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I know I'm really late to the party but I was looking over some old Avengers 1 vids and posts and a lot of people are confused or make fun of the fact that Bruce Banner can suddenly control when he turns into the Hulk and it's not explained. But it is explained.

As a lot a people know, most of the recent Marvel films are connected and in the Incredible Hulk movie, you will find the answer. And I want to remind that even if it's not the same actor, they are supposed to be the same Bruce.


Throughout the movie they show Bruce both trying to get rid of AND trying to control the Hulk. At the vary end of the movie they show Bruce meditating hard, then he smiles and opens his eyes and there green. Now it's not specifically said how well he can control the Hulk but in that one moment you see that he dose make an improvement, that he is still working to and making progress in controlling Hulk. By the time the Avengers happen, it has been at lest a month sins that moment at the end of the Incredible Hulk, so he must have gotten even better at controlling it.

I may be missing something but whenever some mokes or questions why Bruce can suddenly transform, I always think of this.

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Warning: This story has two males having homosexual interests, one of which trying to tell himself he's not, and a character confidently wearing an outfit made for women.

Spider-man stood tall atop a building edge, looking out into the surprisingly calm city beyond, when a gust of wind blew by, carrying with it a memory from a few nights back. The somehow exhilarating squeak came back to his ears as the image of an all to, yet not short enough, skirt flipping up to revel-

Spider-man let out a frustrated groan as he crouched down, curling his arms around his bent knees and ducking his head down, as if trying to hide his blush despite his mask doing the job for him.

“This is ridiculous.” He told himself. “Come on Parker, calm down. I just haven’t had any action since MJ and I split last year, that’s all.” He took a few slow breaths as he tried to push the memory back down. “I mean, I'm straight right... right?”

“Spidey!” Came a familiar voice and, even though in the back of his mind, the vigilantly knew who it was and why he should run, he went with his first instinct and turned around.

Deadpool was running towards him, one hand waving excitedly in the air, his mask unable to hide the mercenaries wide smile, and bunny ears bouncing with each step. The youngers jaw went slack but that didn't stop his eye's from darting down to Deadpool's bar legs before snapping back up in shame. Only his eye landed on the mercenaries mostly visible chest thanks to the low cut, strapless, absolutely made for a woman, one piece.


Spider-man ducked his head back between his knees as a blush crept onto his cheeks.

“What the hell are you wearing!?” He screamed, heart thudding with every step closer the mercenary took. Jesus, it's not fair. How is it that he was getting more flustered seeing the mercenary wear a play boy bunny outfit then when he saw pretty much the same outfit a hundred times in various magazines on various women?

“A bunny outfit silly.” Deadpool informed proudly before draping himself over the youngers back. Spider-man instantly stiffened, taking in a shaky breath as the older wrapped his arms around the vigilantes neck. Slowly Deadpool pressed his practically bare and rather cold chest to Spider-mans back, enjoying the warmth. Spider-man kept his head down, unable to put up a fight as he thanked his suit for the, all be it thin, wall it made between their skin.  Then Deadpool leaned close, making sure to let his lips brush against Spider-mans ear as he whispered. “How do I look?”

The younger couldn’t stop the slight shiver that ran up his spine, the way the hair on the back of his neck stood up as he held back a groan.

Oh god, he was gonna die. He was gonna die right here on this roof with a massive boner and Jameson is just gonna have a field day with that article. And then he'll fire Peter for not getting photos and god please just strike him down now.

“What's the matter Spidey? Why so quiet today?” The mercenary said slowly as he let his hands slide from the youngers shoulders, down his sides, and around his waist, knowing full well that Spider-man could kick his ass if he wanted to. Which just made Deadpool smile when instead of a punch to the face, he received a light, almost pleased sigh at the action. “Let's chat.” Suddenly the merc with a mouth tightened his grip and stood, expecting the younger to be forced to stand as well. Instead of the obvious, Spider-man stayed in much the same position, leaving the mercenary to hold a balled up hero like some sort of teddy bear.

Despite how embarrassed Spider-man was at being held like this and how he wanted to cry, he wouldn't uncurl his legs. Not until his head, the lower of the two, realized that Deadpool was a man and Spidey was totally straight and shouldn't be so excited by all this.

“Okay, it's just because he's we aring something for a girl. I'm just picturing a girl right? But he's a guy. Think about his muscles, his flat chest, his strong arms... shit I'm making it worse!” Spider-man let out a whine, he couldn't help it. It was sad and desperate and it pulled at one of Deadpools heart strings. The mercenary had intended just to make fun of the younger, get him all flustered, but that whine sounded almost painful, close to tears.

Slowly the older lowered Spider-man and gently placed him on the ground, to the relieved sigh of the younger. Finally being released helped the vigilantly breath, though he was a little confused as to why the merc with a mouth just gave up.

“Sorry Spidey. Guess I went a little to far.” Deadpool said in a calm, remorseful tone. “I do look kind of stupid in it don't I? And it's kind of giving me a wedgie.” He attempted to joke, though the hurt was still heard which kind of made the younger feel bad. It's not like Deadpool put on dresses just for him, it's just what the guy liked to wear, he should respect that.

“No, no.” Spider-man said, standing and turning to the older, guilt bubbling up. “It's not that you look bad, you look awesome. I mean- no- I just- Just don't feel bad!” He shouted, hands rising to cover his face. God did he just say that?

Unbeknownst to the younger however, his stuttering, panicked attempt at assurance brought a warm smile to the mercenaries lips, until his eyes caught something. Eventually Spider-man built up enough courage to look at the older, expecting to see Deadpool attempting to hold in a fit of laughter. Instead the mercenary seemed rather focused, gaze cast definitely lower then the youngers eyes, a hand risen to cover his mouth, for the purpose of hiding the fact that the older couldn't stop his tongue from darting out to wet his bottom lip. The vigilantly followed the mercenaries gaze till they where both looking at the large bulge in Spideys pants.

The youngers face lit up as he grabbed the bottom of his suit top and pulled it down in attempt to hide his arousal.

“You think this is funny!?” The younger screamed, assuming the hand at the mercenaries mouth was holding in a laugh. He was laughing at him, this was all a joke to him. Under the thick layer of embarrassment and anger, Spider-man felt kind of hurt.

The mercenaries head snapped up, panicked and confused his voice catches in his throat, giving the younger the opportunity to make a horrible mistake. In a bout of adrenalin and stupidity, Spider-man said something that he would soon regret.

“You know what!? Two can play at this game.”
Spideypool - Gonna Burst

Due to more people asking me to continue this then I imagined, I did, yay!
P.S. Hears the link to the previous story -> animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

I don't own any character mentioned in this story.

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Warning: This story implies two males having homosexual interests and a character totally okay with being in a dress.

“My god.”


“My eyes!” Were the general responses Wade received when he had arrived on the scene. “We asked for Deadpool to help us, not blind us!” The mercenary let out a huff, turning his nose up at the others.

“Your just jealous that I look better then you ever would in a dress.” He accused, crossing his bare and cold arms in front of his chest.

If he had know it was going to be windy he would have worn his spandex suit under like usual. But, of course, the night he felt brave enough to wear his maid dress, including adorable stockings and gloves instead of his Deadpool outfit, though he still wore his mask, would be the night S.H.I.L.E.D. dragged him out to stake out a warehouse on the cold, windy, docks.

Oh well, he still looked fabulous, or at least he thought so. His teammates didn't seem to agree.

“Alright everyone, we are not here to judge others choice in clothing.” Captain America intervened. Wade couldn't help but feel a little giddy that his childhood hero had just defended him, deciding not to focus on the fact that the war veteran wouldn't look at him directly. “We have a mission to complete.”

The Captain then began to pair off people, assigning each group to a certain warehouse to watch over.

“Iron Man and I will cover 10 and finally, Deadpoool, your with Spider-man in number 11.”

“What!?” Why me?” The web slinger asked, a bit panicked.

“Because you've been staring at him the whole time.” The Human Torch said, grinning from ear to ear.

“N-no I haven't!” The red clad hero objected before both young men where silenced by Captain America. Spider-man bit his lower lip and turned his eye's away from the Torch only to spot Deadpool watching him. The mercenary flashed him a smile, though it couldn't really be seen from behind his mask, but the younger turned away.

“Now remember, we need to gather as much intel on these hooligans as possible so only break your cover at the last moment.” The captain reminded. “Any questions?”

“Ya, I have one.” Iron Man started, raising his hand. “Did you really just use the word hooligans?” A role of eye's was the only response the Captain offered him, though he did get a few chuckles from the crowd.

After a quick run down of how the communicators Iron Man had handed out worked, the groups went their separate ways, Deadpool quickly following Spider-man who seemed to try and not acknowledge his existence. The older attempted to make conversation, tell jokes that usually got a chuckle out of the web swinger but it looked like today, he wasn’t having any of it.

“Jeez Spidey, what's with the cold shoulder? I haven’t felt so rejected by you since issue #10 of Superior Spider-man.” No response. “Is it the dress?” Deadpool could see the spiders muscles tighten and fists clench. “So it is the dress! Cute isn't it?” Deadpool said, turning and walking backwards in front of the younger. Spider-man instantly halted. “You jealous, that it?” Wade asked, stopping as well. “I could get you one if you want. With a body like that, you would give me a run for my money.”

“Deadpool.” The younger spat, whole body tense, breath coming in slow, as if trying to calm himself.

Just then, another gust of wind blew past, this time catching the bottom of the mercenaries skirt and flipping it up. Deadpool let out an over exaggerated girly squeak as he pushed the fabric back down, shivering slightly at the cold. He then looked up with a very witty joke on the tip of his tongue, only to have Spider-man quickly pass him. Deadpool looked over his shoulder with a sad pout before realizing something.

“You okay baby boy, your walking funny.”

“Shut up!” The younger quickly spat but refused to turn around.

The next hour was excruciatingly boring. Not only where the bad guys taking forever to show up but Spidey wouldn't even look at him. Usually the mercenary would be entertained by Spider-man, whether it be chatting with him or bugging him, but he could barely get a sentence or two out of him.

Just when Deadpool was about to let out another long whine of boredom, the warehouse door opened. Both men immediately sprung into action mentally, the mercenary being the first to take a peek at the newcomers, only to realize that they were close and incoming.

“Shhh- There coming this way.” Was all the explanation he gave before grabbing the front of Spider-mans suit and started to drag him back to where he had spotted a storage closet.

“D-deadpool.” The younger said, confusion and worry evident in his voice. The mercenary didn't give him a chance to protest however as he shoved Spider-man into the closet, immediately sliding in after and closing the door.

It was smaller then it looked and uncomfortable. Some things had slid out of place when they had entered, causing something to hit and proceed to lean on the olders head. He was being jabbed in his ribs, had the sleeve of his dress caught, and now something was poking his leg.

Never the less Deadpool tried to stay quiet so he could attempt to hear what the men outside were talking about while Spider-man focused on getting as far away from the older as possible, which obviously wasn’t far.

Eventually the voices started to fade, signaling that they where moving away.

Good, now they could come out of the closet. But first, Deadpool started to slowly remove the various things attacking him, making sure they didn’t fall and make a noise when they emerged. When he reached down to push back against whatever was poking his leg, he was met with something a lot warmer then expected.

Spider-man's whole body shuttered as a groan was ripped from is throat. The moment went still, Deadpool taking a minute to processes the situation before turning to look behind him, hand held in the same place.

“Is that you down there Spidey?” Suddenly a pair of hands slammed into the mercenaries back, causing him to go flying out of the closet.

“Cover blown, help required immediately in hanger 11!” Spider-man practically screamed into his communicator, the panic in his voice almost concealing his embarrassment.

Within a minute the warehouse burst to life, heroes crashing in, orders shouted and shots being fired. When the dust eventually settled though, Spider-man was no where to be found.

“Where did web-head go?”

“I saw him leave the building just as we where all heading in.”

“That's wired. It's not like him to leave just when the action starts.”

“Was he okay? He sounded panicked when he called for help.”

“I don't know. Maybe Deadpool does.” The groups eyes turn to the mercenary but he gives no response.


“Hmm?” The mercenary hummed, mind drifting back to the conversation.

“Do you know why Spider-man was in a such a panic?”

Now here's a predicament. Should the merc with a mouth out Spidey? Naw, that would be to mean. Besides, he could have fun with this.

“Nope. But on a totally unrelated note, do any of you know where I could get a play boy bunny outfit?”
Spideypool - Won't Look
I was getting tired of writing angst and Wade being self conscious so I made this. I'm not sorry at all.

I kind of want to continue this, what do you guys think?

Hope you enjoyed and wish Peter luck!

Update! I have written a second part!

I don't own any charterers in this story.

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Warning: This story contains homosexual relationships.

“Peter Stark!” Came a booming voice, causing said brunette to practically jump out of his skin. Peter whipped around, eye's, hidden behind a spandex mask, blown wide as he found his father staring him down, well, one of them. “Where do you think your going mister?” Steve asked, receiving a mix between a groan and cry in response.

“I know I'm grounded but pleeeas?” Peter pleaded, hands clasping in prayer, making sure not to set off his web shooters in the process. “This is Wade's last night in town before leaving for a two week mission. Besides, It's almost my birthday.” He reminded, hoping to gain a few points thanks to the annual event. Steve stared down the vigilantly son, arms crossed and scowl on his face before letting out a sigh.

“Fine, you can go.” Peter's face lit up, though it couldn't be seen behind his mask, as he raced over to give his father a quick hug.

“Thank you!” He cheered before turning away and proceeded to jump out of the nearest open window, giving his parent a small heart attack as it always did.

“God.” Steve ground as he tried to calm his racing heart beat. “I'll never get used to that.”

“Used to what?” Came the familiar voice of his husband. Steve turned to find Tony in only a house coat, hair still damp from his recent shower.

“Peter jumping off high places.” Steve answered, causing the inventors lips to turn up in a smirk.

“He's been Spider-man for almost five years and your still panicking?” Tony asked as he drew closer.

“I can't help it. He's still are little boy to me.” Steve defended, barely ever reacting when the younger slipped his arms around his waist and pulled them together.

“I know how you feel.” Tony sympathized. “But he's almost 20, he's pretty much a full grown man now.”

“My god, where did the years go?” Steve asked as Tony took one hand and grabbed the blonds left wrist.

“Spent them in bed with me.” Tony joked, receiving a huff from his husband. Tony's smirk only grew as he planted a light kiss atop his own name that was carved into the inside of Steve's wrist. Tony laid the side of his head on his lovers chest so he could both hear and feel the light rumble of the captains pleased hum. “A week and a half, then our Peter will get his own name. You think it will be Wade's name like he's hoping?” Tony eventually said, having gotten a bit lost in some memories for a moment.

“Probably not.” Steve admitted with a light frown. “He still has his whole life ahead of him, who knows who he will meet down the line. I, for instance, would have never predicted the turn my life took when I first got 'Anthony Stark' on my wrist back in the thirties.”

“True. I'll admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled about getting a supposedly dead guys name on my 20th. I mean it all worked out for the best but it wasn’t what I was expecting.”

I just hope Peter's not to disappointed when the time comes.”

+Time Skip+

Peter slipped through the ever unlocked window of Wade's apartment and was met with silence, a very uncommon and unsettling thing when it came to the merc with a mouth.

“Wade?” Peter called as he ventured further in, slipping off his mask and gloves, then tossing them onto a side table. “Wa-” The brunette was cut off by his own yelp as he was suddenly tackled onto the nearby couch. A wrestling match then broke out, quickly turning from forceful pushes and shouts to tickles and subsequent laughter.

“That's not fair!” Peter declared as he let his hands be pinned together above his head. “Using the fact that my Spider-senses don't work on you anymore against me.”

“Well its not my fault. Your powers should know your booty's never safe when I'm around.” Wade declared as he leaned in close. Peter chuckled lightly before lifting his chin up to meet his lovers lips half way. By the way,” Wade sat up, though he still kept the youngers hands and legs pinned down to the couch. “Your late Mr. Stark.” He pointed out with an exaggerated, disapproving pout.

“I know. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take your job.” Wade's mouth fell open in mock hurt, his free hand coming to rest atop his chest.

“Are you sassing me mister?”

“Now that one is my job.”

“Well then, looks like my sassy Spidey is gonna have to be punished.” Wade said before putting on a devilish grin at the brunettes responding expression.

“What? H-hey!” The mercenary tucked his fingers under the bottom edge of Peter's spandex top and proceeded to lift it, revealing the brunettes toned stomach. The younger instantly began to squirm, catching onto his boyfriends plan. “No Wade, please.” He begged but to no avail. Before Peter could use his superhuman strength, Wade placed his lips over the youngers navel a blew, causing the brunette's body to jolt at the ticklish sensation. Peter let out a shrieked that soon devolved into laughter as he thrashed his legs as best he could under the olders weight.

Wade gave the brunette a couple more raspberries before showing mercy and returning to his sitting position, this time releasing the youngers hands. Peter's choppy laughter faded as he pushed down his shirt.

“You're mean.” He said once he had caught a bit of his lost breath.

“But you love me.” Wade received a gentle smile, silently confirming his assumption. The brunette then opened up his arms, to which the mercenary immediately took the opportunity. Wade laid his full body atop Peter's, knowing that the younger could handle his weight, and let there lips connected again.

It wasn’t a clash for dominance nor was it needy and hungry. It was more comforting, like a long embrace from a loved one, just in a more intimate way. They spent a fair amount of time like this. No roaming hands or attempts at taking things further, they just held each other, moving the lips atop the others until they decided they had had enough for now.

“Alright, now get off, your heavy.” Peter said, pushing lightly at his lovers chest. “Besides, I wanna get changed.” Reluctantly Wade sat up, allowing the brunette to slip out from under him. “Find something for us to watch.” Peter instructed as he made his way to the bedroom, making sure to grab his previously discarded gloves and mask on the way.

After a change into one of many spare outfits he kept at the mercenaries home, Peter returned to the living room to find the older flipping through channels. Walking around the back of of the couch, the brunette intended to take a seat to his boyfriends left, but the mercenary was quick. Wade scooched over just in time to catch the younger in mid sit. Before Peter could even attempt a protest, not that he really minded, Wade snaked his arms around the youngers waist.

“My, feeling cuddly today are we?” Peter asked, not hesitating to lean against the olders broad chest, enjoying the warmth it brought him.

“Of course, I gotta get in as much of you as I can before I leave.” Wade practically whined as he buried his nose into the youngers shoulder. He was always like this before leaving for a long term mission. He'd hold, kiss, touch, his lover as much as possible, as if trying to memorize every feeling, every emotion for the coming lonely nights.

Peter kept a smile on his lips despite his own melancholy at his boyfriends soon departure. Instead he decided to focus on the T.V., ignoring the mercenaries 'Hey!' in protest as he grabbed the remote from his hands.

Eventually they ended up choosing some random romantic comedy, to which the merc with a mouth consistantly added commentary throughout most of. It was a decent, easy going hour and a half up until the names came into play. It was a staple in most romance story's that it turn out that the main couple had each others names written on there wrists, cementing them as soul mates. That's when Wade would start feeling uncomfortable.

Like every other time soul mates came up, the mercenary pulled his left wrist towards himself, trying to hide the sad fact. This time however, Peter decided to grab his hand before it could make it's escape. Though he frowned at the act, Wade didn't fight the younger as Peter lifted his hand to place a light kiss over where a name should be like he had seen his fathers do to each other many a times.

The brunette knew Wade hated the fact that thanks to his healing factor ever morphing his skin, his soul mates name has been rendered illegible. The mercenary had told Peter that he wished he could remember what name had once been there but the surgery had messed with his brain far to much. Despite the utterly heartbreaking expression Wade put on every time the prospect of names came up, Peter always attempted to assure him that it was fine but that just seemed to make the expression grow darker. So instead the brunette attempted to switch the concept into something positive.

“A week and a half.” Peter started as he twisted his hand in just a way so both their nameless wrists where visible. “And then I'll get my name, and do you know who's name it will be?”

“Peter.” Wade said in a low, warning but also pleading voice for the younger to stop. They had talked about this before, and he didn't want to hear it.

“No, it's not gonna be my name. Jeez, I'm not that narcissistic.” Peter then shifted so he could face the older who watched him with sad eye's. “It's going to be yours.” Wade's gaze fell, unable to watch his lovers confident smile any longer. “Oh don't go getting all self conscious again.” Peter assumed as he shifted again so he sat sideways on the olders legs.

“Your not going to get my name.” Wade stated, pulling both hands back to rest them on the couch.

“And why do you say that?” There was a long moment of silence where Wade wouldn't meet his eye's, mouth opening than closing, as if wanting to say something but then deciding against it. Eventually the mercenary moved to gently push the brunette off but Peter wasn’t having any of that.

Instead he moved to straddle his lovers lap and used both hands to cup the olders cheeks, forcing their eye's to meet.

“I love you Wade.” Peter stated plain and clear, not an ounce of hesitation, unlike the mercenary.

“I love you too.” Wade said more like a plea, expression shifting from frustrated worry to hurt. He then leaned froward with a breathless, quiet whine. Peter welcomed the kiss, wrapping his arms around the olders neck as the mercenary pulled them as close as possible.

Again they started there comforting and assuring embrace masked as kisses. This time however, when Peter felt the older begin to relax, the brunette began to push a little further. Slowly Peter ran the tip of his tongue along the olders bottom lip, to which the older allowed entrance. The brunette played around with the newly opened territory for a bit before he rolling his hips causing his groin to press against the mercenaries.

“Peter.” Wade said after a low sigh, giving the younger the opportunity to grab the bottom hem of his shirt and pull it up and off his body. He blindly threw the article of clothing over his shoulder as he watched the mercenary try to keep his eyes on Peter's own hazel orbs and fail.

“What, complaining?” Peter asked with a knowing smirk because he knew that one sure fire way to raise the mercenaries confidence was to make New York’s spider themed hero come undone under him. To have the vigilante squirm, whine, and beg for him, and that's just what Wade did.

+Time Skip+

Peter woke to the feeling of Wade's thumb rubbing back and forth over his wrist and a quiet mumble.

“Please don't have my name.” The statement smashed into Peter's heart like a brick against a window but he tried to remind himself that it wasn’t because Wade didn't want him. It was because he though Peter deserved better, Wade had told him so before. But he would see, when he got Wade's name on his twentieth birthday he would show the mercenary proudly.

That's what Peter kept thinking to himself as he tried to continue their morning like they normally did, but it wasn’t the same. Wade usually acted more clingy the morning of his mission, but today he was distant. He didn't try to initiate good morning sex, in bed or the shower. Didn’t pinch Peter's butt every chance he got nor did he try to convince him to have Spider-man tag along on the mission. Though the morning was a lot calmer, it was also boring and unsettling but Peter tried to put on a happy face.

“It will be better when he comes home and sees that I got his name, not someone elses like he thinks I will.” He told himself as he silently sipped his coffee, watching Wade's eye's wonder about the room, fall on him for a moment, then wander again.

The brunette accompanied his boyfriend to the airport, like he always did, and stuck to his side as long as he could. At least this part felt pretty much the same, Wade holding him until it was announced over the speaker system that they had to release each other or Wade would miss his plane. The moment fell apart however when instead of whispering one more 'I love you' when they pulled apart, he said something else.

“I'm sorry.” Peter's brows knitted together in confusion as Wade instantly turned away, hiding his expression from the brunette.

“For what?” Peter couldn't help but ask.

“For lying to you.” Before Peter could utter a word Wade took off sprinting though the crowd, to the complaints and curses of others. Peter watched the older until he disappeared into the crowd with the heavy weight of worry and dread pressing on his chest but he did his best to push it down.

Wade was just feeling guilty for dating Peter when he thinks Peter will get someone else as his soul mate but the brunette knew better. He would get Wade's name, he had to.

+Time Interlude+

The next week and a half was what Peter expected. Long, boring, and all felt kind of pointless like all days seemed to be without Wade around, but it was not without joy.

The last handful of days where spent preparing for Peter's birthday party. Tony sparing no expense in getting anything and anyone Peter wanted to their California home for the celebration while Steve tried his best to hold down his emotions. Tony was too of course, but he was much better at hiding his sensitive side, not to mention distracting himself with party preparations. Where as Steve was found staring at old photo's and videos with a sad smile on his lips.

+Time Skip+

“Morning Peter.” Came a soft voice, tearing Peter's gaze from his book. The brunette quickly spotted Steve walking in, as fresh and alert as any moment of the day, with a groggy, unkempt, Tony on his arm.

“Morning.” Tony ground, his body obviously not appreciating being up at 4 am.

“Morning dads. Come to watch the show?” Peter asked, already knowing why his parents had arisen this early. 4:24 am, that's the exact time Peter was born 20 years ago, the exact time he will receive the name of his soul mate.

“Of course, wouldn't miss such an important moment for the world.”

“Cooooffffeeee.” Tony whined as he let go of his crutch of a husband and slumped his way through the living room.

“I just made a fresh pot. Peter announced. “Figured you guys would be up soon.”

“God I love you son.” Tony said, flopping his upper half over the back of the couch to give the brunette a sloppy thank you hug before continuing on to the kitchen.

The next while was spent idly chitchatting, Tony becoming more conscious the longer he nursed his beverage, as Peter tried his best not to check the time every 30 seconds. Tried being the important word here.

Then, in the middle of a story about how Steve had accidentally broken a door in the white house, it started.

Peter let out a sudden, painful gasp as it felt like something round tipped jabbed into his wrist. Instantly his fathers where at his side. Tony took Peter's mug from his hand, placing it on the table as Steve took his sons right hand, allowing him to clamp down in response to the pain.

“Just breath buddy, it'll be over soon.” Tony instructed, one hand rubbing the brunettes back while the other held Peter's left wrist upward so they could all watch.

Peter tried to keep his eye's open, tired to listen to his fathers encouragements but it was a lot more painful then expected. It was like someone was taking a dull pencil and dragging it though his skin with enough force to brake bones. It seemed to go on so much longer then the actual 2 minuets it lasted, but once it was finally over Peter looked down and let out a whimper as tears started to flow harder. Slowly he lifted his red, sore, throbbing wrist to his lips so he could feel the scar against his skin, feel the freshly written 'Wade Wilson'.

“I told you.” Peter said not just to his parents, but to everyone else who told him not to get his hopes up, and to Wade himself. The fathers shared a gaze before Steve pulled his son into his arms.

“Congratulations baby.” He whispered, a couple tears falling from his eye's as well.

“Wade's a lucky man.” Tony added, joining in on the group hug. Peter didn't really respond, couldn't through the lasting pain and tears but he didn't need to, his fathers understood.

+Time Interlude+

The rest of Peters morning was mostly spent dreamily gazing at his wrist.

It was Wade, it had always been Wade. Peter knew what he felt for the mercenary wasn’t just a crush like the older had assumed. And now Wade didn't have to hold back anymore. Well of course he still would probably occasionally insist that Peter deserved better because that's just what Wade did. But now Peter could prove that it wasn’t true. He could show the merc with a mouth that they where meant to be together with more then just his words.

Eventually though the party did begin and he was forced to cover the name up. He knew it was the social norm, like wearing clothing over top of your underwear, but he didn't want to. He wanted to where the name proudly, show it off to everyone who doubted him, but he didn't. Aside from immediate family, there was only one person that should get to see his name and that was Wade.

The remaining days until the merc with a mouth returned where agonizing, Peter both being a bundle of excitement, boredom, and impatience. Eventually Peter snuck into Wade's apartment for the last two nights, though he had 100% permission to be there, and tried his best not to explode or burst into tears from excitement in the meantime. He failed at one of those.

+Time Skip+

Peter sat on his lovers comfy armchair, fidgeting excitedly until he heard the front door open.

“Wade!” Peter cheered, jumping up from his seat and racing to the door.

“Peter?” Wade said in honest confusion before, a bit more forcefully then the brunette had intended, Peter's back collided with the mercenaries chest.

“Look look!” The younger chanted as he ripped the royal blue strap off his wrist. Peter wanted to see his lovers expression but didn't have to as he herd the thump of the mercenaries bags being dropped. The brunette didn't even attempt to push down the butterflies in his chest as Wade grabbed Peter's wrist, running his fingers over his own name. Peter closed his eye's, shuttering slightly at the pleasant feeling of how right it felt to have his soul mate touch their name on his skin. He finally understood why his parents where always kissing each others wrists.

“Oh god... Peter.”

“I told you.” The brunette muttered triumphantly.

“I'm so sorry.” Peter's world seemed to slow to an unscheduled stop, eye's opening and brows knitting together in confusion.

“What...? Why?” He asked as he pulled himself from the olders chest. He turned to find another confused expression, though the mercenaries was mixed with guilt. “Oh no, don't you go into one of your speeches about how you don't deserve me-”

“It's not that. I mean I don't but that's not what I mean. You weren’t supposed to get my name.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don't have yours.” The moment it left his lips it was clear in his face that Wade regretted it. Peter's mouth fell open and his heart stopped for a moment.

“I thought you didn't remember who's name you had.” Peter said once he was able to dislodge his voice from his throat, causing it to come out choppy and broken.

“I don't. But a couple months back your dad reminded me that the army requires the last name of your soul mate when you enlist. I was able to dig up a bit of my old file and...”

“It wasn’t my name.” Peter finished, pulling his wrist to hide Wade's name against his chest. Everything seemed to go silent, the brunette's gaze fell to the ground as it felt like the life had been sucked out of him. His feelings felt numbed, almost non existent, his brain pretty much shut down, and it felt like his heart gave up on him.


“I should go.” The brunette blurted out, stepping back from the hand reaching out to him, and pushing past the mercenary, right out the still open door. He barely processed his name being called a couple more times as he broke into a sprint.

He didn't really know if he ran all the way home, didn't even recall the travel back. He didn't really process anything until he was in the living room, Steve's hands on his shoulders as the super solder asked him what was wrong.

“It wasn’t my name.” Peter repeated, eye's finally lifting to connect with his fathers.

“What?” Steve asked, expression stricken with confusion and concern.

“He looked back at his army files, before his cancer, and the name on his wrist it... it...” That's when everything came back on line. His brain finally absorbing what he heard, feelings sprouting back up to let out a loud and broken cry, and his heart re-starting just so it could shatter on it's first beat.

“Peter, hunny, I'm so sorry.” Steve apologized, enveloping his son into an embrace which the brunette returned. Peter clung to his father as emotions washed over him like a title wave, ready to drown him. He would feel stupid and childish for crying like this in front of his father but right now, he just wanted to be able to breath again, wanted the pain to stop.

Eventually the tears at the very least ended, returning Peter to a much more dull, tired state. This time however, the brunette was able to piece things together in his mind while Steve got in contact with Tony.

This explains why Wade had been increasingly uncomfortable with the subject of soul mates, why he wished Peter wouldn't get his name. It wasn’t just because he thought Peter deserved better, knew he didn't have Peter's name, which meant Peter should have gotten a different name, but he didn't. Peter got exactly what he asked for and now it was coming to bite him in the butt. To be fair though, Peter wasn’t the first person in existence to have their soul mate not have their name in return, far from really, but that didn't ease the pain all that much. If anything all it did was have Peter grow sympathy for all those other individuals.

“Peter.” Slowly the brunette raised his blank stare from his covered wrist to see Steve holding out a phone to him.

“Tony would like to speak with you.” The blond informed to his sons blank expression. With just a nod in response, Peter took the phone from his father a lifted it to his ear.

“Hello, dad?”

“Hey buddy, how you holding up?” Tony asked enthusiastically, putting on his usual defenses when seriously painful feelings where dragging a loved one down.

“I feel like I want to curl up in bed and not move for the next month.” Peter said honestly.

“Oooh. So are we talking high school you on a Monday morning?” Peter quickly caught on to what his father was trying to do and though the brunette wasn’t in the mood for jokes, he decided to play along for his fathers sake.

“More like you without coffee any morning.” Peter tried for a joking tone but it came out dry and almost lifeless. “Oh Jesus, it's more serious then I thought.” Tony said theatrically, deciding not to comment on how hearing his son try and joke with the voice of a broken man chipped at his heart. “I'll be home as soon as I can alright? I just need to look into something really quick.” As he spoke, Tony's destination came into view. “I'll explain when I get back but I have to go now. Would you mind passing the phone back to Steve?”

“Sure.” Peter answered plainly before handing the device back to the blond.

“I love you.” Tony attempted to say but his son was already out of hearing range.

“Hello, Tony? It's Steve.” The captain answered as he rose and left the room, quickly informing his son that he’d be back.

“Steve. My god he sounds awful.” Tony said, allowing the concern in his voice to come through unfiltered.

“I know, but right now you need to focus on your mission.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? It seems pointless.”

“It might be but I just have to check.” Steve said, his own stress in the situation coming out.

“Well alright. Now talk me through this again.”

+Time Skip+

Steve had been gone for a while, not that Peter really minded. He kind of appreciated the silence, it helped him think through all that had happened, all that he felt.

The peace didn't last forever unfortunately as a series of rapid knocks broke the silence. It took a moment for Peter to react but eventually he stood and answered the door, figuring that his father was probably still on the phone. After combing his hand through his ruffled hair and praying that this was just some sales man he could shoe off immediately, he opened the door.


“Peter, I'm glad you're here. I need to talk to you.” The older informed with heaving breaths, as if he had just run a race. Peter's usual feelings of joy and excitement at seeing the mercenary was replaced by hurt, fear, and a bit of anger. Quickly the brunette turned away from Wade, suddenly feeling embarrassed about his puffy red eye's and the way his voice caught in his throat.

“I'm not in the mood for talking right now, can you come back another time?” Peter asked as he began to close the door but was stopped as the mercenary pushed it back open with a fair amount of force.

“No, it has to be now.” The sudden physical force took the brunette off guard, leading him to take a step back every step the older made towards him.

“Look, if this is about the soul mate thing it's fine, I understand. It's not your fault you have someone elses name.”

“Who cares what other name I have?” Wade spat back, as if the mention of his soul mate was an insult. He then reached out and grabbed the brunettes upper arms. “I want to be with you.” The world seemed to freeze for a moment as Peter's eyes again began to feel the sting of oncoming tears and he had to fight the urge to pull the older into his arms and tell him the same.

“We can't do that.” The brunette said, finding rejecting Wade to be just as, if not more, painful then having been rejected.

“Why not?” Wade asked, expression falling along with his conviction.

“Because you don't have my name.” Peter was impressed with himself that he was able to speak without his voice cracking. Though he couldn't find the power to push the man he loved away physically, emotionally was killing him enough.

“But you have mine.”

“So does someone else out there. I couldn’t stand the thought that I'm not letting you and your real soul mate be together. Do you realize how much it hurts to be rejected by your soul mate?” Damn, the tears where coming again. Peter turned his head downward and began to halfheartedly attempt to pull away from the olders grasp. He didn't want to cry in front of the older because he knew Wade would comfort him and he wasn’t sure if he could hold to his resolve if the mercenary where to do that.

“So your going to take that pain onto yourself?' Wade asked, voice coming out more angry then intended. It wasn’t that he was mad at Peter, more at himself for causing his baby boy so much pain.

“It's better then forcing it on someone else, especially when that person would make you happier then I ever could.” Peter's voice too started to rise, but more as a plea then anger.

“That's impossible. Peter you make me the happiest thing alive.” The brunette's attempt at escape grew rougher as he tried desperately to avoid any more contact with the mercenary because he knew that if Wade pulled him into his arms, if he kept saying things like that, he would fall apart.

“Let me go, please.”

“Why I thought you loved me?”

“I do!” Peter shot back, eye's finally connecting to Wade's and like the brunette predicted, he started to cry once he saw the mercenaries hurt, confused, but determined expression. “You can't even begin to understand how much you mean to me. I can't half the time. But that doesn’t change the fact that you don't have my name.” Peter's thrashing came to a stop, his eye's falling to their feet. “Even if we do stay together, every time I look at your wrist, even if the names not actually there anymore, It'll remind me that there's someone perfect out there for you that I'm holding you back from. I can't live like that.” There was a long pause of silence until Wade suddenly released his grip on the younger.

Part of Peter was relieved that he seemed to get through to the mercenary but a part he was most ashamed of was disappointed, had wanted the other to fight a little harder for him. Peter felt so selfish.

“I'm sorry, I didn't think of it like that.” Wade said, taking a step back from the brunette. The mercenary watched as the younger wrapped his now free arms around himself, eye's casting to the side. “I-I guess I should go then.” Wade stated but got no response.

As Peter listened to his soul mate take a few steps back, he found himself pressing his covered wrist into his opposite arm, wishing he had never gotten it in the first place.

“Wilson?” Came Steve's voice suddenly, though Peter didn't bother to look up at his father.

“Don't worry dad, Wade was just leaving.”

“No no, don't do that.” This made the brunette lift his gaze from the floor to the slightly panicked captain. “Please, come, have a seat in the office.” Steve said with a wave of his hand, subsequently waving about the beige and a bit tattered folder he held.

Wade looked over to Peter questioningly for guidance as he always did when he was around the boys parents.

“Dad,  I don't-”

“Office, now, both of you.” Steve suddenly ordered, causing the merc with a mouth to jump back slightly at the stern expression the captain shot them. Peter on the other hand straightened his stance and put on a similar face, though it wasn’t quiet as threatening with the last of the brunette's tears still on his face.

“Come on Wade.” Peter said as he started to make his way to the office. The mercenary got a rush of nostalgia at the familiar scene, feeling, for a moment, as if he was back in time approximately two years ago when they had first been caught dating by the youngers parents. He probably would have tried taking Peters hand if it wasn’t for the circumstances and the way Peter stiffened when he got near.

Eventually the three made it to the office, Steve taking one of two seats behind the desk where as Wade and Peter found and pulled up chairs on the other side.

Peter crossed his arms and stared his father down, not having liked being spoken to like he was 14 again. But then he noticed how Steve's brows where knitted in concern, eye's cast down at the folder he was holding so tightly it was crinkling the edges. The brunette decided to lay off the glare, realizing that his father was apparently just as emotionally unstable right now as he was, but why?

The answer wouldn't come until Tony came bursting into the room, folder in hand as well.

“Sorry I'm late, air traffic am I right?” He attempted, receiving a little chuckle from Wade only before the serious tone settled in again. “Have you explained-”

“No” Steve cut off as his husband took a seat. There was a moment of silence before Tony continue.

“Alright, I guess I'll start.” He then turned to his son, putting on a serious, though marginally less stressed expression compared to the other three in the room. “Peter, do you remember what we told you about your birth mother?”

“Ya. She was one of your one night flings but when she got pregnant and didn’t want me you paid her off to have me and then stay out of my life.” Peter explained, not that Tony has particularly asked him to, in a monotone voice. He had heard the story a few times and despite what some would assume, he really had no interest in finding the woman that birthed him. She hadn’t wanted him in her life and he didn't want her in his. He was happy with his fathers.

Yes well, that wasn’t entirely true.” Peter's eyes widened as both his parents body’s stiffened, Steve hanging his head lower to avoid any eyes contact. “Your biological parents where a couple of S.H.I.L.E.D. agents that we where friends with. They sadly didn't live to see your first birthday, after which I took custody of you.” Tony's eyes began to drift from his sons shocked and confused expression. “The point I'm trying to get across here is that for the first handful of months of your life you lived under a different name.” Peter inhaled a sharp breath as realization hit him.

Carefully Tony plucked the folder from his husbands not clammy hands and handed it to their son. As the brunette took it and proceeded to scan over the contents, Tony turned to Wade.

“And you. Apparently my husband here forgot to inform you that in addition to writing the last name of your soul mate in your file, they also take a photo of your wrist. I was able to get a copy of yours for you.” He informed as he opened up his own folder and pulled out the only thing within it, handing it over immediately Wade gazed at the photo for a long moment as his brain tried to catch up.

“Peter... Parker.” He finally read off, only to have the photo immediately swiped from his hands. His head snapped up to find Peter gazing down at the two pieces of paper In his hands. Quickly Wade leaned over so he could see what the brunette was seeing.

In one hand was the photo he had just confiscated, of course. In the other was a birth certificate, Peters real birth certificate, Peter Parker's birth certificate.

The next minute the various photos and documents where strewn across the room as Wade tackled Peter out of his chair and onto the floor. Wade's first order of business was to pepper the younger with kisses, including ripping off the band around the brunettes wrist and placing his lips there a few times. The second thing he did was to burst into joyful giggles as Peter flipped them over and did much the same.

Later Peter would have a talk with his fathers about lying to him and assure them that he still loved them and considered them as his true parents. But right now that didn't matter because he was Wade's. He had always been Wade's.
Spideypool - It's Gotta Be Your Name
Great googly moogly. I wrote this and typed it up in a matter of two days. My hand really hurts. :( But it was totally worth it!

I've been wanting to write a soul mate fan fic for a while but never came up with a good enough idea. Eventually this came and then I proceeded to edit it in my mind for a couple days before finally deciding on something, though I didn't really stick to that either. ^^;

I'll be honest, I'm much more proud of everything from the beginning of the story up until Wade comes home then anything after. I think I just write way batter fluff then I do angst but oh well.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

And as always I don't own any character mentioned in this story.
Warning: This story talks about male pregnancy.

“Now are you certain doctor?” Charles asked for the fifth time.

“Yes.” The in school doctor repeated, chuckling lightly. “From the test results to the symptoms. Assuming Mr. Lehnsherr has been totally open and honest with me,” The doctor turned his eyes to Erik who had been sitting silently off to the side. Erik's gaze raised momentarily to shoot the doctor a glare before falling back to his lap. “then the only answer I can see is pregnancy.” The doctor continued, looking back at Charles.

“So for the next seven months Erik will...” Charles started, encouraging the other to continue. The professor watched the doctor intently, though his eye's where glazed over, half lost in his own thoughts.

“Well, aside from growth in the abdominal region, he will most likely become very sensitive in the mental way. Seeing how Mr. Lehnsherr is now, he will probably become quite irritable, harsh mood swings.” The doctor explained as Charles nodded slowly. The professor then leaned forward, rolling his wheelchair a tad closer so he could rest a hand on the doctors knee.

“I wish to thank you for all your hard work now as I fear I wont survive this pregnancy.”
Charles x Erik - God Help Me
I tried to be funny. I'm honestly hit or miss with jokes but this one made me giggle when I thought it up. Hopefully you got a little smile out of it at least.

Thanks for reading and I don't own anyone mentioned in this story.
Warning: This story contains homosexual relationships.

“Don't worry Tony, it'll go fine.” Steve assured as he half led and half dragged his lover down the hall.

“How do you know?” The inventor grumbled, expressing his embarrassment and worry through snide remarks and a prickly attitude. He again attempted to twist his wrist to get out of the olders iron grip to no avail.

“Because Peter's an amazing kid, and we raised him to be an open minded, kind person.”

“We? May I remind you that your not legally his father, I am.”

“Maybe according to the government but everyone else knows I pretty much am. I've been involved in his life since you got him when he was nine.”

“So has all of the team.”

“True, but have they all been to every important moment. Every birthday, every school event, every holiday in general, and a couple family vacations.” Tony open his mouth, prepared to say something but soon after shut it, knowing there wasn’t a really good response because it was true. Aside from the legal documents and actually living with them, though he did spend the occasional night, Steve was pretty much the second parent to Peter.

“Besides, we’ve been together, romantically, for 11 out of the 21 years of his life.

“Well he doesn’t know that.”

“But he will.”

“Why? We've been happy together so far haven’t we?” This made Steve stop and turn to the younger, giving him that expression that made Tony regret grab at his guilt strings.

“Of course, don't think for a second that I haven’t cherished every day I'm with you, and Peter.” The blond said as he used both hands to cup the youngers cheeks. “I just..., call me selfish but I want to be able to hold you without the fear of Peter walking in on us. I don't want to have to pull you into a private room just so I can kiss you goodby, or at all. I want to be able to sleep over and not be confined to a spare bedroom all by myself when I know you're a few feet away. I want to actually BE with you, no restraints.” Tony couldn’t look at his lovers almost heartbroken expression any farther and let his gaze fall to the floor out of guilt.

“I know, I'm sorry.” The inventor apologized while taking his lovers hands from his face and intertwined their fingers. “It's just, he was so young, still trying to get over his parents death. Then he had to deal with puberty, then Spider-man. His life has just always been so hectic, I didn't want to throw his new dad being gay at him too.”

“I know, your always worried about him. But he's a man now, he will understand. Now come on, you can do this.” Steve encouraged, giving Tony a quick but gentle kiss. The inventor sighed into it before letting himself be dragged to his sons room. “I'll be right out hear.” Steve said after one last peck to his boyfriends cheek. Tony gave one more pleading glance towards the super soldier and, after receiving a reassuring smile, gave his sons door a knock.

Silence suddenly fell over the scene for a long moment.

“Dad?” Peter called through the door.

“Ya, it's me.”

“What are you doing here, I though you where going to be out all morning?”

“I was but...” He had hoped that he could distract Steve for the morning then run off to meetings in the afternoon, in turn postponing this chat from happening. That plan didn’t come into fruition however as he was dating Captain America, one of the worlds most driving and passionate men, a gift and curse in its own times. “Look can I just come in? I have to talk to you about something.”

“Right now?” Peter asked, making Tony turn to Steve with the same question in his expression. The blond only nodded, to the youngers disappointment.


“Oh, uuuuuuum, can you gave me a minute?” Before the billionaire could answer, there was a flurry of hushed noises.


“Just a second!” Peter repeated as the moments got louder and more rapid. Tony began to grow more concerned but held his ground, until there was a sudden crash of shattering glass and curses.

“Peter!” Tony flung the door open just as the brunette slammed his closet door shut.

“I'm fine, I'm fine!” The younger shouted quickly, stopping Steve from charging in after his lover, parental instincts kicking in.

“Jesus Peter.” Tony groaned back less in anger and more in panicked concern. “Don't scare me like that. What happened?” He asked, scanning the room and soon spouting a broken plate and bits of food scattered around it. “Hey.” Tony said, pointing a finger at the mess. “I thought we had a deal, no food in my lab, no food in your room.” Peter gazed down at the shattered plate and sighed.

“Shoot, guess I'm caught, sorry.” He apologized with a somewhat forced smile.

“It's alright, this time. You start picking up the pieces, I'll go get th-” Tony was about half way out the door before he was met with his lovers stern glare. Steve watched him with a piercing stare, a brow raised as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Actually,” Tony turned back round, halting his son who had already began to pick up the larger chunks of food and depositing them in the nearby garbage can. “I need to talk to you first.”

“Okaaay...?” Peter slowly stood, quickly feeling his fathers unease in the situation.

There was a long pause of the brunette watching his parent while the olders eyes wandered, gazing shifting from this to that as he tried to think of the best way to approach this.

“So... I, uh... like to believe that you have been raised to be a welcoming, open minded man. So things like homosexuality, or something like that, was and will never be looked at as a bad thing, just a part of someone. They should be treated and loved the same way as before you find out.” Tony finally looked at his son who wore an expression akin to horror, making the older mentally curl inward out of fear and slight hurt. “You know that right?” Tony asked in a concerned tone, feeling his throat begin to clog up. “That no matter what I'll always be your father and love you.” He was cut off before he could continue by the brunette letting out a low grown.

“The jigs up, get out of there.” Peter instructed, waving a hand towards his closet while the other attempted to hide his embarrassed expression.

Tony's brows raise in curiosity then shock as out from the closet emerged a man. He was tall, taller then Tony even, with horribly scared skin, visible due to the fact that he wore only pants and hopefully some form of underwear. His eyes where a deep blue, smiling just as wide as he actually grinned, playful and humored, barely a sliver of embarrassment visible.

“Dad, this is Wade, though I suppose you know that already.” Peter introduced as his lover gravitated to his side, slipping an arm around the shorters waist.

Tony watched the two, eye's bouncing between the couple, mouth hung open as if to speak. Finally Tony was able to connect the dots and decided to take this as an opportunity.

“Right, great. Good to finally meet you.” He said, giving a quick nod toward Wade as the father began to back out of the room.  The young couple watched in confusion as Tony kept a smile on his face and blindly reached for the door nob. “Just wanted to make sure we where all open and comfortable with each other. Now that that's out of the way I'll just leave you two be-” Before he could close the door behind him however, a strong arm slid its way around his waist and led him back in, informing him that he wasn't getting out of this one.
Superfamily - Coming Out of the Closet
I'll be honest, I'm not super proud of this one but hey, it's done, and maybe someone out there will like it.

I don't own any character mentioned in this story.

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