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Hi guys and galls. I just spent the last 4 and a half days writing and typing up my largest story yet. It's a Dante x Nero story and it will hopefully come out soon, my editor and I have to go over it first.

Ether way I am super proud of myself. I am making good steps to becoming an actual author! ^^

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Hi guys and galls. I just spent the last 4 and a half days writing and typing up my largest story yet. It's a Dante x Nero story and it will hopefully come out soon, my editor and I have to go over it first.

Ether way I am super proud of myself. I am making good steps to becoming an actual author! ^^
Warning: This contains  boy x boy. No likey, no looky.

“Ike?” Marth called to his sleepy boyfriend. The two blunettes lay stomach down on their bed with the blanket lazily draped over their bodies. Marth lay with his upper body lifted with a pillow under his chest, his elbows holding him up. Ike on the other hand had his head on the pillow, obviously ready to drift off to sleep.

“Yes?” Ike asked, attempting to keep himself awake at least a little long.

“What are your impressions of Lucina?”

“Hm?” Ike hummed in a sleepy manner, his brain slipping momentarily into unconsciousness. “Oh, uh, Lucina. A respectable young lady.”

“Yes.” Marth agreed in  a soft tone, signaling that that wasn't the answer he was looking for, though Ike couldn't pick up on it in his drowsy state. “A lot of people say she is just like me. I wonder how different thing would have turned out if she took my place. Wouldn't that make life so much simpler, to have a female version of me?” Marth asked only half sarcastically.

“No no.” Ike denied as he flopped one hand on the royals arm. “Those people are only looking at your fighting. If they knew you, thad know your not the same.” Ike explained in a slight slur.

“Oh?” The prince questioned, realizing that his lover wasn't exactly using that brain of his to his best ability. Maybe he could get a few funny lines out of him.

“She dosn't rilly make jokes, and she dosnt get em ether. You can joke. An shes not as cute...” Ike drowned out as Marth chuckled to himself.

“Why thank you, but I think Chrom would beg to differ.”

“That's her dad, hes bies.”

“Any father would be.” Marth agreed with another laugh.

“But no,” Ike suddenly cut in, raising his hand slightly only to drop it back down on Marth's arm. “I don't want a girl. I want Marf, I... I want the man I fell love with. I want... you... better.” And with that, Ike shut down, his mind and body finally giving into sleep. Marth waited a few moments before running a hand through the mercenaries hair.

“Oh you, even half asleep you know just what to say.
Ike x Marth - Love 73

Hi everyone! It's been a while, sorry. ^^; I have been really busy with Christmas, and now that I'm out of high school, bills need to be paid. I never asked to be an adult, I was the only kid/teen I knew that did NOT want to grow up. Well, I guess the main appeal to being an adult is the responsibility, which I'm scared of, and being able to drink/smoke, which I don't do.

This idea was taken from my little sis. She used to really like a show called Handy Manny. One day, she had fallen asleep in the living room and my mom and I where talking. We couldn't remember the name of a character, we asked, what was the name of ________ (then we described him) and in her sleep, she answered with the right name. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! Anyway, it gave me the idea of half asleep but still talking and almost thinking properly, thanks sis. ^^

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! ^^

I don't own any characters mentioned in this story.

I just noticed it's the last day of the year. ^^; Wow, what a crazy year.

Sorry about not posting much the past while. You see, I just got out of high school so I need a job and so I've been busy with that. And I will be for a while. Sorry, but paying the bills is more important, hope you understand. Wish me luck. ^^

Good luck to all of you, readers of mine or not, in the next year. And thanks to all the support this past year. :hug: Hugs to all!
Warning: This is a yaoi.

"Come on Jesse." Jaden insisted as he dragged his friend through the door and up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Wait Jaden, your luggage!" Jesse reminded, not wanting to leave it for the parents to do.

"Its alright, they got it. Now come on, I want to show you my collection."

Jaden's parents listened as there sons bedroom door slammed shut.

"I give'em a week and a half." Mrs. Yuki said as she headed for the kitchen to start dinner.

"No way it'll happen that fast." Mr. Yuki protested as he dragged his sons bags in from the car.

"I'm a woman I know these things, not to mention I'm his mother."

"Well if your so sure, 20 bucks."

"30." Mrs. Yuki retaliated, wondering how far she could push her husband.




And with a hand shake the deal was sealed.


"Wow Jaden, you've got quite the collection."

"Thanks." He says with a proud smile, always glad to receive praise from Jesse. "And there's something else I wanna show you." He continued, grabbing Jesse's hand and pulling him down the stairs and out the back door.

The two duelists made their way to the back yard which was normal enough. A 1,200 square foot yard with a few well kept flower beds hear and there, a large maple tree in one corner but what really caught the bluenette's attention was a beige garden swing with a large bush behind it covered with small purple flowers.

"That couch is kinda special to me." Jaden said suddenly, braking the silence. "When I was little I'd always sleep here, until I was about 10. Even after that, when ever I felt upset or had something on my mind or even just because I felt like it I would come here and take a nap." Jaden said as he approached the lawn furniture, Jesse right on his tail.

There was another awkward pause while Jaden simply starred down at the couch, fond memories drifting back to him, when Jesse suddenly chimed in.

"Can I sit on it?" Yaaaaa, he didn't realize till later how stupid he sounded.

"Of course bud, that's what its made for."

The two friends sat down side by side on the worn yet sturdy sofa, pushing with there legs to get the swing started then let them hang, pushing every once in a while to keep it going.

The two sat there in silence, enjoying the gentle swing and the slight breeze that washed over the garden. Jesse's mind seemed to empty as a feeling of complete serenity filled him. He began to realize why Jaden enjoyed napping here.

Then, slowly but surely, a warmth slid atop Jesse's hand. At first the bluenette didn't take notice of the added warmth until Mrs. Yuki called from within the house.

"Jaden, Jesse, dinner time!"

Suddenly the warmth disappeared in one swift movement.

"Sweet, I'm starving." Jaden said almost a little too happily, quickly rising from his seat and scurrying to the house while Jesse still sat there slightly confused.

"What was that warm feeling?" He thought to himself.

"Are you comin?" Jaden asked, breaking Jesse from his thoughts.

Jesse stared back at his friends smiling face blankly for a moment before saying.

"Ya, I'll be there in a minute k?" brushing the strange sense of warmth off as his imagination.
Jaden x Jesse - Confessions Chapter 4
I found them!!! I found the long lost pages!!! I finally know what to type, the only thing standing in my way now is procrastination...... looks like I lose.

Anyway, This chapter was originally longer but I shortened it for the people who have been waiting patiently for the next chapter. Thanks guys and gals. ^^ Honestly, its either you all get a big chapter every 8 or so months, a medium chapter every 3-4 months, or a small chapter every month or so. Sorry. :(

How would you feel if your parents made bets on how long it would take for you to get together with someone? I personally wouldn't be to happy. But I wonder which one will win? Assuming one of them WILL win, but you never know.

I love couch swings! My grandma got one for her birthday and I swear, if I was living there I would swing on it every day!

I hoped you liked the story! ^^

Previous chapter -

Next chapter - animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

I do not own Jaden or Jesse.
Warning: This story has Boy x Boy in it.

Jesse sighed as he slipped on Jaden's shirt. He had planned on just forgetting that flash of warmth on his hand, but it kept popping up in his mind. Long story short, Jesse didn't have the best nights sleep, but he wasn't going to waste his time sleeping or worrying. This was a rare chance to be alone with Jaden. Not that they couldn't find any privacy at school, it was just someone would find them eventually.

“Jess, you okay in there?” Came Jaden's voice through the door, causing the bluenette to snap out of his (train of thought).

“Ya.” Jesse replied as he greeted his friend at the door. “Sorry for the wait.”

“It's all cool.” Jaden replied with his usual grin.

“How do they fit?” Jaden asked, looking is friend up and down.

“Really well actually.” Jesse said, looking himself over as well. Jaden's eyes seemed glued to Jes until the taller's words brought him back to the moment. “So want's on the schedule today?”

“Hm? Oh, I was thinking I could take you around the area, show you where I grew up and stuff. I'd take you down town but they're setting up for the spring fair so there's nothing to do.” Jaden explained.

“Right, you told me about that on the plane. So your parents and us will be going to that tomorrow?”

“No, Mom and Dad always volunteer to help with some of the stalls, so we'll be on our own, if that's alright.”

“Ya, its fine.” Jesse said nonchalantly, despite his racing heart. Alone with Jaden, late into the night, at a carnival, seems too be good to be true.


The boys wandered about almost all day long. Jesse got to learn so much about the others past. The schools he went to, where he hung out, his favorite places to eat in the area. It all played out like a walk down some else's memory lane, being able to see how they reacted to the memories, and it was a cute picture, a little Jaden running around with his deck.

“And here,” Jay said as they arrived at a big concrete circle a few yards away from a playground. “is where we had the Duel Monsters club I was telling you about.”

“Oh, okay. So you and some friends dueled here?”

“Whenever we could, ya.”

“Jaden!?” Came the voice of a young boy. The boy, around middle school age, came running from the near by playground.

“Davy.” Jaden greeted, giving the boy a high five. “How are ya buddy?”

“Good. You having fun at your cool dueling school?” The child asked with enthusiasm.

“Yep. In fact I had so much fun that I kidnapped my friend and brought him home.” Jaden joked, patting Jesse's back. The group shared a chuckle.

“I'm Jesse.” The tallest introduced, holding his hand out to the child. “Jesse Anderson.” Instead of introducing himself as well, or shaking the outstretched hand, Davy stared in what looked like confusion but was more of a deep though. There was a long pause before the memory hit him and a brimming smile stretched across his lips.

“Jesse Anderson!? I saw you on T.V.!” The boy piratically screamed, pointing a sharp finger at the bluenette.

“Oh, you saw that?”

“Ya, your the best duelist ever!”

“Hey now, what about me?” Jaden asked, pointing a finger at his own grin.

“You didn't win a tournament.” Davy pointed out with a huff.

“Doesn't mean I'm not good. I can beat this gu-”

“I deny that.” Jesse shot back sharply, friendly competitivness kicking in.

“Wanna test it?”

“You bet.” The teens bantered as the child got more and more excited.

“This will be so cool!”


A crowd started to gather mid duel and after, the crowd wouldn’t let the boys leave without teaching a few tricks. So now the boys where separated, Jaden teaching a group of the basics in dueling while Jesse taught a smaller group of the more professional side of the sport.

“And that's about as much as I can teach, the rest is up to you guys and gals.” Jesse informed, having ran through any useful info he could think of. After thanks where given, the group separated, all but the teacher and a young lady, small in stature, with light blue hair that pretty much reached the ground, though its starting point wasn't that far. Jesse hadn't noticed her as he couldn't help but focus on Jaden who was enthusiastically teaching a crowd of mostly children.

“Doesn’t he look happy?” The young woman said, startling Jes slightly.

“I-I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.” The taller apologized, not sure if he was more upset with himself for not noticing her, or for being caught admiring Jaden.

“Did you know,” The girl said, disorientating the taller a little. “Jaden loves children. He can't wait to become a father.”

“Oh, is that so?” Jesse said, despite already having Jaden tell him months ago.

“He also loves to travel.” Another titbit Jes already knew. “I can totally picture him, his kids, and his husband exploring the world.”

“Ya.” Jesse piratically whispered, the images of Jaden and his future family travailing popping into his head, though he fitted himself in the other parental role.

“I can't wait to meet your guy's kids.” The girl said with a giggle.

“W-what!?” Jesse stuttered, a tint or red quickly spreading across his checks. What was she, a mind reader?

“To bad two men can't make a child. I wonder what mixture of features the kids would get?” The girl went on, detaching from the conversation and speaking more as if she was alone.

“But, where not-”

“Maybe they would have two shades of turquoise hair.” The girl burst into full blown laughter as she turned and begun to walk away from the confused teen. “Or maybe half green, half blue hair.” Jesse watched as the girl walked away, not sure what to think now. His mind soon drifted to the idea of Jaden and him actually starting a family together. Of course it's impossible, mother nature unfortunately isn't on board with that idea. Despite what the text books say though, Jesse couldn't stop the corners of his lips turning up in a smile.

This hadn't been the first time Jes had pictured starting a family with the brunette and, even thou it was all his own imagination, it gave him hope that one day, he would get to see Jaden holding their baby in his arms.

“Whats with the grin?” Jaden asked, causing Jesse to jump back in surprise with a slight yelp. Was everyone trying to sneak up on him today? “Wow, sorry dude, didn't mean to freak you out.” Jaden apologized, holding his hands up like he was caught by the police.

“It's alright. Ya done with your class?” Jesse said with a somewhat forced laugh to hide his awkward state.

“Yep, I'm sure I'll be seeing a few of them at the tournament tomorrow.”

“Ya, at the festival right?”

“Yep, though it seems unfair to beat my students.”

“Gotta learn the hard way I suppose.” the boys shared a chuckle, but Jesse's curiosity snuck up on him.



“Do you know a girl, quite short and thin. She has long hair.” The taller explained with added hand gestures, but stopped when he saw Jaden's expression change. The look on his face was a coaster of shock, realization, relief, and worry.

“I think I know who your talking about. Why do you ask?” Jaden asked calmly, as if all his energy had flown out of him.

“We had a little chat-”

“What about?” Jaden cut in quickly, catching Jesse by surprise. There was a pause while the bluenette thought through what to say.

“She just talked about how you work well with kids, how you want to be a father some day.” Jesse explained, deciding to leave out the ideas of him and Jay starting a family. Jaden sighed and so followed silence as he gathered his thoughts. Jaden's eye's seemed to glaze over in thought before Jesse patted the shorter's shoulder.

“You okay Jay?”

“Hm? Ya, of course bro. Come on, it's almost dinner time.” Jaden said with a sudden grin as he started walking in the direction of his house. Jesse was curious but it didn't feel right to ask more questions, to pry. The taller knew Jaden would tell him when he was ready, but that didn't stop Jes from worrying.
Jaden x Jesse - Confessions Chapter 5: Our Kids

Hi... I'm sorry... *sad puppy face*

I looked at the last chapter I posted for this series and realized it was in 2012, it's almost 2015... I'm so stooped. :( But hey, better late then never?

Previous: animelovelover123.deviantart.c…

Next: Come back in 2016... jk

I do not own Jaden or Jesse.


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