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Hay there, can I tell you a story? This is a stony of a girl (I'm the girl) that had some wired likes. She wanted to read fan fics that had vampire, mermaid, winged, pregnant, (et cetera...) versions of her favorite characters but she couldn't find that much. So she sat and pouted about it until one day she remember that this wasn't like fan art where she can't draw sh*t, this was fan fiction, she could do that decently. So she had an epiphany and decided that if she wanted to read about wired things like Peter Parker being a merman then she should get off her lazy bum and write something herself.

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Warning: This story has heavy suicide elements, but nothing graphic. Also the relationship in it could be seen as a homosexual one.

These thoughts had been swimming around Wade's head for years, surfacing when someone, sometimes bad, sometimes good, would point out his flaws, admit their lack of trust in him, tell him to go away, to just drop dead.

“I would if I could.” His inner voice would snap, triggering the downward spiral. Sometimes he would just beat himself up over it a little and move on, but it would often sink deeper. It would start with trying to push off the insult, then into starting to believe what they said, and that would start the list. The long and usually exaggerated list of things wrong with him. That would immediately flow into how others would feel if he just... disappeared.

“No one would even notice, or care.” He's think to himself, chuckling lightly at the thought that a celebratory party might be thrown if anyone ever did find out and bothers to tell anyone. And if it was really bad, he'd try. Try to do what everyone wanted, try to stop the physical and emotional pain, but it never worked. He would be at peace for usually only a couple minuets before he was dragged back, eye's slowly opening to find himself cold, alive, and with a mess to clean up.

Then came one night. After an unpleasant meet up with the Avengers, Wade found himself a top One World Trade Center, so very far up. Once done his usual self-esteem diminishing verbal abuse, the mercenary stood on the edge, looking down at the street below wondering if this height was enough. He leaned forward a tad so he could see straight down the side of the building, then a little further forward, a bit more...

“Hey Deadpool.” Wade froze, body stiffening as if he had been caught doing something he'd have to fight his way out of. “What are you up to?” Came the voice that sounded a bit to friendly to be speaking to him. Despite his thoughts though, when the merc with a mouth turned around he found Spider-man of all people standing and undoubtedly watching him in a stance that was a lot more welcoming then his usual frustrated aura.

“Just hanging out, trying to find something fun to do.” Wade lied in a hopefully cheerful tone as he tried to act his version of normal. The kid didn't need to know his baggage.

“Well I just started my rounds and rumor has it that they’ll be a heist going down tonight, could use your help.” Spidey said nonchalantly, as if he hadn't made the mercenaries mind come to a skidding halt.

“What?” Wade had to ask, not sure if his messed up mind was fabricating a friendly gesture when in reality he was being threaten or insulted. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“I was thinking we could, you know, team up for the night. I can't pay you or anything and there’s absolutely NO killing on my watch, but other then that, I would appreciate the help. Gives you something to do and makes my life easier. Heck, with your skills and experiences I might be able to learn something.” Peter knew he was blathering a tad but every time he paused, expecting the merc to jump in with his infamous mouth, he was instead met with silence.

Eventually Deadpool did speak, warning that he made no promise on the one rule and that he expected at least diner before such a commitment which gained him an honest to god chuckle from Spider-man.

With a rather pleased grin and head buzzing a bit, Wade followed along with Spidey that night. The rumored heist never happened. What did happen however was one of the most adrenalin pumping, hilarious comedy wars known to man, human or otherwise. The two spandex clad men threw jokes, sarcasm, and light insults back and forth which sometimes brought them to a halt as they attempted to breath through the laughter.

“This was so fun, We've gotta do this again.” Spider-man said as he dropped Deadpool off at his home. Wade agreed, even if a voice in the back of his mind told him there would never be another time. Even with that thought, the mercenary couldn't help the way he lay in bed, trying to force the buzz in his head and the fluttering in his stomach to calm so he could get some sleep.

It wasn’t for a few weeks till they met up again and Spidey was quick to invite Deadpool along to help stop a car chase happening not to far, with the same rules applying. After that it became sort of habit to team up every once and a while, test out new jokes on one another and even spar a little. It wasn’t often, a couple times a month, but it was something.

One night though, when Wade was having one of his darker days, he couldn't hold his curiosity and asked Spider-an if he knew what he was thinking about doing that first night.

“I wasn't certain, but I had my suspicions.” A part of the mercenary felt betrayed at the admission, but for the most part he felt lied to. Not that he felt like Spidey lied, though he did, more like Wade had lied to himself. “I've seen and stopped a couple other people as well, so I guess I kind of know what it looks like.” Spidey continued, though Wade wasn’t fully attached to the conversation anymore.

He had made himself believe that someone as gold hearted as Spider-man actually wanted to get to know him, but of course not. The guy just didn't have the heart to let someone, even a villain, take his own life. Of course that's what it was.

The next time they met was when some serous stuff was going down and Spider-man was called to help out the X-men. He asked Wade to come along, assuring him he would be awesome help. Even though Deadpools inner voice snapped no, his mouth and body, said yes, that familiar adrenalin and buzz coming back as he followed the younger.

When they got there however, the merc with a mouth was immediately criticized, told he was only going to cause more damage. That he couldn't be trusted. That he wasn't needed or wanted. To just leave.

Never the less, he stayed, despite the dismay of the others. The only reason being that Spider-man baked him up. Every insult or flaw that was shoved in his face, Spidey defended him.

Eventually the talking fell to a minimum as the fight got more intense.

When it was all finished, Wade found himself siting in some ally, mask unaccounted for, blood oozing from who knows where, and on the verge of loosing consciousness. In this quiet moment, what the others had said came flooding back to mind. And with his head hung low, eye's mindlessly watching the puddle of red below him grow, the thought that maybe this was it.

Even as a light smile played across his lips at the though of his possible peace, the disappear people both wanted but wouldn't even notice happened, he couldn't relax his body. He forced his eye's to stay open and his mind to keep running.

It was far to confusing for his semi conscious mind as any other time he would have taken the opportunity to slip away. What was making him hold on? The answer soon came to him in a fast sprint, calling out his name.

Once his healing factor gave him enough energy to move a tad, the merc with a mouth raised his head slightly and responded. Footsteps suddenly rose in volume before stopping, a pare of spandex clad knees dropping to the ground in front of him. Two slim but strong hands cupped ether cheek and forced the mercenaries head up, ripping a painful groan from Deadpools burning throat.

“Wade!” Spider-man called again as there eye's met. The hero's mask was gone and there merc with a mouth was faced with a young man, hair flung about, dirt and blood smudged across his cheeks, breath coming in heavy gasps, and hazel eye's puffy and surrounded in red rings from the still falling tears. “Are you okay?”

“Y-ya, I'll be fine baby boy, chill. I've been through much worse. Healing factor's just gotta catch up with me.” Wade assured in an attempt at a light tone.

“Thank god.” Spider-man breathed before pulling the older into a tight embrace. “I was so scared, I though I was going to loose you.”

It was then, with the brunette clasping onto him for dear life, slim body shaking slightly, and tears dampening the mercenaries already ruined suit, did Wade realized something. If he did disappear, there would be someone, at least one person, that would notice, that would care.
Deadpool and Spider-man - No One Would Care
I don't know why this popped into mind, it's kind of sad which isn't usually my style. I feel like I didn't stick to the depressing enough to make it effective. I'm sorry, I can't write my lovely’s being in pain for long, it hurts me so bad.

I originally wrote this as a Spideypool story but then realized it isn't all that romantic so I just put it as Deadpool & Spider-man. But you can pictures Spideypool if you want, I do. ^^;

I don't own any character or collection of characters under one general name, mentioned in this story.
Hay there, can I tell you a story? This is a stony of a girl (I'm the girl) that had some wired likes. She wanted to read fan fics that had vampire, mermaid, winged, pregnant, (et cetera...) versions of her favorite characters but she couldn't find that much. So she sat and pouted about it until one day she remember that this wasn't like fan art where she can't draw sh*t, this was fan fiction, she could do that decently. So she had an epiphany and decided that if she wanted to read about wired things like Peter Parker being a merman then she should get off her lazy bum and write something herself.

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Warning: This story has boy x boy romances.

Like some sort of automatic machine, my eye's slide open, brain in almost perfectly working order. No sudden blaring noise or jolt of my body to wake me, just my inner clock informing me that it's that time.

Though I had no doubt in my subconscious, I still looked over at the bedside clock and, as expected, it was just before 5 am. I then turn to the other side of the bed and revel in the warmth that spreads throughout my body.

There lay Tony, my gorgeous husband of almost 20 years, eyes closed and breath light in a relaxed and peaceful slumber. I watch him lay there, lifting my hand so I can run my fingers through his messy hair which is slightly sticky from sweat and various other liquids he used down in his lab before stumbling upstairs at an ungodly hour and practically falling asleep before he even reaches the bed.

After several minutes of admiring my lover, I lift up to place a light kiss atop his forehead. He doesn’t stir, barley even makes a noise of acknowledgment at the touch as he is far to deep in sleep to care.

I then sadly slide out from under the covers, stretched my body a bit after I stand, then head over to my dresser. I pull out and proceed to change into a loose t-shirt, sweat pants, and thick cotton socks. I take one more glance at my sleeping beauty before slipping out of our bedroom.

As I walk down the hall, J.A.R.V.I.S. is quick to greet me, tell me the weather report and remind me of any appointments I have today. I thank him just as I reach the kitchen and proceed to get myself a quick drink. Once my thirst is quenched I continue on to the hall closet and retrieve a pull over hoody and runners. After I'm prepared for the early morning elements I open the front door and I'm not surprised to find a red and black clad man jump up from his seat on our front steps.

“Good morning Cap.” He greets cheerfully.

“Good morning Wilson.” I return with a gentle smile, relieved to see the mercenary not armed with his usually array of weapons that made it look like he was about to take down a small army by himself. “I see your back from your recent mission. Everything went well I presume.”

“Yep, not a single casualty! By my hands at least.” He said proudly.

“We done, Peter will be proud.” His smile grows so big it was noticeable even through his mask at the compliment, though I knew it was more from the impending praise he would receive from his lover.

“Speaking of Peter...” The merc with a mouth pushed with the subtlety of a door to door salesman. With a light sigh, I step aside.

“Go ahead. He's still asleep in his room, try not to wake him.” I say, though the last bit was most likely not heard as he bounded into my home, hands raised as he called my sons name. Part of me regrets letting him in, knowing that he would wake Peter despite the fact that my son had school this morning, but they haven’t seen each other in three weeks, I can relate to the rush of excitement at a reunion. Besides, Wilson had been kind enough to wait outside our door like Tony and I had asked instead of braking and entering like he had done in the beginning.

Pushing my concerns of my sons sudden yet most definitely joyous awakening aside, I closed the front door behind me, asked J.A.R.V.I.S. to lock it, and started off on my morning jog.

The first couple laps where without disruption, leaning me to think over the rest of the day. What work had to be done, what appointments needed to be attended, what to cook for dinner tonight because despite Tony assuring me that we had the money to hire an in house chef, I am determined to cook for my family. Don't ask me why this was so important because I can't really explain it. It's the same thing that drives me to do our own laundry, dishes, cleaning, it just feels like how it should be.

Ether way, back to my morning jog. Around the third lap I usually pass Sam and continue to pass his for another couple laps before I slow down to chat.

Once my body decides it's had enough for the day and I proceed to force it to do one more, then I head home.

After removing my sweater and shoes, I make my way to the kitchen for another drink and am not surprised to find that I'm no longer the only one up.

Wilson sat on one of the stools surrounding the kitchen island, now without his mask, reveling his unfortunately deformed face that held a grin that one could only describe as stupidly happy as he held Peter who was perched a top his lap. My sons hair was tousled and stuck out in all directions, not yet cleaned and groomed for the morning, and had light purple crescents under his eyes that showed he hadn't received his mandatory hours of sleep, but he held a similar dazed grin as he watched the older, a light blush painted across his checks.

I watch for a moment, unable to stop the corners of my lips from turning upward at my son's joy before I make my presence known.

“Good morning Peter.” My son jolts at the sudden call of his name, head snapping up to look at me.

“D-dad, morning.” He greeted as he attempted to slide from his boyfriends lap, his pink cheeks darkening to red, but is held firmly in place. “W-wade.” He practically hissed but is only pulled closer into the embrasure, Wilson's head snuggling into Peter's neck.

“How was your sleep?” I press forward, trying to show that I have seen enough of the mercenary wrapped around my son that it doesn’t bother me all that much anymore.

“Cut unexpectedly short but was good while it lasted. How about you?” He asks in an attempts at a casual voice, though the underline of embarrassment was still there.

“Fine thanks. Though, speaking of cutting things short, I believe it's time to go wake your father.” I say as I look in the direction of our shared bedroom.

“Oh, he was up late last night so he might be grumpy.” Peter warned, apparently giving up on detaching himself from his boyfriend for the time being.

“Duely noted, thank you.” I say as I turn and make my way out of the kitchen, leaving Peter to prepare for school. As I leave I can hear my son inform his lover that he couldn't get ready for school with the older's arms on him to which Wilson assured that they would find a way.

I open our bedroom door to find Tony, lying close to the exact same way I left him. I crawl over and lay beside my husband, my head propped up on my hand and I find myself in the familiar situation of aimlessly watching the man before me.

Soon though I begin to run my free hand through his deep mohogony hair and quietly call his name. He stirs only slightly and I take it as my cue to lean down and place peck on his lips. As I pull away, Tony's chin rises as he mindlessly attempts to follow my lips. I scoff humorously as his brows knit together in slight confusion before going for another, longer kiss. He's quick to react and began to move his mouth with mine. When I pull away this time, his expression lowers into somewhat of a pout.

“Nooohooo.” He rejects as if his protesting could add a few hours to the morning. My grin widens as he shifts deeper into the mattress.

“Good morning my darling I greet.

“Good night my darling.” He offers back despite knowing I wasn't going to accept it.

“Come on Tony, it's time to get up, life calls.”

“Let the machine get it.” He tries.

“Tooony.” I say in a slightly stern yet still humored tone, brow raised.

“Steeeve.” He copies, as he flops an arm around my waist and pulls his body to mine. “Let's cuddle.” He offers as he buries his face into my shirt.

“Maybe later.” I wrap my free arm around his torso and rise to a sitting position, pulling my whining husband along with me.

“Baby why? I thought you loved me.” He says as he sat practically limp on my lap as if I would just give up and drop him back down onto the bed.

“I do love you,” I assure, the accusation said a few to many times to be taken seriously enough to effect me. “That's why I haven’t showered, yet.” I feel his body tense as I whisper the last part to him.

“Well, you should have said that sooner.” I can feel his lips turn up into a grin as he places a few kisses on my neck and shoulder. I chuckle, which he soon joins in on, as I tuck my arms under his, forcing him to hold onto my neck. Once I get a good grip, I stand from the bed with a little help from my husband. Tony's quick to wrap his legs around me and, though he wouldn't admit to it, giggles gleefully as I carry him to our shared bathroom.

We take our morning shower and no, we didn't do what your probably thinking. A lot of lip action and few touches here and there to wake the senses, but it didn't go as far as the gutter your perverted minds have jumped into.

After bathing, we dress for the day, which is J.A.R.V.I.S.'s opportunity to explain the schedule for the day. After grunts, groans, and attempting to assure that he himself didn't have to go to any meetings, we emerge from our room. Tony naturally gravitates to the kitchen and I follow, hoping to and successfully catching Peter before he leaves for school, Wilson standing close by in some common cloths he keeps stashed in his lovers bedroom.

“Ah, good timing, we where just heading out.” Peter greets as he slings his back pack over his shoulder.

“Well good morning and good bye then.” Tony says as he pulls Peter into a quick embrace. “And a good morning to you Wade, welcome back. Everything go well?”

“Yep.” Wilson said rather enthusiastically. “Not a single death by me, Can I have the gadget you promised me now?” He asks, subtle as always.

“I don't know, did you break into my house this morning?” Tony asked with a raised brow as the mercenary rocked back and forth on his heals and toes.

“Nope, I waited outside like a good boy.” Wilson proclaimed proudly as my husbands other brow lifts. Tony turns his head to look at me, silently asking if I can vouch for his story. I nod and his expression lightens to a smile.

“Then yes, you may.”

“Really!?” Wilson asked as he halts his rocking, sticking him on his tip toes, his expression one could relate to a child.

“But not now, Peter has school to get to.”

“Right, do you need us to call the car sweetie?”  I asked but Peter shakes his head, steps a bit closer to Wilson and intertwines one of his and his boyfriends hands.

“No thanks, Wade's going to walk with me, gives us time to chat.

“And then I'll be back for my reward.”

“I thought Peter was your reward for a job well done?”

“No, Petey's the ultimate prize.” Wade said, then tried to duck away from a swat from his boyfriend who protested loudly.

“Hey! I'm not some prize to be won!”

We all share a chuckle before Peter decides there's no more time to dawdle. I give my son a quick good bye hug and then send them on their way.

“He learns like a dog.” Tony states once the two young lovers where out of our home. “Refusing to make improvements without a reward.”

“But at least he is making improvements.” I defend, slipping an arm around my husbands waist. “He can just get a little to excited at times.”

“Your telling me.” Tony leans into the one handed embrace, resting his head against my shoulder. “I'm surprised he hasn't smothered Peter to death yet.”

“Yes, but I think Peter likes the smothering.”

“He does, doesn’t he?” Tony's expression softens into one of humor and pride as he looks to where our son once stood. I can't help but kiss the top of my husbands head which causes his happy expression to scrunch momentarily. He turns to look up at me, giving me the opening I was hoping for as I lean down to steal his lips. He chuckles lightly into it as his arms raise to wrap around my neck. I use my arm around his waist to pull us flush together which causes him to purr happily.

The moment was interrupted however as my stomach growls obnoxiously loud, deciding that it was done waiting patently.

“Breakfast.” We chime together.
Superfamily - An Average Morning With Steve
This story was born from my craving to see my baby’s just chilin and being all happy and in love. :3 That's really it, hope you enjoyed!

I don't own any character mentioned in this story.

Mature Content

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Warning: This story contains Boy x Boy romances.

“Steve.” Tony called to his husband who had absentmindedly been pacing the length of the living room/kitchen.

“Hm?” Came the blonds acknowledgment, though he didn't turn to the younger.


“No what?”

“No you can't call him, or go out and find him.”

“But Tony.” Steve protested as he turned to his husband, not bothering to try and deny the brunettes accusation. “Our baby is out there in just a sweater and it's snowing.” He said with an expression akin to any over baring mother.

“First off, Peter's 18, not 8. Second, he's on a date so leave him to it.” Tony said as he picked up his mug of now lukewarm coffee.

“Don't remind me.” The super soldier groaned, tilting his head momentarily in exaggeration as he shifts from one foot to the other. “Still don't think we should let Peter date Wilson.”

“Oh it was never a matter of letting them see each other, it's just whether they have to hide it from us or not.” Tony said as he lifted the mug to his lips.

“He's far to old for our son.” Steve pressed on, choosing to ignore the idea that his good, honest son would go sneaking around behind their backs.

“Says the 110 year old war veteran to his 50 year old husband.” Tony more mumbled then spoke before grinning at his own joke.

“And he's a bad influence. They're on their first date and he's already keeping Peter out longer then agreed.”

“Late?” Tony questioned, turning to look up at the analog clock that hung not to far. “It's only 10:35.”

“Exactly. I told him to have Peter back by nine.” Steve said, in a tone that implied that the issue he was seeing was thought to be obvious.

“And then I told them they could be out until eleven, which is still really early considering how old they are.” Tony defended which was countered with a groan from the taller. “Calm down honey, they'll be home soon.”

“Sir's.” Came the over pleasant and calm voice of J.A.R.V.I.S.. “My apologies for the interruption but I though I should inform you that Peter and company have entered the property and are quickly approaching the front door.”

“Well speak of the devil.” The inventor said, though was ignored as his husband had sped out of the living room to greet their son.

Steve grabbed the door nob, even though he could here keys jingling together on the other side, and flung it open, ready to pull his, no doubt, freezing son into an embrace. Instead of dragging him inside however, the older stopped mid greeting when both Peter and Wade jolted back at his sudden appearance.

“Dad, can Wade come in?” Peter asked over the coat he wore that caused him to resemble a child that had been rolled up in a king sized blanket. It was a thick, black coat with an obscene amount of pockets that looked five sizes to big for the brunette. The bottom of it came just above his knees while the sleeves had to be scrunched up a fair bit to have his hands accessible and the hood flopped over his head to the point where it was obliviously a bit hard to see.

“I'm fine Petey.” Wade assured as he stood there shaking slightly in the sweater Steve recognized as the one Peter had left the house with. The sleeves clung obviously uncomfortably tight around the mercenaries forearms and the bottom hung just below the mans waist. It hung open as it wasn't large enough to be zipped up, let alone be any aid in keeping Wade warm.

“Not when your turning blue at the tips.” Peter shot back with an uneven mix of worry and slight frustration before turning back to his father. “Please dad.”

“Hm? Oh, right, sure.” Steve excepted, snapping out of his stupor and stepped aside o let the two in. Peter rushed inside, a half hardheartedly protesting Wade in tow, and made a beeline for the small kitchen in the corner of the room. It had originally been Tony's bar but was converted when Peter joined the household.

“Welcome home.” Tony greeted before letting out a snicker. “Oh my god, Steve! Our son's been eaten by a pile of fabric and pockets.” Tony joked, receiving a chuckle only from the merc with a mouth as Wade was sat down on one of the stools that surrounded the kitchen island. Peter hurriedly removed the coat and flung it over Wade's shoulders. “Where'd you even get that?” Tony couldn't help but ask despite being almost 100% certain he knew the answer already.

“Wade forced it on me.” Peter snapped just as Steve re-entered the living room.

“What else was I supposed to do when my baby boy doesn’t know how to dress for the occasion?” Wade asked with a slight pout, though he couldn’t suppress his grin for long at how flustered his lover was.

“Take me home like I suggested.” Peter spat back in frustration, though the anger was mostly a veil over the worry.

“And skip out on our date!?” Wade said with an almost offended expression, and mockingly pressing a hand to his chest for dramatic effect.

As the couple bickered, though it was more Peter protesting out of concern and Wade joking, soaking in how adorable his baby boy was when he was worried, the parents eye's met. Tony raised a questioning brow, that that pretty much dared Steve to bring the previous complaints back up. When the super solder turned with an annoyed scoff, still holding firm to his opinion, Tony decided to push his lover.

“Hey Peter,” The inventor called, pulling in the attention of all the other men. “Your bedroom's nice and toasty, especially in your self heating bed.” While Steve's expression sinks in realization, the mercenary lit up.

“Wait a min-”

“That's a great idea.” Wade interrupted the flustered blond.

“Let's go snuggle Petey.” He said, clasping his boyfriends hands in his.”

“I-I don't know Wade.” The brunette said with a slight blush rising to his cheeks as he glanced at Steve who wore a glare that easily communicated what he expected Peter's answer to be.

“Come on, I didn't get to have the stereotypical make out on your front steps moment, let me have this.” Wade almost wined as his lovers cheeks darkened to a red while Tony could no longer hold in his laughter at his husbands angry yet embarrassed expression.

“Peeeeteer.” Steve called in a loud yet low disciplinary and almost threatening tone. The younger sunk slightly as pressure was on him to answer. He knew his dad didn't approve and the brunette didn't want to upset his own father, but then he looked back at Wade's hopeful and pale face and couldn't help but recall how the mercenary handed over his coat without hesitation practically the moment they met up, leaving the merc with the mouth unprotected from the elements for a couple hours.

“Sure.” Peter excepted with a slight smile while Wade literally squealed with delight.

“To the love nest,” Wade declared, jumping up from his seat, letting the coat that had been hanging from his shoulders loosely fall to the floor. “away!”

“H-hey!” Steve called after the quickly flying couple.

“Steve.” Tony shot sternly, showing that he was getting a bit annoyed. “You where scared about our son freezing but he didn't because Wade chose to freeze instead. He's a good man. A tad bit bat shit crazy at times but a good guy to Peter.” Tony stated, hoping that one of his rare outbursts would get a message through.

Instinctively Steve felt defensive, wanting to fight back but soon the let out a sigh of exceptions. This time, he was beat.

“He does take care of him, doesn’t he?” Steve said as he approached the stool Wade was just siting in.

“They take care of each other.” Tony said with a light smile as the super solder bent down and picked up the abandon coat. When the article of clothing was lifted however, a couple things fell from one of the many pockets and hit the ground with a small noise, just loud enough to grab the parents attention. Tucking the coat under an arm for the moment, Steve bent down to pick up the items. Then his expression fell from a curious stare to a scowl.

“Peter! Wiiilsoooon!” Steve called as he charged up that stairs to his sons room, a package of obviously opened condoms and lubrication in hand.
Super Family - He's Cold
I thought up the ending while typing this up, I thought it was funny.

I though the jokes by Tony where funny to, especially the one about age. It actually took a bit of math to come up with Steve being 110 and Tony being 50 but it would make sense. In my mind, Tony and Steve got Peter when Tony was about 30 and Steve, having slept for just under 70 years, was technically 90ish. They got Peter as a baby, or at least a kid, who is 18 now. Confused yet? Me too.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

I don't own anyone mentioned in this story.
Warning, this story had boy x boy in it and mpreg.

Tony was staring, he knew he shouldn't be but he was. He couldn't help it, Steve was just so large now, it was unreal. It had gotten to the point where anyone could see that daily tasks where more difficult for the soldier. Yet even with the inconveniences, pain, and discomfort that Tony knew the older was feeling, for the most part, Steve would have this dazed yet stupidly happy look on his face. He would just stare off into the distance with a smile plastered on his face, chuckling every once and a while, and usually lazily rubbing his baby bump. No, it was more of a mound and this point, a hill maybe.

Ether way, the blond looked like he was always in such a clam, peaceful, happy place and it made Tony feel guilty for not sharing in that bliss. Sure he was happy in general but he was mostly panicking these days. Almost every little grunt or groan of discomfort from the older made Tony come running to help. The inventor hadn't been this strung out in his life, even during most of the pregnancy he wasn't this doting. It wasn't until they passed the due date and the baby didn't come did the brunette start to worry. The baby was late and Tony was about to pass out from anticipation, concern and severe lack of sleep. Any second, any moment now the labor could hit them like a swift hand to the cheek and that scared the younger.

A sudden flinch and painful gasp from Steve yanked Tony from his thoughts.

“Steve!” The inventor raced over to the couch. “What happened, are you okay, is it happening?”

“No Tony, I'm fine.” The older assured, hand raised as he tried to take a few deep breaths.

“You sure? Do you need a hot water bottle, massage, Tums?” The billionaire ralid off, a hand on his husbands shoulder.

“No, I'll be alright.” Steve said with a sigh as the pain dulled, tho it still hung over him like the sun in the sky.

“Your sure, because I can get you anything, anything in the world.” The blond couldn't help but chuckle lightly.

“Oh I know. If I wanted to rule over a small country I'm positive you would find a way.” The soldier joked as he shifted in hopes of finding a more comfortable position.

“It that what you want?” Tony asked with so much seriousness that Steve couldn't hold the burst of laughter from within him.

“God Tony, calm down.”

“How do you expect me to be calm when he, she, it is taking sooo long.” The billionaire whined with a light pout for being laughed at as he flopped down on the couch beside his husband.

“The baby will come when they are ready.” The older said as he intertwined his and Tony's fingers.

“The baby was supposed to come three weeks ago.” Tony said as he turned his body to face his lover, his free hand slipping on top of Steve's stomach.

“They're just not ready for the world yet, it is scary out here.”

“You know what?” Tony asked, eye's shifting from his husbands face down to the soldiers stomach. “I think they're just messing with me.”

“What?” The older asked with a humored scoff.

“They're holding off purposely just to freak me out.”

“I'm pretty sure an unborn infant isn't that devious.”

“It is my kid.” The inventor reminded, gaze rising along with and eye brow.

“True.” The blond acccepted as his eye's drifted to the scenery past the window.

“They're gonna wait til I'm off my guard then decide that the show will start.”

“You think?”

“Yep, but I'm not gonna let it happen. I'm going to be hear with you 24/7 until it happens.”

“Is that why you haven’t been sleeping?” Steve didn't have to look over, didn’t have to see the guilty expression Tony wore to know his husband realized he had been caught. Instead of trying to defend himself, the brunette went quiet as he knew he didn't have a good enough excuse for the super soldier. “You know it stresses me out when you don't take care of yourself. How do you expect to take care of a child when you can't take care of yourself?”

“To be fair, no one expected me to be a good parent. They all banking on you to take care of the baby just like you take care of this man child.” Tony said, making a quick hand gesture to himself before returning to rubbing his husbands belly, tracing a delicate finger over each stretch mark he could feel through the olders shirt.


“Their words, not mine.” The billionaire quickly defended, raising his hand.

“But you believe them don't you?” Steve watched his husbands expression fall into something akin to shame and regret.

“I just wanna do right by you two.”

“Do right? Tony you've been amazing to us.” The soldier assured, turning as much as he could to the younger. “Getting us anything we could possible need or want, taking all those child caring courses, and all the time you've taken off of work the past few months just so you could be with us every step of the way. You've been everything a child or husband could ask for.”Steve said as he cupped the inventors cheek.

“You think?” Tony asked, his pride finally slipping, as it seemed to do when it was just Steve and him, and he showed a hopeful smile along with the slightest of blushes.

“I know.” Steve said as he pulled his husband in for a long slow kiss. The billionaire couldn't help but smile gently as he leaned forward, placing a hand on the olders thigh for stability. Then the blond stiffened, eye's wide in astonishment.

“Steve?” Tony questioned but was ignored as his partner let out a sudden gasp, though he tried to muffle it with his palm as he tightened his grip on his lovers hand. “Steve!” Tony shouted in concern as he squeezed the blonds leg. The soldier felt a rush of warmth then very very moist. He blinked then turned to see Tony looking down at his lap, expression one of stunned shock. Then his gaze rose and there eyes locked.
Steve x Tony - Waiting For the Perfect Moment
I've been wanting to do an mpreg for a while but I just couldn't get the emotions right. I hope this one is okay, I like it.

I want to do more mpreg cuz I think it's just so cute!

I decided to keep the baby vague so people can think what they want. Personally I like to think it's Peter Parker. I can't seem to find Super Family mpreg. I've only found one I can remember but all that had was them deciding to name their baby Peter.

I also want more fics where Tony and Steve, or any of my ships, to just be happy and sweet to each other. I need the fluff!

Anyway, hope you liked! ^^

I don't own anyone mentioned in this story or the blurb.

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