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Lucario and Meta Knight walked side by side as they made there way to a training room. These two smashers preferred training together as they where quite similar in various ways. Both favored fighting by their own strength rather then having a team mate or use items for assistance. Both had a large sense of honer and dignity, especially when it came to battle. And, as demonstrated now, both valued silence to idle chit chat.

The two continued on there way until they passed Master Hand's haven. The room he spent most all of his time in, working, programing, and running the tournament. For all anyone knew, the giant hand might also sleep in there, if he even slept.

Lucario froze in front of the massive double doors, turning his entire body and starred, as if through the wood separating the two rooms. Meta Knight soon caught on and turned with a questioning look the tallers way. The two shared an intense gaze before a silent decision was made.

Without even a knock to warn of there intrusion, the two made there way into Master Hand's room, not surprised to find the master himself, though he seemed to be in a slight state of panic. Despite there silence, Master Hand quickly noticed the visitors.

“Hm, what do you want?!” He quickly snapped, a rare occurrence as the head of the household had one of the best patience known to any man or creature alike.

The two fighters simply stared up at him with seemingly blank expressions, but the coordinator knew what was going on in their minds. “Please forgive my rudeness, I'm just not in the mood for much of anything.” He apologized, receiving nods from the two on the floor.

Master Hand then turned and floated his way to a row of ten or so computers. “I seem to have inadvertently caused a riot of sorts among the European and North American fans.” He admitted as the still silent fighters approached the glowing screens and took a gander at them. “You see, I gave many special individuals a chance to experience demonstrations of the tournament a week before handing the opportunity out to everyone. My intention was to give the select fans a chance, then three more for there friends or family... but now look... People begging for, fighting for, even SELLING what was supposed to be a special opportunity.” Master Hand then faded off into silence. There was a long pause before, surprisingly, Lucario spoke up.

“When giving power to those lower to you, there will inevitably be individuals that will attempt to use that power to rise above others, even above the giver of said power. There’s nothing you could have done to prevent this without having to rob all the honest people of this gift.” There followed another pause, this time being broken by Master Hand's chuckle.

“You barely ever speak, but when you do, its quite insightful.”
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Welcome: NA + European Demo

I'm sooo sorry I'm late on this. :( I had it all written up but then I got caught up in things. I just got out of high school and now there are bills that will be needing paying and stuff so I kind of forgot about all this. Then, thanks to someone on, I would love to say them by name but they where writing as a guest, I realized how behind I was with the 50 facts thing that just came out so I gotta kick it into gear as best I can. ^^

I know this is only about the pre demo that came out but honestly, I really had nothing to write about the full demo release that would have been any different from the story I had already posted about the Japanese version.

I always pictured Meta Knight and Lucario being like this. Always silent, and would rather it stay like that. These two would be kind on annoyed being with hyper people like Peach or DK, and very few other opponents would share this. Even calm people like Marth I feel would get a little awkward training with someone that never spoke to them.

Turning his entire body and starred, as if through the wood separating the two rooms. I may be wrong be I think that Lucario CAN see through the wall, kind of. Like he can see auras through walls.

What Lucario said was so cool sounding to me, and I made it up all by myself. ^^ It's true though. SO many times some one, or a group of people, have ruined something for everyone because they messed up. Luckily with the demo people still got to play it. ^^

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! ^^ I don't own any characters mentioned in this story.

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Next: Soon... hopefully. ^^


Looky! I made another quiz, but I put it somewhere else. Hope you like! ^^
Warning!!! This story has Boy x Boy, and completely ignores the romance between Nero and Kyrie because it made my life easier... sowy... :(

Dante casually strolled into the shop, dropping his bag atop his desk and continued on into the kitchen, all to aware of the curios Nero coming down the stairs.

“Hey, how was you trip?” Nero greeted, instantly noticing the discarded shopping bag. “You buy something?”

“Yep, some things to help you out actually.” Dante replied, an unseen grin on his lips.

“Oh?” Nero questioned, picking up the bag and taking a peek. Inside lay a small rectangle box and what looked like a small toothpaste tube. Nero pulled the products out of the bag and read the labels... “What the hell is this!?” Dante couldn’t hold in a laugh at the reaction. Nero stormed to the door way of the kitchen just as the older turned his way, a cold slice of pizza in hand.

“Are they not to your liking? I tried going for what would suit you best.” Dante explained, a teasing grin still stretched across his stubbled face.

“I don't want them!” Nero shouted, a blush evident on his cheeks. In an embarrassed fit the shorter tossed the items at the older, both bouncing of with no real effect on their target.

“Come on, don't be like that.” Dante scolded cheekily as he picked up the products. “They're to help-”

“I know what they're for!” The shorter interrupted. “And I'm pretty sure I don't need condoms.”

“They're not only for protecting women from getting pregnant.” Dante explained as he approached the still blushing Nero. “And from what the people said at the store, it's going to be really hard on you our first time together.”

“You asked about it?” Nero questioned, choosing to ignore his desire to argue about just who is going to be on the bottom.

“Of course. I wanted to be able to make it as easy for you as I can.” Dante tried to explain before Nero scoffed and turned his head away. It was still embarrassing that some random shop worker knows what him and the older where up to, but it did leave an almost fluttering sensation inside Nero that Dante had bothered to look into it a little to improve his comfort.

Like some sort of mind reader, just looking at Nero's expression told the taller what he was thinking.

Grabbing the younger's chin and forcing him to look at the older, Dante said.

“I do care Nero.” Again, only a facial response from the shorter which led to Dante pulling him in for a kiss. This was quickly becoming a regular occurrence between the two, a spontaneous kiss for the most random of reasons, if there even was one. Though there was the fear of the old man pulling this stunt out in public, Nero was increasingly paying less and less mind to it, which brought a smile to Dante.

“Whatever.” Nero excepted, pulling away from the taller and quickly changing topic. Dante let it slide this time, accepting that the kid needed a little more time, two days tops.
Dante x Nero - I Don't Want Them

This is just for giggles.

This would take place just after these two got together. Dante has excepted it and is looking into ways to make the inevitable a little easier for the younger. In my mind, up to this point Dante hasn’t had sex with a man but he has heard this and that about gay sex, as I think we all do, and he doesn’t want to hurt Nero so bad that he runs away. Just getting him to be on the bottom will be hard enough.

Nero on the other hand is still trying to get used to the idea and reality that he is now romantically attached to a man, and Dante of all people. So he is a little... lets be honest, shy about showing affection. As said in the story, kissing is become easier for him to handle but sex is still a scary idea for him.

Originally this story was supposed to be Nero and Dante in a sex shop together and Nero freaking out while Dante just went about it easily.

“I know what they're for!” That sounds super familiar to me.

The 'two days tops' thing at the end was supposed to signal Dante's impatience to get some.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! ^^

I don't own Dante or Nero.

Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Warning!!! This story has Boy x Boy, kind of descriptive sexual scene, and completely ignores the romance between Nero and Kyrie because it made my life easier... sowy... :(

“God damn it.” Nero scoffed breathlessly, his Devil Bringer clinging to the edge of the desk with a pressure that risked its breaking, his normal hand palm down on Dante's bare back.

“Come on kid, loosen up, your only making it harder on yourself.” Dante scolded before bucking his hips forward, causing the youngers body to flinch. Leaning in close, the older whispered, “Or do you like it like that?” He half joked.

“Shut up.” Nero grunted, breath heavy, contemplating the idea of giving the taller a good whack but couldn’t find the energy to do so. The joking quieted for the time being, Dante deciding to focus his energy on the pleasure rather then irritating the younger. They where not able to get far into it before another distraction rose in the form of the telephone ringing. Nero squinted at the sudden sharp noise as the phone lay right next to his head.

“Ignore it.” Dante demanded, reaching out to the phone, ready to yank the cord from the wall before Nero stopped him.

“No, answer it.” Nero practically demanded.


“Just do it!” Nero ordered, running his human had through his hair in an attempt to stay calm. He didn’t like the intrusion but he understood that Dante had bills to pay and not many clients. With an annoyed scoff the older picked up the phone.

“What!?” He barked at the unknown caller.

“I-is this, Devil May Cry?” A frightened women asked, not prepared to be shouted at when calling.

“Look lady, where closed so-”

“Dante.” Nero scolded, shooting a glare at the older above him. Dante looked down at the shorter, though he wanted to throw the phone down and continue the task at hand, shall we say, he never missed an opportunity to tease his lover. Dante smirked and Nero instantly realized that teasing was about to be had.

“I-I'm sorry to disturb you after hours but there are these things floating around our house and-” She panicked, cutting herself off with a teary gasp.

“Calm down missy.” Dante advised. “First things first, is there something you need to tell me?” There was a long pause from both ends of the phone as the woman attempted to think through her fear. It didn’t take long for the customer to answered back with the oh so important password. “Right, I'll be there soon but it might take a bit, I have a demon here I need to finish off.” The older bucked his hips suddenly, causing the younger to suck in a quick breath.

“Jack a-” Nero spat but was shushed.

“Quiet, I'm no the phone.” Dante said, a cheeky grin on his face. Nero continued to shoot daggers with his eyes until receiving a few more thrusts. Aggravated but still sane, the younger covered his mouth with both hands to muffle any noise, not wanting their activity to be heard over the phone. It was bad enough they where on Dante's desk with windows looking into the room from outside the building. Luckily it was a late hour and no one was busy roaming.

Turning some of his attention back to the call Dante asked,

“What's the address? Wait, let me get something to write with.” The older leaned over his desk to open one of the draws, causing an odd feeling in Nero to say the least. Soon the taller pulled out a black marker, uncapped it with his teeth and spat the lid in a random direction. Holding the phone between his cheek and shoulder, Dante used his newly freed hand to grab both of Nero's wrists and held them above the younger's head.

“Hey.” Nero protested but was ignored.

“Shoot.” Dante told the lady still sniffling from tears of fear.

“Right so, 25...” As the co-ordinates where told, Dante began to copy them down across Nero's chest.

“What the hell!?” Nero yelled, beginning to thrash around.

“Shush.” Dante demanded again, delivering another sudden thrust. “Sorry, Continue.” Said the older, his grin widening. Nero gritted his teeth but held his place, knowing it would be over with quicker if he just submitted. “Right, be there soon as I can.” Dante assured, not completely set on keeping that promise. As he hung up he was met with an angry glare. “Alright, lets hurry this up, I have another job to get to.”

It didn’t take long for the two demon hunters to finish up and while pulling on there cloths, Nero paused, shirt in hand.

“Hey.” He called, gaining the attention of the taller as Dante pulled on his coat. “You want to write this down on a piece of paper or something?” Nero asked, referring to the address still scrawled on his chest, though it was a little smudged at this point.

“No, I was thinking you could just take off your shirt whenever I-”

“Hell no!”
Dante x Nero - Shhh, I'm on the Phone

This shows a lot cheekier side to these two's relationship. When I first thought of these two being together, this scene was the first thing that popped into my head.

I wrote Nero being a little more submissive in this story, the main reason for this is that this story is suppose to take place a ways into their relationship so Nero is slowly excepting that at some things he can't win against Dante.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!

I don't own Dante or Nero.

Warning!!! This story has Boy x Boy, and completely ignores the romance between Nero and Kyrie because it made my life easier... sowy... :(

“Ha, ya right old man.” Nero laughed, leaning back, placing both hands, palm down on the smooth tiles as support. The two demon hunters sat on the shop roof simply enjoying one anothers company. It may have taken some time to get used to but the boys have gotten accustom to living under the same roof, even if it was only for a week visit.

As the laughter died down, Dante found himself watching the younger once again, something he found he couldn’t stop himself from doing. The way the shorter looked, moved, acted, seemed to peek his interest. And with a grin still on Nero's lips and the light of a setting sun washing over him, the older found his courage rising to a point his normal mind state would not allow it to go.

“Nero.” He said, causing the other to turn.

“Ya-” Nero started but was cut of as Dante grabbed his shoulder and puled him close. Out of instinct Nero grabbed the taller by the collar, ready to defend himself, then the scene froze. The two stayed still, there lips just barely touching each others. They could feel the breath of the other wash over them and with Nero's Devil Bringer so close to the taller's chest, he could feel Dante's erratic heart beat. Nero locked eyes with Dante's pale blue ones in a confused yet calm stare.

“Well?” Nero asked, causing the two snowy heads lips to brush against each other as his moved, in turn causing Dante's desire to spike. The younger wasn’t sure what he wanted to happen, boldly letting Dante decide the next course of action. The older struggled to focus his brain for a moment and finally got it under control. He closed his eyes... and backed away.

“I'm heading back in.” He declared.

“What!?” Nero question, annoyance piling up fast as Dante stood and began to take his leave. “Wait a minute, what the hell was that!?” Nero shouted after him just as the culprit left the crime scene.
Dante x Nero - What Now?

I don't know why but I had real trouble with the name. I wrote a few stores about this couple a while back and originally I was going to make one very large story but I decided to split them up. But now I don't know what to call them all, half of them I just want to name something along the lines of teasing. :P

This is a random cute thing of them just before they actually get together. I picture that at the end of the 4th game, these two kept in touch, though that wasn’t Dante's original plan, and now they visit each other often. Unimportant note, Nero would sleep over at Dante's where as Dante would only visit Nero.

I love the last line. ^^

I don't own any characters mentioned in this story.


Looky! I made another quiz, but I put it somewhere else. Hope you like! ^^

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