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I know I'm really late to the party but I was looking over some old Avengers 1 vids and posts and a lot of people are confused or make fun of the fact that Bruce Banner can suddenly control when he turns into the Hulk and it's not explained. But it is explained.

As a lot a people know, most of the recent Marvel films are connected and in the Incredible Hulk movie, you will find the answer. And I want to remind that even if it's not the same actor, they are supposed to be the same Bruce.


Throughout the movie they show Bruce both trying to get rid of AND trying to control the Hulk. At the vary end of the movie they show Bruce meditating hard, then he smiles and opens his eyes and there green. Now it's not specifically said how well he can control the Hulk but in that one moment you see that he dose make an improvement, that he is still working to and making progress in controlling Hulk. By the time the Avengers happen, it has been at lest a month sins that moment at the end of the Incredible Hulk, so he must have gotten even better at controlling it.

I may be missing something but whenever some mokes or questions why Bruce can suddenly transform, I always think of this.

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Warning: This story contains a boy x boy relationship.

Tony was wringing his hands so hard and long that they where turning red a sore. He tried to take slow breaths but they came out raged and quick.

“Tony.” Stark's whole body jolted, causing Pepper to jump as well. “Calm down.”

“I'm trying.” He snapped back with a tone most would take as anger, but the red head knew was an attempt to hide his fear. The inventor gazed out the open car window, watching as the sun lit streets of New York rolled by, his hair being tousled by the breeze and cooling his heated face. “God, I shouldn’t have done this.” He said more to himself then his assistant as he ran a clammy hand through his jet black locks.

“Now don't go saying that. I know for a fact that you could barley sleep the last few days because of how exited you where. Your just getting a case of cold feet, but you shouldn’t worry. You said it yourself, is will be gerat for the both of you.” Pepper assured. “Steve's been practically begging you for this for years, he'll be ecstatic.”

“Are you sure?” Tony asked, eye's turning to his friend, abandoning his attempt to act calm and collected. “What if something goes wrong. How should I tell him? Should I just say it up front, take him there, show him the room? Or does that seem like I'm pushing it on him? God I shouldn't have set up the room, what if he wanted to help with it. Of course he would and I took that from him.”

“He designed the room.” Pepper reminded, volume of her voice rising a bit. “You took his designs and modeled it exactly as he drew it. Now calm down, everything will be fine, I made sure of that.”

“You what?” Before his assistant could answer, the car came to a sudden halt, jerking Tony's unprepared body forward.

“Wait here.” Pepper ordered to the confused expression of her boss. The woman exited the car and left Tony in awkward silence. He sat there, shifting in his seat as he tried to stay calm. Eventually his right hand gravitated to his left and he began to play with the silver band there.

He was a grown man, he tried to tell himself. A now married, sober, happy man with an equally amazing husband, he could do this.

The door then opened and Tony was prepared to ask Pepper where she had gone but froze when the birthday boy himself slipped in.


“Hey.” Steve greeted with a light grin, his non understanding of the situation contrasting with his husbands nerves.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked and immediately felt a needle of guilt at the way the blonds smiling face fell a bit.

“Sorry, where you not expecting me?” Steve asked as he closed the car door. The moment it shut the car began moving again, though Tony was a bit to blindsided by the turn of events to take notice.

“No, but that's okay.” Tony tried to put on a smile. “How's your birthday going?” He asked, ignoring the tiny part of his brain telling him he was chickening out of what Pepper had obviously wanted him to do.

“Great so far, though a little odd considering everyone seemed determined on giving me all my birthday presents and wishes before you did. They said yours would blow everything out of the water.” Steve informed, turning to his husband with a hopeful grin, though he tried to suppress it so not to put to much pressure on the inventor. By the way his husband reacted to his appearance, it seemed like this present all his friends had built up as the ultimate, be all end all gift, wasn’t going as planned. To be honest, it would be a little disappointing but Steve understood. This wasn’t the first time Tony had bit off more then he could chew.

“Oh? Well they're just over exaggerating things.” 'No they're not.' The tiny voice in Tony's head said. Shit, he couldn't really back out of it now could he? “What you got there?” He asked with a head gesture to the folder he had only just now realized Steve had come in with.

“Oh, right. Pepper wanted me to give this to you.” Steve realized, quickly handing over the folder. Curiously Tony took it and opened it. He only got a peek at a pair of familiar faces before slamming the folder closed again, startling the blond a bit. “Tony?” Oh god, what was Tony going to do. He couldn't really pass off the situation with a joke, Steve would know something is wrong and start badgering him out of concern.

“Okay, calm down.” Tony thought to himself as he took a few slow breaths. “No backing out, you can do this.”

“Here.” He said as he handed the folder back to Steve. The blond glanced down at it before returning his gaze to his husband who's free hand covered his own eye's. “Take a look.” He said, though it was stated more like a question then an order. With a causious eye on his lover, Steve took the folder back, opened it up, and began to gaze over it.

They were S.H.I.E.L.D. files of two people, a man and a woman of roughly the same age. Steve vaguely recognized there faces, having probably passed them in the halls or maybe even worked with them on a mission but he couldn't say he remembered anything outside of there features. This made the blond feel a bit guilty considering his husband was showing him this. Was Steve supposed to know who these two where? There names didn't even ring a bell, Richard and Mary Parker.

“They, umm...” Tony muttered into his hand, eye's gazing out the open window, though not taking in anything of what he was seeing due to his mind being focused on what was happening inside the vehicle. There was a pause as Steve watched him, silently waiting for him to continue. “They were assigned to go undercover and infiltrate the Algerian based spy ring. They... didn't make it out.”

“Oh...” That was all Steve could really say. He did of course feel bad for the pair, as he always did when a life was lost. But he couldn't really push himself to feel all that pained by the loss as he hadn't know them personally. They were another name on the long list of good people who lost their lives fighting for a good cause. He did feel guilty however as the heavy atmosphere Tony was placing made Steve feel like he should feel something more.

This was honestly not how Steve had pictured his birthday going.

“They... they...umm.” Tony tried before letting out a frustrated grown, head flopping back against the leather seat. “Look just,” Tony pulled out his phone and proceeded to tap the touch screen, eye's glaring down at it as his anger at his own panic piled up. “listen to this.” He finally said, shoving the phone against the blonds ear. Before Steve could question anything, the slightly robotic voice of a female came through the phone.

Despite his confusion and several questions, the blond kept his moth shut and listened as instructed, eye's watching his husband intently. Tony didn't return this gesture, eye's drifting back to the open window, though he did glance at his husband once and a while in hopes of seeing a reaction.

“Message one. Sent on, June, 18th, from, a private number.”

“Hello Mr. Stark.” Took over a familiar voice. “This is Coulson calling with an opportunity. You see there was mission that unfortunately did not go over as planned. We lost a few good people on that mission including a Mr and Miss Parker. The reason I'm telling you this is because a month before being shipped out for this mission, they had a child.” Steve took in a slow, shaky breath as his eye's widened, pupils dilating in realization. A shaking hand came up to cover his mouth which now sat agape as he listened to the rest of the message. “As sad as this turn of events is, it does leave an infant without a home. Now usually we simply hand over the child to an orphanage but some of our agents recalled that your spouse was looking into the possibility of adoption. More specifically, agents Romanoff and Barton... persuaded Fury to offer you the opportunity to take the child in.” There was then a long pause where Steve actually wondered if the line had gone dead. He held his breath never the less, trying to hold in his tears in case there was more to hear. He watched his husband who was practically shaking with nerves, eye's glued to the window, body tensed. “Look Tony,” Returned Coulson's voice, a lot calmer and more censer. “I know becoming a father is a terrifying idea but, I think you and Steve would be amazing at it. All of your friends have faith in you and him, even Fury agreed that you two would be better for the kid then any orphanage. I think you should really consider this, not just of Steve but yourself to. Call me back if you want more information, I hope to hear from you soon.” The moment the click of the call ending was heard, Steve let out something akin to a whimper as he lost to his tears. His heart thudded in his chest at the thought that maybe... maybe Tony and him could have a, family.

“Steve?” Tony questioned, eye's bugged out in confusion and fear at the sudden water works.

“Oh god, Tony.” Steve abandoned the phone, dropping it in his lap so he could cup his husbands cheek. “Are you sure? Are you sure your okay with this?” He asked but god he was scared to hear the answer. The same answer that he had heard for the past 4 year, that Tony wasn’t ready, that he may never be.

“Y.. ya, I think.” That was good enough for Steve as he pulled his lover into his arms, almost crushing him as he tucked his face into Tony's neck. After a moment of confused hesitation, Tony returned the hug, getting a little to emotional himself to comment on how the captain was hurting him a tad.

“Oh my... where, when? Are we going to it now? What is it? A boy, a girl? What's their name?” Steve began to babbled, not giving the younger a chance to answer any of the questions before the car came to a slow halt. Both men turned as Tony's door opened, reveling the ever calm Agent Coulson. The man only had to gaze at the scene before him, the captains wet cheeks an inability to keep down a smile and Tony's cross between mortified and a tiny bit relieved expression to realize what he had interrupted.

“You two ready to meet him?” He asked, not even bothering with greeting.

“Him?” Steve asked, grin widening, though he honestly would be just as happy if it had turned out to be a girl. Steve was quick to jump out of the car and race over to Coulson's side like an excited child waiting for their parent to lead them to Disney World. Tony was a lot slower, considering staying in the car and letting Steve go for it but knowing his husband wouldn’t want to do this without him. Slowly he slid out of the car and was greeted with both men's smiles.

“Follow me then.” Coulson instructed, an almost proud smile on his lips. As told, Steve followed close behind the agent, hand tightly wrapped around Tony's.

'The baby, whats his name?” Steve finally asked.

“Peter Parker. Though I suppose the last name will be changing.”

“Peter...” Steve repeated, loving how the name felt on his lips. The inventor mainly kept his head down and tried to calm his rapid heart beat.

This was a lot freakier then he had imagined. Then again, this was way different then when he was setting up the baby's room or looking over parenting books. It was like the difference between acting out a part for a play in your bathroom mirror and actually being on stage in front of more then a hundred people. The reality of the situation and the consequences for your decision becoming all to real and prominent. Part of him wanted to back out, ask for another month or two, but then Steve squeezed his hand, asking for his husbands attention.

Tony nervously looked up at the man he loved to find a bright, eager, confidant smile, one that reminded the inventor of the day of there wedding. He had similar feelings then, the nervousness, the fear that he would end up ruining everything, the cold feet, but also the knowledge that this was for the best.

“Here we are.” Coulson announced, the couple having unconsciously been led to a small room. There was a changing table stocked with everything needed, a fridge and microwave for heating up bottles in case feeding was needed, a rocking chair, basically everything needed for one to take care of an infant for an hour or two. “You two wait here, I'll go get him.” Coulson instructed and with one last honest smile, he left the couple there.

The moment the door closed, Steve let out an almost childish giggle in excitement as he took both Tony's hands in his.

“Oh my god Tony, I can't believe this. You and me, where going to be fathers.” He said but then noticed how his husband wouldn't meet his eyes. “Hey, are you gonna be okay?” The blond asked as he took a step closer. Tony didn't respond, which worried the taller. Making sure to use slow movements, Steve curled his pointer finger and used the side of it to lift his husbands chin, in turn forcing their gazes to meet. “Don't worry hunny, we've got this.” Steve assured. Tony's lips turned up just the slightest as he leaned forward to give Steve a long, slow kiss.

Steve knew the inventor was terrified of the possibility of, as he put it, 'ruining a poor kids life before he's got a chance to live it.' But Steve knew and repeatedly told Tony that he believed in him, that he would make a great parent. And even though Tony would usually deny this, right now, he tried to take in some of the confidence his husband was sharing with him.

The sound of the door opening grabbed both the mens attentions. The two turned to watch an elderly woman walk in with a tightly wrapped bundle of white blanket in her arms. Steve sucked in a long breath in an attempt to hold in his excitement while Tony seemed to curl in on himself. This was the first time the black haired was also getting to actually see the baby personally and the reality of the situation finally hit him like a punch to the gut.

“Do you know how to hold an infant.” The woman asked, causing Steve's gaze to snap up from being locked on the bundle.

“Oh, yes, yes I do.” He informed. It then clicked in and he opened his arms, eye's lighting up as the woman stepped forward. Slowly and carefully she transfer the infant into Steve's awaiting arms who instantly pulled the little one to his chest. Without another word, the woman slipped out of the room to give the couple some privacy.

Slowly, and with his eye's glued to the sleeping infant, Steve turned to his husband who shied away from the two for a moment.

“Look at him.” The blond breathed, smile lightning from his child like excited to one of wonderment. “He's beautiful.” Finally Steve tore his gaze from the baby to look at his husband. “He's ours.” He said, voice cracking slightly as tears over took him again. Tony took a cautious step closer to his lover who rested their foreheads together. Both their eye's fall to the now wriggling infant between them.

The baby's eye's fluttered open and, even though Tony feared the child will start crying, instead he simply looks up. His large brown eye's gazing at them in amazement as his mouth opens and closes pointlessly. That was when Tony was finally able to crack a smile as the warm feeling in his chest over whelmed him. The thought, the image of his husband holding a baby, their baby, it was both terrifying and the most beautiful thing Tony had ever seen.

For no real reason, Tony found himself chuckling a little. Maybe his nerves were finally taking him down or maybe it's because he realized how ridiculous he must have looked panicking the last hour, but it didn't matter now.

“Happy birthday.” Tony whispered, finding himself not able to pull his eye's away from Peter's tawny eye's.

“Yes,” Steve practically choked out as tears began to trickle down his cheeks, falling and dampening the white blanked a bit. “Happy birthday to me.” He could... no, they could do this.
Superfamily - Steve's Birthday Present
Well this story just continued until it petered out and died. But it's a thing now, thanks for reading! ^^

I don't own anyone or thing mentioned in this story.
Steve read over the e-mail he had received, partly missing the days when his son would proudly present him with a hand written list. But those years where long past. No longer was there 'Dear Santa' written at the top. There was no longer any need to separate the list into ones for each family member as the teen was old enough to understand peoples limits and that Tony was the only one that could pay for a trip out of the country.

Everything had changed so much since Peter's childhood it almost brought a tear to his eye. What did make him shed a proud tear or two was the last thing on the list, the only thing ever listed as Steve's job. It was a tradition of sorts, one thing that the super soldier tried to get his son every year, with varying success rates to his shame. Never the less Steve tried his hardest to do this one thing his precious son asked of him year after year. The word may change but the sentiment and heart was always the same.

'Please have everyone I love be happy, healthy, safe, and alive this Christmas.'
A, Tiny, Early Superfamily Christmas Story
Well that got kind of sad at the end but oh well, it was cute. ^^ Hope you thought so too.

Thanks for reading and as always, I don't only anyone mentioned in this story.

Mature Content

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Warning: This story contains a father, non descriptive, hitting his teenage son and sexual content.

Tony's body jolted, waking him from a rather pleasant dream, which was always the case isn’t it? His eye's snapped open and were instantly met with a beautiful pair of azure ones, barley visible with the light of the moon streaming though his windows. The teen couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto his lips as he watched the grinning face above him, perfectly frozen in place.

He really should take down that poster, he was a teenager for gods sake, not some 10 year old fan boy. Then again he should also get rid of his Captain America comic's, figurine, underwear, which was the only thing he currently wore on his summer night. Though, he be honest, Howard wouldn't dare let him throw out any memorable connected to his lost friend.

Tony shifted in hopes of drifting back into his pleasant dream, even if he knew his chances where slim, and realized that he had a bad case of morning wood. The teen let out annoyed grown as he realized he would have to deal with himself. Not that pleasuring himself was the issue, it was more the knowledge that he wouldn't be getting a proper nights sleep, not that he usually did.

So, with his dream on the forefront of his mind, Tony took his right hand and slowly slid it down his bar chest and tucked it under his boxers. He griped the base of his already hardened cock, jolting slightly as his cold fingers touching such hot and sensitive flesh, and slowly dragged his hand up. Then his eyes met the captains again and he let out a low grown. His dream was quickly pushed aside to make room for his imagination.

This wasn’t the first time he'd done this, touched himself while thinking of who he also knew as Steve. It started a couple months back, not that he dared tell anyone that his thoughts drifted from the lush, soft mounds of a woman's chest to the lean, tight muscles of men, the captains in particular. Not that it was like that all the time, but some nights it was the war hero that fogged his mind and made his breaths shallow, tonight was one of those nights.

Tomorrow he would feel guilty and confused, ashamed that he got off while picturing another man and praying it was a phase that would pass before anyone found out. Right now though, Tony imagined that large, toned body leaning over him. Those gorgeous azure eye's watching him. Pretended to feel warm and shallow breaths wash over his reddened cheeks as that voice, the one he had heard a couple hundred times from old tapes commanding soldiers and rallying fans, deep and straight with sincerity calling his name.

“Steve...” Tony practically whimpered as he pumped his penis fast and hard, feeling himself nearing the edge. Then he slipped two fingers of his free hand past his lips both in an attempt to muffle any noises that tried to slip out and to lap at them, pretending they where Steve's. He could almost hear it, the captains stern voice telling him to suck, to treat it like something else yet all the while giving enough leeway in case he wanted to stop.

Tony's hips began to lift into his vigorously pumping hand as he bit down on his own fingers to stifle a grown. Then in idea came to him. He has never gone that far with himself, but with the image of Steve over him, asking if they could go all the way, the teen found his now wet fingers slipping into his boxers as well. The hand stroking his penis slowed but didn't stop as he spread his legs further apart.

Tony experimentally poked at his anus, the wet texture of his saliva feeling odd and almost unpleasant. Never the less he continued. With the image of the captain gazing down at his most privet area, Steve's arousal visible through his blue tights, Tony pushed against the ring of muscles that fought against the intrusion at first. As his heart thudded almost painfully against his ribs and his right hand picking up its pace to re-invigorate his cock, the teen pushed one finger in.

Tony threw his head back and let out a loud groan in both pain and slowly rising pleasure. He got the one finger about half way in before refusing to push further and simply explored the new terrain.

“Oh Tony, your so tight. Am I hurting you?” The imaginary Steve breathes, eye's fixated on Tony's lower half. The teen squeezed his eye's shut but the image was still bright in his mind. The captains hand pumping him furiously as his finger curled and brushed against his inner walls. Then he hit one spot and a jolt of pleasure ripped through Tony's body. White spurts of hot liquid hit his stomach and dampening his boxers as he screamed Steve's name much louder then he had wanted to. He lay there, slowly milking the last of his orgasm as he tried to catch his breath. He removed his finger from himself and soon after pulled both hands from his Captain America boxers, feeling far to good to concern himself with who might have heard his cry at the moment.

That concern however decided to knock him off of cloud nine as his bedroom door flung open, slamming into the wall so hard it left a dent, revealing a furious Howard. The next couple minuets went by so fast that it was hard for Tony to remember exactly what happened. He remembered his father screaming at him about being a disgrace, disgusting, hating him for defiling one of his best friends names. Then he started to take things, ripping down the Captain America poster, grabbing the figurines and comics. Tony remembered screaming back, grabbing onto his father and telling him to stop.

He remembered the elbow to the face, the cold wood floor as he fell to it, the kick to the stomach, the blood, Jarvis' panicked voice, then it all went black.

He woke up in the hospital a few hours later with a couple fractured ribs and a broken nose, Jarvis standing over his bed with wet cheeks. That's when Howard stopped talking to him, tried his best not to be in the same room or the same city if he could help it. That was when Tony started feeling nauseous and a few pounds of guilt every time he though of any man romantically or sexually. That's when he officially stopped calling Howard his father.


“When did you get so much stuff?” Tony asked as he gazed up at the array of boxes sitting on the upper shelf of the closet.

“Since my billionaire father started getting me no less then ten gifts every holiday. Not that I'm complaining.” Peter replied, receiving a chuckle from his father.

“I do spoil you don't I?”

“Again, not complaining.”

“Ya ya, just get the cart ready.” Tony said as he set up the ladder.

You see, Peter has outgrown his room and the father and son duo have spent the last four hours transporting the teens things to his new room, the captain unfortunately having been dragged off to some sudden mission.

Tony grabbed a random box at the top, having to use a far bit of strength to pull it from its edged position. As he did however, another box slipped out, gravity pulling it down faster then Tony could react. When the box hit the floor, the lid popped off rather easily and one single thing rolled out of it. It wasn’t there for long, barley enough time to register what it was before it was scooped back into the box from which it came by a flustered teen.

There was a long silent moment of Peter standing, body curled around the box in his arms, praying that his father would just leave and act like this never happened, while Tony tried to process what he just saw.

“Okay, don't freak out.. If you do you'll hurt Peter's feelings. Be calm. So what if you just accidentally discovered your son had a dildo, you can handle this like a mature adult.” Tony thought to himself as he slowly made his way down the step ladder.

“Peter,” He started but the teen quickly stepped away, mouth clamped shut and face bright red. “It's okay.” Peter tightened his hold on the box and ducted his head further. Tony watched his son who looked like he was about to combust from his own stress and embarrassment. “If it makes you feel any better, I have one too.”

“What!? Eww, no!” Peter shot back, head snapping up to look at his father who held a humorous grin.

“Ha, got you to talk.” Tony bragged triumphantly, falling back to his usual trick of 'if the situation gets to stressful, start cracking jokes'.

“Oh god. Can't you just leave and we never talk about this again?” Peter whined as he flopped down onto his bed, box being placed in his lap.

“I guess I could,” Tony teased with a shrug. “but-” Peter ground, preparing himself for his dads jokes. “I just wanted to tell you it's alright.” He said with far more sincerity then Peter was expecting.

The teen, cheeks still a lovely shade of red, looked up at his father who held a gentle smile and understanding expression.

“Your young, still figuring out what you like and what you don't. You do what you feel is right. As long as your safe and happy, I, and I'm sure your dad, don't really care what you do. Not that I'm gonna tell him or anything. Now go.” Tony ordered, waving a hand towards the open door, familiar humor coming to his voice. “Hide that somewhere in your new room, I'll be waiting here. Unless you got other toys you don't want me finding.” He joked, turning his back to his son.

“God that sounded stupid.” He scolded himself. “I probably just made him more embarrassed. Jesus I'm such a fuck up.”

“Thanks, dad.” He heard Peter say quietly before the teen rushed out of the room.
Superfamily - Unlike Father Unlike Son (Extra)
Hey, so I'm sorry if this was really stupid... Thanks for reading. ^^;

Hears the link to the full story: animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

I don't own anyone mentioned in this story.
Warning: This stony contains a boy x boy relationship, though it's pushed to the side for the most part, and some mature subject matter.

Howard strode down the hall briskly, nose buried in a schismatic for his next project. He was so focused that he only barley registered the high pitched shrieking coming from beyond one of the doors he passed. The man stared in the direction of the noise in confusion before realizing what the source was.

“Maria!” He called to his wife. “The baby's crying, deal with it!”


Tony hunched over his desk, brows knitted together in concentration as he ran over the numbers in his head again. He was so close to the solution, it was on the tip of his brain.


“What!?” The inventor snapped back in a don't-bother-me-now tone, eye's still glued to his schematic.

“My apologies but it seems that Peter had awoken from his nap.” As J.A.R.V.I.S. said this, he brought up live video feed of the baby's room where the tiny bundle was indeed squirming in his crib. Tony let out a frustrated groan as the answer began to drift from his mind. He's so close.

“Fine.” He said as he stood from his desk begrudgingly.

The inventor swiftly made his way to his sons room and wasn’t surprised to find the infant screaming.

“Shhhhh, Peter hunny, it alright.” Tony soothed as he lifted the younger from the crib and cradled him to his chest. The baby's crying almost instantly muffled into small sniffs and his wriggling ceased. The quiet didn't last long however as Peter again started to fidget and wine for food, a changing, or some other form of nurturing. “Jeez, calm down.” Tony humorously scolded. “Let's get you changed then get a bite to eat, okay?” He asked with a sigh and gentle smile. Looks like that answer would have to wait.


Howard sighed as the plane hit the ground with a harsh jolt. He may not have enjoyed being stuffed in a room with a bunch of big wigged foreigners who all though they where better then him and weren’t afraid to say it, but the silent nights where a god send, all be it a little lonely without his wife there to listen to his complaints about work. Thankfully that void would be filled soon as tonight he was going to drink himself stupid without worrying about how his hangover the next day would effect his meeting, and let out all his stress.

That dream hit a road block however when he stepped off the plane to find Maria standing on the air strip, a squirming baby held to her chest. Howard practically stormed over, leaving his bags for Jarvis. When he got within roughly ten feet, the baby took notice of him.

“Ahpa, ahpa.” The little one babbled, small hands reaching out to his father who barley spared him a glance.

“I thought you where going to meet me at the pub.”


“And what is he doing here?” Howard asked, a headache starting to resurface at the child’s shouting.

“Tony wanted to see you.” Maria answered as she shifted to better hold the squirming child. Howard sighed as he looked down at the infant who immediately cracked a smile when their eye's met.

“Take him home.” Howard ordered as he retreated to his car. “I'll see you at the pub.” The car pulled away the moment the inventor was in as Howard tried not to think about how his wife’s expression had fallen to one of heart brake.


Tony practically bounced his way off the plane. His first trip away since becoming a father had been horrible. Long, insulting, and utterly boring. But it was over, he was almost home, he just needed to maneuver though these people and he would be on the car ride back to his family.

The inventor was moving at a brisk speed though the crowd. Quick, but not quick enough to miss the tiny yet familiar voice in the crowd.

“Dada!” Tony wiped around and quickly spotted his son in the arms of his gorgeous husband. Peter stretched his arms out almost desperately to the inventor with big bright eye's while Steve held a calm, almost at peace smile at finally getting to see his husband again.

“Babies!” Tony cheered before racing over and scooping the brunette into his arms. Peter giggled as he was peppered with kisses.

“Dada, dada.” He chanted as his little hands found his fathers cheeks.

“That's right, dada's home.” Tony confirmed, letting the infant squish his cheeks around.

“We missed you.” Steve said, slipping an arm around his lovers waist and leaning down to give Tony a long, slow kiss.

“God I missed you guys too.” The black haired breathed once they pulled apart, Peter still chirping dada while his feet kicked excitedly.

“What, didn't like the quiet nights?” Steve asked jokingly, smile stuck on his face.

“Not really. It was cold and uncomfortable, and it didn't feel right waking up to an alarm clock instead of Peter.”

“Good, because your on baby duty for the next 8 nights.”

“Hey Tony.” Called a chipper young girl as she skipped her way to the young Stark. “My birthday party is today, you're coming right?” She asked for the fifth time that day. Tony opened his mouth but was interrupted before even making a sound.

“My apologize dear, but Anthony has lessons today.” Jarvis informed with a somewhat forced smile despite receiving pouts from both the children.

“I can skip a lesson or two.” Tony assured with a glare.

“This would be the sixth skip this month sir, and your father has put his foot down. Don't you recall him saying he would confiscate your tools if you continued to not attend lessons.” “And that I would loose my job if I didn't make you go.” The butler added to himself.

“It's okay Tony, I don't want you to get in trouble with your dad.” The girl said as she took a few steps back, looking utterly defeated. “Bye.” She said before scampering off.

A couple minutes later Tony was siting in the back seat, arms crossed and scowling down at his own feet.

“It's not fair.” He said despite knowing that his complaints where futile. “Why do I have to take all these stupid classes?”

“So you are prepared to inherit the company once Mr. Stark retires.”

“What if I don't want his stupid company? Why does he want me to have it anyway?”

“Well you are his only son.”

“So? Just because where family doesn’t mean I can run a company.” Then came silence as Jarvis was at a loss for words and Tony just stewed in his anger. “It's not fair!” Tony sudden shouted, kicking his feet against the floor of the vesicle.

“It isn’t is it?”


“Harry, you father's here!” Tony called down the hall and soon followed the sound of two young boys stampeding down the hall. The first was the aforementioned Harry Osborn, bounding around the corner while Peter shuffled behind, his usual shyness coming out at being around anyone that wasn’t Harry or his extensive family.

“Aww, Can't I stay a little longer dad?” Harry whined.

“No son, you know yo have your lessons.” Norman replied calmly, having dealt with his sons protesting for to many times to have it effect him.

“But I don't wanna take those stupid lessons, I don't get them.”

“You will in time, now go get your things.” Norman instructed and when he was met with a glare he returned it tenfold until the younger submitted.

“Fine. Come on Peter, ya gotta help me find those Nerf bullets you lost.” Harry ordered as he stomped back to his friends room, Peter close on his tail.

“I lost? You wouldn't let me touch the gun.” The two men watched the boys leave until their voices disappeared, that's when Tony couldn't help asking.

“Lessons, what kind of lessons?” He asked, though his honest queshtion was more like 'what kind of lessons are you forcing the poor kid to take that he hates so much?' It wasn’t that much of a secret that Tony and Norman didn't really see eye to eye, on a business stand point or a parenting one, but their kids, ironically, seemed to be the best of friends, so they attempted to tolerate each other.

“Business, stock holding, etiquette, thing's he will need to know for when I retire. Is Peter not being taught these things?” Norman asked, eye raised for once on confusion rather then mockery, at least for the most part.

“No, he's just a kid.” Tony said with a scoff, knowing and regretting the fact that he may be starting something.

“We'll how long do you expect to wait?” Norman asked with a slight aggression, tho he tried to pull it back in. “With one if not both of your professions being rather dangerous, I figured you would want to prepare your son for inheriting your company as soon as possible.

“Who said he was going to inherit the company?” Tony asked with a shrug. Norman's eye's bugged as he took a step back as if Tony had just spouted some racial faux pas.

“You're not handing down your company to your son?”

“Well if he wants it down the line then sure, but if he decides he wants to do something other then work at Stark Industries, what right do I have to say no?”


Tony happily hopped up on stage after his name had been announced. He almost smugly passed by the other glaring contestants who grumbled and muttered their displeasure at having a boy a fair few years younger win an award. Tony went to stand beside the first place winner who watched him with more confusion then disdain. He spun on his heal to face the older gentlemen that handed him his, rather heavy, silver trophy.

Tony looked out into the applauding crowd with a toothy grin before his eye's fell on his father. Howard didn't clap, not even smiled, only watched the younger with a disappointed and on the brink of shameful glare.


“There he is.” Tony said cheerfully as he weaved his way though the crowd of parents and children to reach Peter, Steve following behind at a much more relaxed pace. “There's my little genius.” Tony cooed as he knelt down and wrapped his arms around his son quickly, one hand raising to ruffle Peter's hickory brown locks.

“Daaad.” The boy said in that embarrassed tone that tried to hide his appreciation of the affection.

“I'm so proud of you. You did awesome and all by yourself no less.” Tony complimented, pulling away from the embrace, though he still held his sons upper arms.

“Dad, I was forth, I didn't even get a medal or anything.” Peter said dejectedly, head hung lower in slight shame as his gaze fell to his feet.

“Hey now, being forth is nothing to sneeze at. There are over 30 kids here, which means you beat at least 26 other people. That's amazing buddy.” Tony said with a light shake. Peter raised his eye's to look at his father with a hopefully and somewhat apologetic gaze. “Besides, I'm pretty sure that first place kid's parents made his.” Tony whispered jokingly which made the brunets eye's widen like he had just been told the city’s biggest secret.

“Hey now, let's not accuse anyone of anything.” Steve scolded, lightly taping his hand on his husbands shoulder. “But he's right Peter, you did a fantastic job.” The child smiled proudly up at the blond while Tony stood.

“Now what do you say we take our little winner out for ice cream?”


“So,” Starts a girl Tony could label as friend but was more of an aquaintance “Where's your dad? I was expecting a big entrance.”

*Pfft* Tony couldn't hold in his bitter chuckle.

“Please. Unless there's a news cast ready to talk about how great he is, he wont show up.” He said, one hand fiddling with the 6 medals around his neck and the other ungracefully holding onto his trophy.


“Sir.” Came a familiar and withered voice. The person turned with a fond smile to see Jarvis making his way over. “You've done a spectacular job this year. I've never seen such a feat from one student.” He complimented, giving Tony a little jolt of pride.

“Thanks. It was easy really.” The younger said with a shrug and an attempt at a smug grin.

“Wait, you aren’t Tony's dad are you?” The girl asked, grabbing Jarvis’s attention.

“No dear, I'm simply a butler “He explains, making sure not to chuckle at the confusion as he knew from past experience that it would hurt Tony's feelings, though the young man would try to hide that fact.

“Oh, okay, sorry.” The girl said, getting a little bashful as she tugged on the hem of her school uniform blazer “Where is Tony's dad anyway? You'd think he'd be here since Tony was getting awards.”

“Busy with his work unfortunately. Though I'm sure he would have loved to come if he had the time.” Tony scoffed at that, mood dropping into the slightly pissed to hide his hurt.

“Ya, like how he would have loved to come to my fist day of kindergarten, or put his work down long enough to hang out with us at Christmas, or pick up a phone and say happy birthday.”


“Daddy?” Tony spun on his heals at the sound of his sons voice, one hand still fiddling with his tie.

“Ya buddy?” He asked, leaning down a little.

“Where are you going?” The little boy asked, big doe eye's gazing up at his farther with a pan face expression.

“I got another out of town meeting, but don't worry, I'll be back before bed time.” He explained. Peter's expression instantly fell.

“B-but, today’s my play.” Shit.

“Oh gosh, is that today?” He asked but didn't get an answer, only a quivering lip that was the sign of approaching water works. “Shhhhhhhh, oot, I- um...” Tony stammered, trying not to look into the boy's pouting expression.

“You promised!” The boy suddenly wailed, bursting into tears.

“Oh, hunny, don't cry.” The inventor got down on his knees, quickly pulling his son into an embrace. Damn it, this is an important meeting. He was on the edge of an amazing company team up.

“You have to come daddy.” Peter whimper, clinging to his fathers suit as if he had the strength to hold him down.

“Tony?” Came the familiar call of Pepper, the one Peter knew as his father had work to do.

“Nooooooo!” The boy screamed, clinging to his parent while Pepper made her way in.

“Oh, I see.” She breathed a sigh of both relief and slight annoyance. “I'll go get Steve.”

“No no.” Tony protested, one hand reaching out to his assistant, the other holding his whimpering son. “It's alright.”

“But Tony, we should have left for the plane 20 minutes ago.”

“It's fine, just cancel it.”

“What!?” Pepper shouted, though her boss didn’t even spare her a glance, he just watched as Peter's big brown eye's lifted to look at him, expression confused with a signature pout. “Do you know how long it took to get this meeting.”

“There’ll be other meetings.” Tony shrugged then gave a wink to his son. “Besides, I have a promise to keep.”


A teen age Tony sat in the passenger seat of the family car, arms crossed, eye's puffy and red with tears still trickling as he watched the road go by. He had gone threw his title-wave of emotions and was now in a dull state, wishing he was alone but was sadly stuck with his father.

“I'm very disappointed in you.” Howard said, eye's glued to the road for both safety and an attempt to keep his temper down. “Leaving school without a word is not only reckless but also causes problems for everyone connected to you. Did you even consider how your mother and I would feel when we get a call from your principal saying you had just disappeared over night?”

“Jarvis is dead.” Tony stated plainly, voice hushed as it had been hurt from all the screaming and tears that had taken place prior. “So if it's wrong to want to say my good byes then go ahead, call me selfish and inconsiderate. I would have warned people I was leaving if someone bothered to tell me he had passed away.” He said bitterly.

To be fair, he wasn’t actually invited to the funeral, he just showed up and asked if he could pay his respects. Thankfully they had welcomed him with open arms, figuratively and literally. When he stood there, for how long he wasn't sure, gazing down at the man that had been to all his major moments, had contributed more good to his life then his own family, lying pale and cold in that coffin, Tony broke. And when he burst into tears, it took only a moment to feel two pars of warm arms wrap around him in comfort. That was about when Howard showed up, storming into the funeral hall and dragging his son out as he belittled him for making a scene with all his tears and screams.

“There was no reason to tell you.” Howard said after a long breath. “Jarvis was just a servant.” Tony would have fought that statement if it wasn’t for the way his fathers voice cracked. “There's no point in crying over a dead man, it won't bring him back.” Tony took his first good look at his father in months since he had left for school. He found that though his expression was cold and almost emotionless, Tony did notice the purple crescents under his fathers blood shot eye's.


Tony sighed as he ran his fingers through his sleeping husbands hair, thankful that he finally convinced the blond to rest after having been up for over 24 hours worrying.

“Sir.” Jarvis called quietly. “Peter had returned through his bedroom window and still resides there.”

“Oh now he shows up.” Tony thought with a roll of his eye's. After a bit of careful moving, the inventor stood and made his way to his sons room.

“Peter?” He calls after a knock. “Can I come in?” There was a quiet noise of acknowledgment, which Tony took as a yes, and entered. He took a long, thankful breath at seeing his son unharmed, or at least in the same physical condition as when he had last seen him.

The teen sat on the edge of his bed, head hung low, fisted hands against his forehead.

“Hey, where have you been the last couple nights? Steve went into a hairy panic, wanted to use all of S.H.I.E.L.D. to track you down.  You should have seen his argument with Fury, we where all waiting for someone to throw a fist, it was crazy.” Tony said with a little chuckle, trying to uplift the dark mood but failing.

“Sorry.” Peter apologized with a lifeless voice, head still hung. “I was... thinking.”

“That's what I figured.” Tony admitted, stuffing his hands into his pants pockets. “That's why I told him to calm down. Finally got him to sleep, he's been up since the funeral, and I'm guessing you have to. “

“I'm sorry.” Peter repeated a lot more brokenly.

“To your dad or to Gwen?” Tony instantly regretted his own stupid mouth as the brunette curled further into himself, fists grabbing his hair and pulling.

“I'm so sorry.” Peter choked out, his fathers arms quickly surrounding him.

“It's alright hunny.”

“No it's not!” Peter shouted, pulling away from Tony. “I did it, I let her die!” Peter then began to rant, screaming his guilt to his father who simply listened. He didn't interrupt, didn't tell him to calm down, just let his son scream, get it all out, all the while watching him with sympathy but keeping his distance.

Eventually Peter calmed, sitting in the fetal position taking long shaky breaths that Tony knew meant he was trying to hold in tears. Slowly Tony slid over to sit beside his son. Cautiously he placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder who at first didn't react. After a still moment Peter leaned towards his father silently asking and receiving a comforting embrace. That's where he snapped, letting out a wail as the damn broke.

“It's aright sweetie, it'll get better.” Tony assured as he ran his fingers though the sobbing teens hickory brown locks. He sat there comforting his son until Peter passed out from exhaustion and was sure to be ready with open arms for when he woke next.


Tony stood in front of his father, both men staring the other down with something akin to glares, both waiting for the other to speak. The teen had already said his goodbye's to his mother and Jarvis, so his dad was the only thing standing between him and the MIT campus he'd be staying at for the next couple years. This was the last time they'd see each other for the few months till Christmas break, though Tony doubted Howard would be there. So, what's the last thing his father had to say to him?

“Don't go making a fool of yourself. You still have to represent the Stark family and Industry.”


“I'm off.” Peter announced as he slipped on his Spider-man mask.

“Hey!” Tony shouted from the kitchen, his husband barley flinching at the sudden holler. The vigilant hero turned to his parents to see Tony beckoning him over with a single finger and smile. The brunette sighed as he removed his mask and approached the table. The teen leaned down and received a kiss to either cheek from each of his parents.

“Be careful okay?” Steve said like he did every time he watched his son go on patrol.

“You show em what for.” Tony cheered with a wink as his son took a few steps back. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”
Superfamily - Unlike Father Unlike Son
This started off as just showing the difference between what I think Tony's parenting would be like vs Howards. Then it evolved to me just wanting to write Tony being cute with his son. I couldn't really write it but I can totally picture Tony hanging out with Peter all the time, being ecstatic to teach him things and give him everything under the sun.

There is an extra part centered around the father's dealing with their sons exploring their sexuality. But be warned! That extra part is a lot more mature then this one. I has sexual content and the non descriptive act of a father hitting his teen son.
Link: animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

I know I changed some info, like Jarvis being the butler of Howard and dieing before him, I know that is wrong. And a few other things but I choose to change those things to make the story go smoother.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

I don't own anyone mentioned in this story.
Warning: This story contains a boy x boy relationship and male pregnancy.

“Tony has entered the elevator and is on his way up.” J.A.R.V.I.S. informed, causing Steve's head to snap up and away from his book. Right, go time.

After marking his page, the super soldier placed the book on the side table and flicked off the lamp, but then reconsidered. He turned it back on, then off, then on but on a dimmed setting. What would be best, did Tony need to see him? Steve definitely wasn’t going to see his husband.

“Tony just passed the living room and is making his way to you.” Shoot, not enough time.

Abandoning the lamp, leaving it on a dim glow, Steve laid down on the edge of the bed in what he hoped was a natural position. Then came the question of whether he should lift up his shirt to reveal his baby bump. He did want to incite Tony to speak to the child like he knew he did, but the inventor denied such suspicions, clamming that it seemed childish and pointless considering the infant couldn't understand him. Steve would catch him in the act, mainly because it sounded adorably sweet to the older.

So the blond pushed up his shirt and tried to get in a comfortable yet believable sleeping position. Before he could reconsider whether it seemed far to obvious, the sound of the door opening behind him caused his body to stiffen.

“Steve?” Came Tony's voice in a whisper and when he received no response, sighed lightly. “I'm home.” The inventor would have preferred his husband to be up and ready to welcome him back but understood that being pregnant probably took a lot of energy. More then Steve would ever admit, but they had both agreed that it was all worth it.

Without his husband to keep him company, Tony decided to go straight for the shower, clean off the sweat of being in a business suit for five hours then the Iron Man suit for two more.

Steve didn't dare move until he heard the shower behind the closed bathroom door. He then shifted a bit, more out of guilt at how lonely his love had sounded when announcing he was home then discomfort. It was an awkward wait as Steve lay restlessly for his husband to return but stayed in position. He was on a mission, had to keep his act up if he wanted to catch him.

After about ten minutes of one hand playing with the ring on his wedding finger and the other gently rubbing his stomach, the super soldier finally heard the water shut off. Tony emerged, still a bit damp, and proceeded to slip on some loose fitting clothing, not bothering to consider the fact that the shirt he now wore was Steve's. Once clothed he turned to the bed, intending to tuck in behind his husband and join him in sleep, but then stopped. His eye's scan over his sleeping love, and then his eye's fell on Steve's enlarged stomach. Tony glanced around the room, as if half expecting to find someone other then his lover, before approaching the bed. As quietly as he could, the inventor sat down on the floor in front of the super soldier and simply watched for a long moment before lifting his hands and gently placing then palm down on the baby bump.

The sudden touch caused Steve to flinch, shocking both Tony and the blond but, with a pounding heart and shallow breath, the super soldier relaxed his body. The inventor let out a sigh, thankful that he hadn't woken his sleeping lover, before letting his hands slowly roam, creasing the stretched skin.

“Hey baby.” He whispered, eye's glued to the olders stomach. “How are you today? My day was hard, super busy with all the extra training we have to do now that S.H.I.E.L.D. has lost it's best agent. But it's okay, it'll all be worth it when arrive.

I can't wait till you get out here, I'm gonna teach you so much, but not in the way my dad did. I won't ignore you and force you to go to some snobby prep school, I'll teach you everything myself. I'll be with you as much as I can. And when I can't, you'll always have your other daddy. He'll teach you all the boring stuff like manners, but also how to be a great leader.

God, your gonna be the most kick ass person in existence. As long as you remember the recipe to success. You've gotta have my wit and ingenuity. You'll have Steve's polite and excepting outlook along with his leadership skills. And make sure you get my handsome face and Steve's cute butt.”

*Pfft* Shoot, cover blown.
Steve x Tony - What You Tell Them
Yay random mpreg!

Tanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! ^^

I don't own either of there characters mentioned.

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