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Got a call from my gaming store, getting Super Smash Bros. Wii U at 9 pm today! (20th) Anyone else?

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It was a breezy, yet warm Autumn day at the Smash Mansion. Many of the residents where enjoying the out doors. The kids where playing along side Luma's, Pikmin and Pokemon in the massive amounts of leaves that had fallen from the trees above. The only others there where Olimar, keeping an eye on his Pikmin, and the Mario brothers, as requested by Master Hand. With the reason being unclear, the brothers simply sat and watched along side the space man.

Suddenly, a shot rang out through the garden, almost like a staticy gunshot with a sharp bang. The sound of panicked ducks arose as more bangs where heard.

Whether through curiosity or just to follow the crowd, all the smashers in the area headed in the direction of the noise. The group tracked the sound to a small clearing in the forest but then lost the trail. There was no shots, no ducks in a panic, no people, no gun, it seemed empty.

The Pikmin where the first to scurry off, as ordered by Olimar, to see if they could find anything interesting, and so they did. As the other fighters simply glanced around the area, a group of blue and white Pikmin came out from behind a bush caring the carcase of a duck. The little creatures presented the bird to Olimar who studied it. What did it mean?

Then, another series of shots rang out and a few Luma's cried out in pain. The star shaped creatures began to panic, some Lumas flew off, away from the scene, others found shelter in the bushes, trees, or other fighters.

“Hey!” Mario yelled into the forest as he hugged a pair of Luma's close to his chest protectively. The holler called silence, as if freezing the moment. “No ones an enemy here, no more firing.” There was a long pause of silence, no sudden movement, no sudden sounds, only a cheeky snicker that was quite familiar to the Mario brothers.

“Oh no.” Luigi muttered, recognizing the chuckle. Tracing the noise back to where the Pikmin had discovered the deceased bird, the fighters found a very amused hunting dog and a duck. “I knew it.” Luigi grumbled in slight annoyance.

“Hey!” Ness shouted, shocking the group, especial the dog and duck duo. “You hurt the Luma's you meany! How would you like it if I shot you?” The young boy asked, upset that someone hurt not just his friends, but innocent creatures for no reason. Sticking only his pointer finger and thumb out, curling the other three up, he pointed at the dog. “Bang!”

Suddenly the dog clutched his chest then fell to the ground, the duck falling off his companions back to stand on the ground beside him. Most of the crowd watched in shock and confusion, no one speaking until Ness stammered. “I-i hit him.” He said, obviously not intending to really hurt the animal.

“No,” Mario jumped in, placing a reassuring hand on the boys shoulder. “you can't shoot the dog,” He informs as the snickering crept up again. Soon the dog jumped up with a goofy, self satisfied grin. “no mater how much you want to.”
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Welcome: Duck Hunt

Getting Super Smash Bros. Wii U at 9 pm today! (20th) Anyone else?

Hey! Hope you enjoyed. ^^ As you could, hopefully, tell, I was trying to show of how cocky and annoying the dog is. And I had to put in the most iconic thing about him, laughing at your failure.

I like the cute pictures in my head of the kids, Pikmin, and Pokemon all playing together.

The reason Master Hand sent Mario and Luigi out was so they could welcome Duck Hunt.

Just so you know, I never specificity say where the gunshots where from because the gun was being shot by the player, which Mario and the others wouldn’t see.

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I don't own any characters mentioned in this story.

Got a call from my gaming store, getting Super Smash Bros. Wii U at 9 pm today! (20th) Anyone else?
The mansion was a buzz with confusion as fighters made their way to the dining hall, which also functioned as the auditorium, once the tables had been removed.

“Whats going on?” The female Wii Fit Trainer asked aloud as she moved along with the throng.

“Well, you know how Master Hand hasn’t been around the mansion the last couple of days?” Peach decided to jump in, receiving a nod in response.

“Is he back?”

“Not sure, but we are getting a load of info about the upcoming tournament. He's likely off working on something special for it.” Peach explained.

“Really? I wonder what it is? He hasn’t been away from the mansion since the beginning when he was still handing out invitations. Do you think...?”


As the fighters finally took their seats, a surprising yet familiar voice boomed over the crowd.

“Welcome, everyone, to this surprise info session for the upcoming tournament.” The room exploded with curios whispers.

“The announcer?” It was easy to recognize his voice, they had heard it many times before, but never outside of matches or games. In fact, none of the fighters had ever met the announcer in person and far as they knew.

“The tournament is almost here yet little information has been given, so I, the announcer, has been instructed to let you in on some things that are not found in the current tournament. Master Hand would have been here to give you the information himself but he's busy with something very special, so I've been called in to help. But, not all fighters are here I see.”

This led to the fighters glancing around the room, curious to see who was missing. Then, all attention was called to the door as it noisily opened, silencing the crowd. The first to appear, as she squeezed her way through the door, was a familiar ball of cuteness.

“Pika, pika!” Called an existed Pikachu as he hopped over to his friend.

“Jig? Jigglypuff!” The balloon Pokemon greeted happily, waving her stubby little arms in the air.

“Pi, pikachu! Pika pika pi?”

“Jigg jiggly. Jigglypuff puff.” And so continued the conversation of which most fighters couldn’t understand. So they then turned there attention to the two others entering the room, both recognized faces.

Toon Link was the only other to jump from his chair to greet the returnees, though he was only interested in one. A fierce hug came to the shorter of the arriving fighters, nearly knocking him over. Ness was finally back, granting Toon Link another child friend to play with.

The other returner received glares from the two adult Hylians in the room. The only positive reaction to his arrival came in the form of a nod and grunt of welcome from King Dedede.

“Is it only you three?” The announcer asked as Ness was dragged to a chair by Toon Link's. Ganondorf simply nodded in the direction of the stage, as that was where the voice seemed to be coming from. Before the enthusiastic announcer could say another word, Ganondorf shrugged to indicate that he didn't know where the others where.

“Well, that's problematic.” The announcer though to himself. As Ganondorf made his way to Bowser, not particularly a friend but a common villain, the announcer ordered helpers to go find the missing fighters. “Not much else I can do. On with the show I suppose.”


Though the meeting ran long, there was close to never a moment of disinterest in the crowd. Every subject lead to a comment or two which would no doubt turn into a full discussion after the session. Near the end of the info extravaganza, Bowser noticed something. A familiar tuft of hair go by the window. Curiosity got the best of him so the Koopa King excused himself to see if his suspicions where true, and what do you know, they where. There, in a loud group, were his 8 kids. It didn’t take long for one of them to spot him, Ludwig to be specific, and so followed all attention turning to their parent.




“Dad!” They all called as they ran up to Koopa King.

“Kids! What are you doing here?” Bowser asked with a light laugh.

“I came to hel-”

“We came to help you in the tournament.” Morton intruded, pushing Wendy aside.

“We got one of those letters from that big hand that gives you yours.” Larry explained as he forced his way to the front.

“I got the invitation, they're just tagging.” Bowser Junior proclaimed.


“Are not!”

“Are so!” Bowser couldn’t help but let out a hardy laugh at his children's bickering.

“Ether way,” Bowser said, calling silence to the kids.

“The Koopa family will rise above all these goody two shoes. Where gonna run this tournament!” And so followed a family cheer.


Back inside the make shift auditorium, the presentation was coming to an end. Little did the fighters know, the best was saved for last, or at least the most influential.

“And now, for a special announcement.” The announcer said, bringing quiet to a group that thought the assembly was over. “As a lot of you know, Master Hand has been absent the past few days. He is working on something that has never been done in a Super Smash Brothers tormentor before.” Suddenly the stage lit up, and slowly, a 3d model started to materialize from the ground up. For some, it took only a second to realize what it was, others needed more time. Some stayed in silent shock, some laughed, others spoke.

“I knew it!”


“Oh my god.”


“No way.”

“Really?” Some couldn't help but scream.

Through the noisy the crowd, the announcer spoke.

“MewTwo is on the way, and will join the battle as a new fighter!” This brought on another wave of sound, almost overshadowing what the announcer needed to say next. Luckily many quieted down to hear the details. “However Master Hand is still in the process of coaxing this fighter to return, so MewTwo wont be arriving for quite some time. Where hoping to get him in spring of 2015, we'll keep you updated.” The whispers then continued. “Remember, the first opening of the tournament will be on the 21st of November in North America.”


“North America first? It's usually Japan who gets the first opening.”

“The Next,  on November 28th in Europe, then Australasia the next day, and finally the 6th of December in Japan.”

“Wow, Japan is last?” The room exploded with comments and conversations. One silent fighter however, was lost in thought.”

“Whats up?” Ike asked his spaced out friend.

“It's just, MewTwo was in Melee but not Brawl and now he's coming back. What if Roy-”
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Welcome: Wii U 50 Fact Video

Cliffhanger!!!! That I wont actually be tying up!!! Ya the last line was just to put a though into your head.

As you can see, even though the video Nintendo released had a LOT more info, I only stuck with the character announcements. I feel like I didn’t represent the hype that MewTwo has.

Originally I wrote the scene with Bowser Jr. and the other kids as Bowser getting mad at them being there and wanting them to go home and be safe. Then my mom gave me her prospective and I realized it made a lot more sense to have it like this. Thanks mom! She makes all my stories SO much better.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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I own no characters mentioned in this story.

The doors to the waiting room quietly opened as-

“I see you sneaking in there.” Came a familiar voice.

“L-lady Palutena!” Pit stammered in surprise, jumping out from behind the door.

“Did you think you could sneak around without me knowing?” The goddess asked with a chuckle, showing that she wasn’t all that upset.

“Ha ha, can't blame a guy for tryin right?” Pit joked.

“What have you been doing out there? The tournament is about to start any second now.”

“I took a peek at the fans outside. There's thousands of them.” Pit announced in excitement like it was a personal achievement.

“Wow, really? I never would have thought this tournament was that popular.” Palutena commented under her breath.

“Ya, there's more people here then back in Brawl.”

“That’s right, this is your second tournament. Has it changed since then?”

“Not all that much actually. Then again, I've only been in the third and forth tournament.” Pit reminded.

“Yes, of course...” The goddess said, a thoughtful finger on her chin. Her eyes wondered from the captain of her royal guards to a racer. “Captain Falcon.” She called through the noisy crowd of fighters. The bounty hunter turned to her with his usual grin as he approached.

“Yes, what can I do for such a lovely lady.” Captain Falcon greeted, receiving a disapproving pout from Pit and a giggle from the lady in question.

“Yes well, I was curious about how much the tournament has changed since the beginning. You where in the first one right? What was it like?” Palutena asked and, though still brooding, Pit's interest was peaked as well.

“Well, it was a lot smaller then all this. There where only 11 fighters, not including me, and 9 stages. There was also Classic and a couple of little games on the side but that's it.” He explained.


“That sounds like it would get boring real fast.” Pit commented.

“You'd think, but it was all so fantastical at the time. No one, nether we, the fighters, nor the fans had seen anything like it. Think about how you two felt when you first came here, had your first fight.” Captain Falcon then paused to let the memories arise.

“It was really existing.” Palutena chimed happily, still a little in the honeymoon period herself.

“It was so cool. I had never fought anyone as tough as the people here.”

“Yes, now picture that excitement on every fighter and every fan.” Captain Falcon instructed. There was yet another pause of silence before Pit spoke.

“That would be amazing. Not to mention a lot less pressure to be the best.”

“Or better then Melee.” Captain Falcon joked. The friends shared a chuckle before the tales continued. “Yes, it was a lot simpler back then. More... humble I guess you can s-”

“All fighters please report to the stadium. I repeat, all fighters please report to the stadium.” Interrupted the intercom. There was a cheer from the fighters as they approached the door to the stadium in excitement.

The whole atmosphere before the start of the tournament was a lot less stressful then the one for Japan as all the fighters were a lot more prepared this time around. The tournament start in Australia would be a cake walk which also promised that the fighters would be in top condition for the fans.

“Here we go.” Captain Falcon practically muttered, more to himself then anyone else.

“You've been in all the tournaments, does it ever get boring? All the fighting I mean.” Pit asked.

“You'd think, but it never seemed to (Mommy! Like get boring, or thee wonder dosent fade.)


Resembling actors at the end of a play, all the fighters lined up, hand in hand, and as the lights turned on them, they all took a bow to the roar of cheers and claps.

Super Smash Bros. 4 - Welcome: NA+European Release

I'm SO sorry Australian fans but I'm not writing a chapter for the release in your country. Not that you don't deserve one its just I already have to write chapters for 4 release dates, (the Japan Wii U and 3DS and the NA+European Wii U and 3DS) I don't have enough ideas for 2 more. Still love you guys! ^^

I was one of those people that lined up in front of the store before it opened to get the game, got there an hour and a half early. Mom and I where first! ^^ But while waiting, me and a few other fans started playing the demo together. ^^ It was fun.

The thing about the waiting room being noisy compared to the Japanese release is that everyone was nervous and quiet, but now they're prepared and more relaxed.

'Captain Falcon greeted, receiving a disapproving pout from Pit' This part was just to show that Pit is protective of Palutena in a like parent or brotherly way ya know?

Just in case you don't know, the 'honeymoon period' is a point when something you have been anticipating finally happens and everything seems to be perfect. The ' honeymoon period ' ends when you start to see the issues start to arise in the situation.

Example: A couple gets married and for a while they're super happy and lovey-dove, but then problems start to come up, like bills, or someone not doing the dishes when its there turn, I don't know.

I learned a lot about Captain Falcon when writing this, like that he's not showy like I thought, he's quite withdrawn and prefers to keep to himself.

Or better then Melee.” Just so you all know, I wasn’t trying to make fun of Melee or anything, this series is trying show what the fan base is all about, and you all must admit, in close to anything revolving around Smash Bros., some one, or a few people, have to point out that they think Melee is the best. Whether you agree with this or are annoyed by people who do this, it doesn’t mater. The fact is, many fans do do it.

All fighters please report to the stadium. I repeat, all fighters please report to the stadium.” Do you notice something?

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Offical Super Smash Bros. Wii U + 3DS Posters by AnimeLoveLover123
Offical Super Smash Bros. Wii U + 3DS Posters
Looky what I got the the mail!

As some people know, you can register for a thing called club Nintendo and by giving revews on games, you get coins witch you can use to by cool things like this. ^^

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