluminum baseball bat at home that he might enjoy having shoved up his a-.” Mr. Corie wasn’t able to finish however do to the fist that collided with his nose. The room exploded into a panic, people screamed and backed away from the large man as he fell to the ground holding his face as blood began to gush from it.

Tony was about to join him on the ground, ready to continue the assault, but two arms slipped under his pits and lifted the inventor almost right off the ground. The black haired man instantly began to struggle from the restraints, grunting and screaming random things in protest as he was dragged from Mr. Corie who was being surrounded by security guards. The rotund man yelled something about being happy when Tony's family of fagots die out as the drunk was pulled out of the main bar and into the hall where the privet rooms were located. Eventually he was moved into one and was finally dropped. The door was then locked by the security guard that had dragged Tony away, who then proceeded to stand in front of it in case the man attempted an escape.

“Fuck you!” The billionaire screamed as he threw a throw pillow {Ha! I get it.} at the guard who made no move to block it, only flinching slightly. “You should have let me beat his ass.” Tony was angry, at a few obvious things, but also himself, for acting like this. He was usually calm, cool, and collected, able to back-hand insult people, but he was turning into some idiotic bar fighter.

“Trust me, I wish I could have.” This made the black haired pause before finally taking a good look at his captor.

“Deadpool?” Tony asked as the mercenary removed his uniform hat so the two men could see each other properly.

“Hey there tin man.” The taller greeted with a small grin. Tony wanted to scream, fight, explain how this was all the mercenary's fault, but he honestly didn’t have the energy anymore.

“What the hell are you doing here?” The inventor asked as he practically flopped on the nearby couch.

“Well I couldn’t leave you with that man, can't have the club turn into a murder scene, even if he deserved it.”

“I meant in a uniform. Are you working here?”



“Cuz this is the only place that'd hire me. Apparently my freaky face is good for scaring people into behaving.”

“Deadpool.” Tony said sternly, showing that that wasn’t the kind of answer he was looking for. Wade let out a sigh, having wanted to avoid the subject of Peter, but it looks like he had no choice.

“Well now that Peteys living with me, I gotta get a little extra money since I wont let him drop out of school.”

“Peter wants to drop out?”

“Just so he can help me with bills but don’t worry, I convinced him not to.”

“What about your... work.”

“There's a lot less of it now that I wont take murder missions, and I'm still trying to convince S.H.I.E.L.D. that I can be trusted to do one of their missions.”

“You don't kill? When did this happen?'

“I started getting out of the un-aliving business around 6 months ago, but I'm trying to totally quit now that I'm dating Spidey, you know his no killing philosophy.” This was starting to give Tony a headache, or was that the booze? “You know you shouldn't be out drinking like this, it scares Steve.”

“Don't tell me what to do.” The billionaire snapped, pointing a finger at the taller. “And what do you know about my husband?”

“We've been chatting on the phone-”

“Right, your stupid phone calls, he's told me.” The conversation then when quiet as the inventor began to rub his face in frustration. “You know, this is all your fault.” Tony informed, breaking the silence. “You just had to go after my son.” His voice began to rise in volume. “You just had to trick my family into thinking your a decent person.” The billionaire rose from his seat and began to approach that taller. “You just had to take Peter from me!” Tony grabbed Deadpools uniform collar, though the taller barely flinched at the action, he did however mentally prepare to defend himself if necessary. “You ruined everything!” Tony screamed into the taller's face, who glared down at him.

“May I point out that your sons amazing and anyone would be stupid not to fall for him. And that he chose to like me in return, even if I don't deserve him. May I point out that Steve is the one who reached out to me so we could make amends. May I remind you that Peter left of his own accord because he felt like he was being controlled by his parents. And may I inform you that I love your son, and I'm going to keep him happy and with me as long as he wants me.” Wade said with a determined expression, one that practically told the other to back down, a hint of annoyance at the shorter evident.

Tony then let go of the mercenary and stepped away slowly, not sure how to respond. Luckily another security guard came by and informed them that a car was waiting for the billionaire outside. Without another word to each other, Tony left for home, head utterly pounding now.
Spideypool - One or the Other (Part 9)

OMG Writing this hurt me so bad! And I'm sorry if your name is Corie. It was originally going to be Tori but then I remembered that a girl at my work I don't like is names Corie so ya. It's still really hard to wright mean things, especially about things I have fought to defend. But it's done and I feel bad but it's done.

I hope Tony was believable in this. Is it believable that you could be in the biggest fight of your life with your child to the pint where you kicked them out but when someone insults them you defend them. My editor and mom keep saying that it''s believable but I'm still worried about it.

And sorry about not making Tony all witty and cool like he actually is but 1. He's drunk and emotionally sensitive at the moment, though he would deny both, and 2. I can't wright awesome dialog like that... sorry.

I feel like the conversation between Tony and Wade is a little odd but I hope it gets across what I want it to.

Where coming up on the end guys and galls, hope you ready for it?

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Don't own anyone mentioned in this story aside from Mr. Corie, sadly.

England from Hetalia is Spider-Man by AnimeLoveLover123
England from Hetalia is Spider-Man
I was talking with Cleverbot and this came up. At first I didn't know who Cleverbot was talking about sins I only ever knew him as England but I suppose that's that.

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